Swaragini FF: Kuch To Hai (Episode 3 ~ Mahaepisode)


Episode 3:
The episode starts with the sun rising. Lavyansh remembers some words from the diary and wakes up hurriedly. He sees Rayyan sleeping and looks at the time.

“8:59?” Lavyansh says tries getting up.

He managed to stand and walk a little bit it pains him a lot.

“Ray! Ray!” Lavyansh shouts as he shakes Rayyan.

“Let me sleep!” Rayyan says and puts the blanket on his face.

Lavyansh pulls the blanket down and pours a jug of water on Rayyans face.

“Are you MAD?!” Rayyan shouts and hurriedly sits up.

Lavyansh puts the jug down and Rayyan opens his eyes.

“What the hell was that?!” Rayyan shouts as he glares at Lavyansh.

“Go, get Vani and the diary…!” Lavyansh says.

“You ruined my sleep for the diary?! The diary isn’t running away!” Rayyan annoyedly says and stands up.

Lavyansh hops back to his bed and sits down. Rayyan comes out from the washroom after getting changed into black with white small Nike logo tracksuit with plain white t-shirt and goes out of the room.

Scene shifts to Mumbai, Sanskriti woke up and got dressed for school. She hides the Diary in her bag and walks downstairs. She sees Swara talking to Shanta Bai. Swara surprisingly looks at her.

“Sanskriti… where are you going?” Swara asks looking confused.

“Mamma, school.” Sanskriti says.

“Beta, there’s no school today. We have a day off but I have to go in for training.” Swara tells.

Sanskriti gets happy and smiles.

“Sachchi?” Sanskriti happily asks.

Swara nods yes.

“Yay! But Mamma, you have to go na? That’s why I said take up another job instead of a teacher.” Sanskriti says and walks up.

“Haa But Shanta Bai is staying till I come back.” Swara says.

“Okay.” Sanskriti says and walks away.

Sanskriti then enters her room and gets changed. She pulls the diary out of her bag.

“Aaj, I will surely know the full truth!” Sanskriti says with full determination.

On the other hand, Rayyan walks inside Vani’s room. He sees her sleeping.

“Where is the diary? But what will I do with the diary alone? I need Vani too so that she could read it, if I wasn’t poor in reading Hindi, I would’ve read this diary in a day!” Rayyan says and curses himself.

Rayyan then walks forward and shakes Vani.

“Vani… oh Vani, wake up… school ka time ho Gaya hai…” Rayyan slowly says sounding like a woman.

“5 Minutes.” Vani says while sleeping.

“Vani… Diary kaha hai?” Rayyan says.

“Under this pillow.” Vani says and puts the blanket on her face.

Rayyan puts his hand under the pillow and finds the diary. He then takes it but stops.

“Vani… 5 Minutes mein Ansh ke room mein aa Jana.” Rayyan says.

“Cool.” Vani says and Rayyan leaves.

5 Minuets later:
****** ********
Vani walks inside Lavyansh and Rayyans room. She see them with the diary and Avni also comes inside.

“Wow Vani, your very punctual on time.” Rayyan says.

“I’m always like this, unlike you who’s always late and lazy and why did you lie that I have to go to school? You woke me up for no reason! You’re lucky Mamma went to the dance academy to teach or else…” Vani says and warns.

“Or else Kya? Chup chap come and read it and stop wasting time! I need to know the whole truth today itself!” Lavyansh says sounding annoyed.

“I won’t read it this time, Avni will because I can’t on an empty stomach.” Vani says and walks inside with Avni.

“Avni? We should’ve called Avni ages ago at least we would’ve reached half way!” Lavyansh says and forwards the diary.

Avni takes it and opens at the page Vani stopped.

“After he had….” Avni reads and continues reading.

On the other side Sanskriti opens the diary and starts reading.

Swara comes back to the Palace, she rushes to Ragini’s room shyly but doesn’t see her. Swara then runs out searching for Ragini, she stops one of the maid.

“Suno, where’s Ragini?” Swara asks.

The maid bows her head and walks away. Swara gets confused and then runs to Sharmishta and Shekhar’s room. They’re missing too. Swara gets worried and confused. Swara then goes to Parvati’s room and sees Parvati lying on her bed and the doctor checking her. Shekhar and Sharmishta are standing there.

“Maa, Baba?” Swara asks and she goes near them.

“Swara…” Sharmishta says with tears.

“Maa, what happened? And where is Ragini?” Swara asks sounding and looking confused.

“No one will say her name in this palace ever again!” Shekhar angrily says.

Swara looks on.

“She’s not related to us anymore! She has nothing got to do with you, me, Sharmishta, Maa and this palace!” Shekhar strictly says.

Swara gets shocked.

“Why? It wasn’t her fault…” Swara says.

Shekhar and Sharmishta look at her.

“So you also knew?” Shekhar asks.

“Yes, she told me…” Swara says.

“Sharmishta, tell Swara to leave from this room before my temper raises!” Shekhar tells Sharmishta.

“Swara, we will talk to you later.” Sharmishta says and takes Swara out of the room.

Sharmishta then shuts the door on Swara’s face and Swara gets shocked with teary eyes.

“How can they punish her for something she didn’t even do? I need to find Ragini.” Swara says and runs from there.

On the other hand, Lakshya takes Ragini to the temple. Ragini gets confused.

“Aaj I will make my Hisaab Barabar!” Lakshya says and drags Ragini inside the temple.

“Why have you brought me here?!” Ragini angrily says and tries freeing her hand.

Both then enter the temple and Ragini gets shocked to see the arrangements.

“What ghatiya joke is this?!” Ragini says as she sees a Pandit, the Havan and varmala and a red chunri.

“Aaj humari shadi hai!” Lakshya says evilly and smirks.

Ragini gets shocked.

“Aap ko Kya lagta hai…? Ki I will marry a person like you?” Ragini says and jerks his hand and frees her hand.

“Insaan ke roop mein rakshas hai aap!” Ragini insults.

Lakshya gets angry and holds her arm and squeezes it.

“Aur ab yahi Rakshas will take pratishodh! He will take his revenge and no one can stop him!” Lakshya angrily says and drags her to the seats and makes her sit.

Ragini looks on disgustedly.

“Pandit! Start!” Lakshya says and sits down.

Ragini tries getting up but Lakshya pulls her back down.

“Chup Chap bethi Raho!” Lakshya shouts.

Tears roll down Ragini’s eyes.

“Yeh… yeh aap… aap sahi… nahi ka…kar Rahe!” Ragini cries.

Lakshya then takes his phone out and starts face timing someone.

“Has the work been done?” Lakshya asks the man.

“Not yet, Swara hasn’t even stepped out of the palace and once she steps out, we will shoot her.” The man says.

Ragini gets shocked.

“Nahi! What…” Ragini says but gets cut in between.

“Chup chap Shadi kar ko Varna yahi ho ga…!” Lakshya warns.

Ragini was about to say something when that man says something.

“She’s out.” The man says and flips his camera.

Lakshya shows Ragini, Swara outside the gate of the palace and is searching. Ragini gets shocked.

Ragini had no choice but too keep quiet and to follow what Lakshya says.

“We will follow her and just message me and I’ll shoot her.” The man says.

Lakshya says okay and disconnects the call. Ragini angrily looks at him.

After a while the wedding was over, Ragini and Lakshya have been declared as husband and wife.

Ragini is crying and Lakshya is smirking.

After a while, Swara goes to same place where she always goes when she’s upset and where she met Sanskaar. She sits on the rock and starts crying.

“Where are you Ragini?!” Swara says and tears roll down her eyes.

Swara then starts thinking.

“I need to find Lakshya’s but how?” Swara thinks.

Swara then gets and idea and stands up.

“The Minister can only help me.” Swara says and runs.

After a while, she reaches the Ministers office.

“Yes Ma’am, how can we help you?” A man says.

“D..do you know where Lakshya lives?” Swara asks.

“Lakshya? What’s his surname Ma’am? There are too many Lakshya’s here.” The man asks.

Swara starts thinking, she remembers Ragini telling her that he’s a prince but she doesn’t know of what.

“I don’t know his surname but he’s a Prince… he belongs to a royal Family.” Swara says.

“Hmmm… wait, let us search on our records.” The man says and starts typing on the computer.

“Yes, there are two Lakshya’s here who belong to a Royal family. One is Lakshya Singhania and the other is Lakshya Maheshwari. Which one do you want?” The man says and asks.

“Have you got their picture?” Swara asks.

The man nods no. Swara then fiddle with her fingers and then says “Can I have both of their address…? Then I can know which one after meeting them?”

The man nods and prints out a sheet with their addresses.

“Ma’am, before leaving please sign here.” The man says.

Swara nods and smiles.

“And Ma’am, you are very pretty, do you belong to a Royal Family?” The man asks as he takes the paper Swara signed on.

Swara nods yes with a smile.

“You helped me a lot, thank you so much. I will recommend you for sure.” Swara says with a smile and leaves.

That man gets glad.

After a while, Swara wears a Saree draped in a Bengali way and cover her hair with it. She then looks at the sheet.

“Which house should I go to today and which one should I go to tomorrow? Maheshwari or Singhania?” Swara thinks while looking at the paper.

“I’ll go to Maheshwari Mansion and hope Ragini is there.” Swara says and heads to the rickshaw while pulling the pallu down to cover her face and head.

After a while, Ragini is brought inside Maheshwari Mansion.

“Ramdeen!” Lakshya shouts.

Ramdeen rushes out.

“Take her to my room!” Lakshya says and let’s go of Ragini’s hand.

Ramdeen nods okay and takes Ragini upset. Ragini starts going like a lifeless body.

After a while Swara is shown in the Rickshaw.

“Sorry, but how far is Maheshwari Mansion from here?” Swara asks.

“10 minutes away.” The man says.
Swara nods and leaves. She then hurried and stopped a taxi.

“Bahiyya, please take me to the Maheshwari Mansion as fast as you can.” Swara requests.

The driver nods okay.

“I’m coming Ragini, don’t worry.” Swara says to herself.

She checks the time and it’s 6:44pm.

“Maa and Papa must be getting worried, how shall I inform them?” Swara worriedly thinks.

Scene shifts to Lakshya’s room. Lakshya comes inside in a drunk condition. Ragini gets worried. Lakshya comes close to her and takes her off the bed.

She is standing facing towards him. She could smell the alcohol and coughs. He twists her hand angrily.

“You sent me to jail and now welcome to my jail!” Lakshya shouts and pushes her hard which made her fall on the floor.

Lakshya had the bottle and drinks the last bit of the alcohol and throws the bottle away. He looks at Ragini and walks closer to her.

“Aap… aap… mere paas maat aa…” Before Ragini could complete her words. He holds her chin and pushes it to the side.

He takes her chunri off and throws it. Then Lakshya holds her arm and makes her stand. Ragini is scared, disgusted and worried. Lakshya then slaps her across the face hard and at the same place Shekhar had slapped her, Ragini holds her cheek and looks at Lakshya.

“This was for slapping me! Remember… near the mandir?” Lakshya says sounding angry and drunk.

Ragini starts crying. Lakshya then angrily pins her to wall and looks at her. She cries and looks away.

“P…please leave me…” Ragini requests.

“When I asked you to forgive me and leave me! Did you?!!” He angrily says and squeezes her to the wall and angrily tightens his grip in which Ragini’s hands are.

Ragini feels the pain and cries.

“Look at me!” Lakshya says.

Ragini doesn’t look at him and closes her eyes and cries.

Lakshya then let’s go of one of her arm and makes Ragini face him. Ragini opens her eyes which were filled with tears.

“Bachche ka Kya hua?! Abort karva diya?!” Lakshya asks sounding angry.

Ragini just looks at him with tears in her eyes.

“Bachcha? Kis Bachche ki Baat kar Rahe hai aap? That Bachcha which you rejected to accept? Aur mein kyu bataon aap ko Ki what I did to that Bachcha?!” Ragini chuckles and then looks away.

Lakshya makes her look at him again.

Lakshya pulls her stole off and throws it on to the floor.

“Shout as much as you want! No one is here to hear you!” Lakshya says.

She pushes him and runs from there but he hold her hand and pulls him towards her.

“Leave me!” Ragini shouts and cries.

“Us thapar ka Hisaab Baki hai… hai na?” Lakshya says and makes Ragini remember.

Lakshya then throws her on the bed, she begs him not to come near her but he doesn’t listen.

On the other hand Swara is shown coming out of the auto as it got stuck in traffic.

“Bhaiyya… how far is it from Maheshwari Mansion?” Swara asks.

“Pedal will be 3-4 minuets.” The man says.

Swara pays him and starts walking away.

“Why do I feel like Ragini’s in trouble?” Swara worriedly says and rushes there.

Lakshya takes the varmala off from him self and throws it on the floor. He then takes his jacket off and comes closer to Ragini. Ragini tries leaving but he holds her and makes her lie. Ragini cries and begs him to leave her. Lakshya feels dizzy and drowsy.

Lakshya leans in to bite her neck.

“I will tell you! hum… hum batate hai!” Ragini says hurriedly and fightenedlh with her heart beat beating fast.

He stops and looks at her. Ragini manages to push him and opens the door. She then runs out and he runs out behind her. Ragini runs down and was about to fall when someone catches her.

“Please s…save me.” Ragini says and hides behind that someone.

Lakshya comes down and looks at that person.

“Who are you?!” Lakshya angrily asks.

“I’m your new worker!” That woman in the pallu says and is revealed to be Swara.

“But who let you in at this time?!” Lakshya angrily says.

“Madamji, are you in trouble? Do you want me to call the police or social services?” Swara says.

Lakshya looks on, he then angrily leaves from the house. Ragini releases a breath of relief.

“Nahi, no need for that and thank you.” Ragini tells.

Swara removes her pallu and Ragini looks on.

“Swara?” Ragini happily says with teary eyes.

Swara looks at her with teary eyes too. Both hug each other and Ragini hugs Swara tight.

“Thank god Ki Tum aa Gayi Swara…” Ragini cries.

“Don’t worry Ragini, I won’t let anything happen to you.” Swara assures as she strokes Ragini’s back.

“He wants to know where they are…” Ragini says.

Swara and Ragini then break the hug.

“Why don’t you tell him?” Swara says.

“I can’t…” Ragini says and looks away.

Ragini then sits on the floor and looks on. Swara sits besides her.

“He’s a demon and I don’t want to risk my children’s life. I can’t forgive him for what he did…” Ragini says sounding broken.

Swara keeps her hand on her shoulder to console her.

“Vo…vo humari galti Ki sazaa…. humare bachchon ko dega…” Ragini says with tears rolling down her eyes.

Swara’s eyes start to moist. Swara then controls her tears and makes Ragini stand.

“Take some rest, I’m going to stay with you and punish that Dhanav Lakshya!” Swara says angrily.

Swara then takes Ragini upstairs into a different room. She makes her lie down and caresses her hair as Ragini is broken. Swara couldn’t see her sister Ragini in that condition and Silently cries and gets angry too. Ragini slowly closes her eyes.

Swara also falls asleep.

The sun rays fall on Ragini’s face, they disturb her and all of a sudden Lakshya forcing himself on her flashes in her mind and she hurriedly wakes up with a gasp. She sees Swara sleeping besides her and breathes heavily. Ragini then looks at her mangalsutra which was dangling down her neck and tears develop in her eyes. Ragini didn’t want to disturb Swara so she walked out and there, she bumped into Lakshya. Ragini gets shocked. Ragini turns away but he grabs her hand and twists it.

“Ahh.” Ragini shouts.

Lakshya makes her turn to him while twisting her hand. She angrily looks at him with tears in her eyes. He also looks at her in anger. Just then Swara comes out and sees.

“Ragini!” Swara shouts and runs there.

Lakshya sees her and looks on.

“Oh! So you called your Behen here to help you?!” Lakshya says and let’s go of her hand and pushes her but Swara catches her.

Swara gets angry and was about to slap Lakshya when he holds her hand and pushes her away.

“Don’t you dare!” Lakshya warns.

“Don’t you dare touch my sister!” Swara warns.

“Now will you teach me how to behave with my wife? Your sister is lawfully my wife now and you have no rights to get in between!” Lakshya explains and warns.

Swara looks on angrily.

“And what are you doing here?! You have no relationship with this family…” Lakshya says and grabs her hand.

“So leave!” Lakshya says and pushes her down the stairs.

“Swara!” Ragini shouts and was about to go when Lakshya grabs her hair and pulls her back.

Swara’s head hits the end of the stair and it starts bleeding. Swara manages to stand and touches her forehead.

“Swara… Chali Jao yaha se… I don’t want you to get hurt because of me, leave me to my state and please leave…” Ragini says while being in pain.

“Nahi Ragini, I will not leave you in pain!” Swara says.

“But you can’t help either because you have no rights on this house! Now get out!” Lakshya shouts and let’s go of Ragini’s hair by pushing her.

Ragini’s head hits the stair railing.

“Aah…” Ragini shrieks and touches her forehead.

“Ragini…” Swara says and was about to come up.

“Stop!” Lakshya shouts and she looks at him.

“Guards! Kick her out!” Lakshya says.

The guards come and forcefully take Swara out and throw her on the roads and out of the gates.

Swara hurts her arm and tears roll down her cheeks.

“I can’t give up… I need to do something… Ragini’s in trouble.” Swara says.

Swara then thinks to talk to her Maa and Baba and stands up.

“I need to tell Maa and Baba.” Swara says and rushes.

After a while Swara reaches her palace and finds Shekhar and Sharmishta in their room.

“Maa! Baba!” Swara shouts as she comes in.

“Swara…” Sharmishta worryingly says and holds her.

“Maa, Ragini… Ragini is in danger! Lakshya… Lakshya is abusing her!” Swara says while breathing.

“Kya?!” Sharmishta shockingly asks.

Shekhar also gets shocked.

“Maa, I’m telling the truth. I was with Ragini and…” Swara says and starts telling then everything that happened.

She even touches her forehead and continues telling them.

Shekhar and Sharmishta are stunned.

“Maa… he is doing this to take revenge from her…” Swara tells worryingly.

“But why?” Shekhar asks.

“Because whatever happened 1 year ago…” Swara tells.

“Kya hua…?” Sharmishta asks.

Swara then tells them something which is muted. Shekhar and Sharmishta are dazed. Sharmishta keeps her hand on her mouth and gasps. She was about to fall back when Shekhar grabs her.

“Sambhalo Sharmishta.” Shekhar says.

“Ragini has been through a lot and we… we couldn’t even stand by her…” Sharmishta cries.

“But we have to go there to see ourselves.” Shekhar says.

“I’m telling the truth Baba, let’s go.” Swara says.

After a while, Sharmishta, Shekhar and Swara head out in the car.

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion. Ragini is sitting in the room and is crying. Just then she hears a knock and looks there. A maid walks inside.

“Samrat sent me to dress you up…” The maid says.

“Samrat? Vo Samrat kab bane?.” Ragini confusingly ask and looks away.

“He told me to…” The maid says and stops and looks down and Ragini gives her the angry looks.

“I told you, Hume nahi karna Apna shringhar…!” Ragini angrily says .

Just then Lakshya walks inside and Ragini looks on.

“Why can I hear shouting?!” Lakshya angrily asks as he walks in.

“Vo… Rani won’t dress up…” The maid says with her head down.

“Oh… so does she want me to dress her up?! You leave, I’ll…” Lakshya says and before he could complete.

“Nahi… I’m getting ready…” Ragini worriedly says.

“Good and I don’t want any drama today, it’s my coronation today and I will officially be the King.” Lakshya proudly says and leaves.

Ragini disgustedly looks on, the maid shuts the door.

After a while, Shekhar, Swara and Sharmishta reach there and get surprised to see many people sitting in the garden. Including the media. Shekhar, Sharmishta and Swara enter the gate. Lakshya comes out with full attitude and walks up the stage.

“Today, with full proof and approval, we declare Lakshya Maheshwari as the new King!” The man says and puts a crown on Lakshya’s head.

All clap while Lakshya smiles, Shekhar, Sharmishta and Swara look on. Lakshya feels proud.

“From now and onwards Lakshya will the new king and would be called a…” The man says but gets cut in between.

“Samrat!” Lakshya says.

The man looks at him.

“Why do we use Raja all the time and every often? Let’s change it and Samrat means king and from today and onwards, I will be your new Samrat!” Lakshya declares and smiles.

The man smiles and nods okay.

All clap and cheer on for Lakshya as their new Samrat.

“I have something to tell all of you.” Lakshya says and smirks.

All get silence.

“Now, along with welcoming your new Samrat… welcome your new Queen! Malaka for me but you all can call her Maha-rani or Malaka… Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari!” Lakshya says and points at the door.

Just then Ragini walks out with her head down and the maids walk her up the stage. She unwillingly holds his hand and stands near him with a fake smile. She is wearing a red silk and orange lengha choli with the scarf draped around her waist and pinned on the shoulder. She is wearing a silver, half Indian kamarband and a gold bajuband on her right arm. She is also wearing a elegant and gold Matha Patti and a heavy gold necklace with heavy gold earrings and gold royal family bangles. She also has her mangalsutra on. She is looking like a queen. All of the people are stunned and amazed, including Swara, Shekhar and Sharmishta.

“Meet my wife, Ragini.” Lakshya says with a fake smile.

“Wow, Samrat, we must say, your Malaka is beautiful?” A news reporter says.

Lakshya smiles. Ragini feels uncomfortable.

“Hume yaha nahi Rehna.” Ragini whispers.

Lakshya ignores her and signals somebody. A woman stands up.

“Arey, she’s Raja Shekhar’s daughter isn’t she?” The woman question.

Ragini looks at her and gets surprised to see Shekhar, Swara and Sharmishta.

“She’s Raja Shekhar’s daughter? But Samrat, aren’t they your enemy?” A man asks.

“They’re not my enemies, so why should I punish them?” Lakshya says.

“Yeh Kya naya khel hai Iska?!” Swara thinks and angrily looks at him.

“But… didn’t Raja Shekhar and your father object to it?” A news reporter asks.

“Raja Shekhar didn’t object, he happily accepted this marriage. And why don’t you ask him further questions… Sasurjj, what are you doing there? Kindly come up on stage.” Lakshya says.

All turn around and see Shekhar, Sharmishta and Swara. Shekhar unwillingly walks up the stage with Sharmishta. The camera man zoom on them, Swara doesn’t come up.

“Sasur ji is better than my father, he sacrificed his respect, his name and background for his daughters happiness and that’s what you call a real father, unlike mine, who is stuck on one thing all the time.” Lakshya compliments as well as insults and smirks at Shekhar.

“You tell us Raja Shekhar, did you happily give your daughter away?” The news reporter asks.

Shekhar looks at Ragini and then Lakshya.

“I have n…” Shekhar says but stops as Lakshya signals him to look forward.

Shekhar thinks that he’s telling him to face the camera and he does but gets shocked to see some of the men pointing gun at Swara without her knowing and behind her back.

Shekhar then looks at Lakshya.

“Boliye na Sasurji…” Lakshya smirks.

“Haa, I accept this marriage.” Shekhar says.

Sharmishta, Swara and Ragini get shocked.

“I have happily gave my daughter away… for me, my daughters happiness matter, her life matters and I can’t risk that because of society. I’m a father and would never want my daughters sadness.” Shekhar says.

Swara and Ragini look on.

“Sir, how do you feel about your son-in-law being the new king?” The news reporter asks.

“I’m proud to say that my son-in-law is the new King. My daughter can now have a happy married life.” Shekhar says and continues looking at the men behind Swara.

“Okay, thank you for your time. Do eat and leave.” Lakshya says and walks inside.

The media packs up. Shekhar angrily follows Lakshya and Sharmishta, Ragini and Swara follow too. Lakshya enters his palace and is down the stairs.

“Stop right there!” Shekhar shouts as he also walks down the stairs and behind Lakshya.

Lakshya turns and sees Shekhar behind him. Swara, Ragini and Sharmishta also come down.

“What was that?! How dare you?!” Shekhar angrily says.

“Sasur ji, if you call that daring then you don’t know me properly, I can do much worse!” Lakshya warns.

“Baba… Ragini isn’t safe here.” Swara tells.

“Why wouldn’t Ragini be safe here? I mean now she’s the queen. What else does she need?” Lakshya asks sounding rude.

“Why are you doing this?” Shekhar asks angrily.

“Doing what?” Lakshya says and acts like he hasn’t even got a clue.

Shekhar, Sharmishta and Swara angrily look at him.

“Ragini… what do I do? Why don’t you tell them?” Lakshya asks and then flashes his phone pretending to play with it.

“Ragini… tell Baba and Maa what this demon does…” Swara says while glaring at Lakshya.

Ragini sees the phone and looks on.

“Kya Swara?” Ragini asks acting confused.

“Ragini, tell us the truth…” Sharmishta says and holds her shoulders.

“Kaisa Sach Maa?” Ragini asks.

“Ragini, what are you saying… don’t be scared, tell us. We’re here to help you.” Swara says.

Ragini looks away so her tears don’t come out. Lakshya continues flashing his phone and Swara notices Ragini looking at it.

“I think there’s something wrong…” Swara says in her head.

“Look, there’s nothing wrong and you all are just…” Lakshya says but gets cut in between.

“Something is wrong!” Swara says.

Shekhar glares at him while he looks at Swara.

Swara comes forward.

“There is something wrong! Whatever you’re doing is wrong!” Swara says and snatches his phone away from him. Ragini and Lakshya get shocked.

“Ab batao Ragini, this phone was scaring you right? I’ll get rid of it!” Swara says and was about to throw it when Ragini stops her.

“Nahi Swara, ruk Jao…” Ragini says.

Tears start rolling down Ragini’s eyes and she comes forward with Sharmishta.

“H…he got Dadimaa kidnapped.” Ragini cries.

Shekhar, Sharmishta and Swara get shocked.

“And don’t break that phone… that’s where the number is of the person who kidnapped Dadimaa.” Ragini says and takes the phone.

Ragini then starts telling how after she got dressed, he came inside the room and threatened her not to say anything and told her that he got Parvati kidnapped and if she opens her mouth then her life will also be gone.

Shekhar, Sharmishta and Swara are stunned.

“Inho ne kaha… ke…ke agar hum be Apna moh khola toh Dadimaa…” Ragini says and cries.

Shekhar phones the hospital and gets stunned he then cuts the phone and angrily grabs Lakshya’s collar and angrily looks at him.

“Tumhari himmat kaisi hui?!” Shekhar angrily shouts as he slaps pushes Lakshya.

“Don’t forget that I’m the new king now! I’m the Samrat and stay in your limits Varna tumhari galti Ki sazaa kahi tumhari Maa ya Beti na bhugat le!” Lakshya angrily says and warns.

Shekhar let’s go off his collar and Lakshya fixes it. He then turns to Ragini and hugs her, Ragini hugs him back.

“I’m sorry Ragini beta, I didn’t listen to you and pushed you into this hevan’s trap…” Shekhar apologies and cries.

Ragini cries and breaks the hug and wipes Shekhar’s tears.

“You don’t need to apologise Baba… it’s not your fault.” Ragini says.

“If your Drama is over then can we have a serious talk.” Lakshya asks.

Shekhar angrily looks at him. Lakshya then snatches his phone of Swara.

“Thank you.” Lakshya says sarcastically.

“Now let’s get straight to the point, I want to ruin Durga Prasad Maheshwari! And if you want then I can join hands with you.” Lakshya says and looks at Shekhar.

Shekhar gets confused and shocked. Ragini, Sharmishta and Swara get shocked too.

“You want to destroy Durga Prasad and so do I, I took Durga Prasads property and named it on my name, the whole property including business. I also snatched this position from him and now I want to take that land that belong to you!” Lakshya explains and tells.

“Kya? Nahi, I will not give you that land!” Shekhar angrily says.

“Sasur ji, Sachchi mein kaha Demi hai…? You have to in front of the media and I will be joining hands with you and end this enmity and tab Jaa ke pura ho ga mera badla, by watching this, Durga Prasad will die from the inside! He will die seeing Ragini as the new Queen, as a Malaka and as the daughter-in-law of Maheshwari palace, he will die seeing our fake bond and tab… Bam!” Lakshya says and smiles evilly at the end.

“Why are you doing this?” Shekhar asks.

“I’ll tell you at the end, but filaal you have to do this and then Daadi Ji would be free.” Lakshya says

Shekhar looks at Ragini, Sharmishta and then Swara.

“To Kya mein yeh deal pakki samjhon?” Lakshya asks and forwards his hand.

Shekhar shakes his hand surprising SwaRagini and Sharmishta. Lakshya smirks.

“The media must be coming any second and Ragini, go show your Mother and Sister the palace.” Lakshya tells.

Ragini glares at him.

“Come on, move it!” Lakshya shouts.

Ragini then goes up taking Sharmishta and Swara. After a while Lakshya hands a file to Shekhar.

“You have to hand me this file saying that this is the file of the land and fake signing it.” Lakshya says.

Shekhar nods okay and after a while, the media comes in and starts taking pictures and in front of the media they do that drama. Shekhar smiles genuinely and blesses Lakshya. After a while the media leaves.

“Impressive Sasur Ji, don’t worry, you will find Dadi Ji at home.” Lakshya says and was about to go when Shekhar stops him.

“Aur Meri Beti?” Shekhar asks.

Lakshya stops and looks on, then he turns and smiles at Shekhar.

“What else does your daughter need? She became a Rani, a Malaka, she will live a lavish life here, she will rule here, loads of Dasi’s would be around her. And I need her to show Durga Prasad Maheshwari… don’t I?” Lakshya says and asks.

“But I shouldn’t hear any complaints from her any more and jis din I hear that you’re not treating my daughter with respect then I won’t spare you, I will forget everything and kill you.” Shekhar warns.

Lakshya looks on and the chuckles.

“Don’t worry Sasurji, I will take care that no one will say anything to her, Malaka ban ke Raj karegi aapki beti… you won’t get a chance to complain.” Lakshya assures.

Shekhar gives him the glare and turns to leave, he sees Ragini, Swara and Sharmishta standing at the stairs. Ragini has tears in her eyes. Shekhar walks up to her.

“Ragini, if he says or does anything to you then tell me, I won’t leave him.” Shekhar says.

He then couldn’t bare Ragini’s tears and her looking at him like that so he went out with the guilt.

“Shekhar! You can’t do this…!” Sharmishta shouts as she follows him.

“I’m always with you Ragini, don’t worry, I promise I will come back.” Swara assured as she touches her hand.

“Rajkumari Swara… if your Drama is over then you can get out! And coming back here ke sapne tum Bhool hi Jao, you’re not finding anyways to get back here!” Lakshya warns.

“What should I say dhokebaaz, dhanav, Lakshya! You don’t have any rights to be called a King! I’ll be back!” Swara angrily says and heads out.

Tears roll down Ragini’s eyes, she then runs up stairs. Lakshya smirks and walks towards the drinking bar. He makes himself a drink and drinks it.

“The arrow hit its target very well.” Lakshya smirks and puts the glass down.

He evilly looks on.

Swara is shown sitting on the rock near the waterfall and is remembering Lakshya’s warning and acts. She touches her forehead and remember what he did to her.

“Ragini is not safe with him, I need to do something but what!” Swara says and touches her locket.

Just then she feels a tap on her shoulder and turns around. She sees Sanskaar.

“What happened? You seem lost and upset…” Sanskaar asks and says as he sits besides her.

Swara looks at him.

“Sanskaar, I need to tell you a truth about myself…” Swara says.

He looks at her.

“I’m a Rajkumari, Rajkumari Ragini is my sister and…” Swara says and stops and looks away.

Sanskaar is shocked and surprised. Tears develop in Swara’s eyes.

“Lakshya forcefully married my sister and made himself the king and her the queen, he also abuses her and is taking revenge from her.” Swara tells and looks at Sanskaar.

He is shocked and stands up.

“Lakshya married Ragini?” Sanskaar shockingly asks.

Swara stands up and nods yes.

“I don’t know how to protect my sister…” Swara says feeling upset.

“Ragini is Shekhar’s daughter and is in danger…” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks at him.

“Chalo mere saath…” Sanskaar says and holds Swara’s hand and takes her somewhere.

The scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion. Ragini gets changed in to a plain Orange ghagra choli with pink duppata pinned on her waist and then draped and pinned to her shoulder. Ragini then stands in front of the mirror and wears the gold royal family bangles and then opens her hair and throws it behind her. She wears her earrings and then her mangalsutra and was about to wear her sindoor when she stops seeing the bruise on her forehead. It reminds her of what Lakshya did.

“Ragini!” Lakshya shouts as he comes in.

Ragini gets shocked and drops the sindoor box on the floor which made the sindoor spill out.

Lakshya looks on surprisingly.

“What did you do?!” Lakshya angrily asks.

“Vo…hum…” A frightened Ragini says who looks down.

“Clean this up now, I don’t want any sindoor on my floor!” Lakshya says.

Ragini bends down and puts the sindoor back in the box.

She turns around to the mirror and puts the box down. Lakshya sees a little bit on the floor and gets annoyed, he then bends and picks it up. At that time Ragini turns and makes Lakshya drop it on her hairline. She moves back hurriedly and looks down.

“Uh… I was only here to tell you that my Badla is over, now your free to do whatever you want but don’t interfere in my life. I gave you a slap for the slap you gave me first, then you sent me to jail so I brought you to mine, then the mandir slap got paid off by that bruise on your forehead and me marrying you has gotten my revenge from Durga Prasad. Your only job is now to not make me angry and not to interfere or behave like a typical wife!” Lakshya explains and warns.

Ragini looks at him.

“But in front of the family, you have to pretend to love me! And your every small mistake will cause you a heavy price! You have to listen to everything I say and do whatever I say! Is that clear!” Lakshya explains.

Ragini gives him the dirty look and looks away, she then nods okay. He then leaves. Ragini turns around to the mirror and gets shocked to see her hairline filled. She touched it and remembers Lakshya dropping it when she turned.

After a while Lakshya walks down and gets shocked to see Sanskaar and Swara married. He walks down and sees the mangalsutra around Swara’s neck and gets shocked to see them in a wedding attire.

“Yeh kaun sa naya tamasha hai?!” Lakshya shockingly asks.

“Why Lucky? Are you surprised to see me here…?” Sanskaar asks.

“Not you Bhai but her… how can you marry her?!” Lakshya ask.

“The same way you married Ragini.” Sanskaar says.

Lakshya gets shocked.

“Ohh, she told you already? No wonder she found you and opened her way of coming here, why?” Lakshya asks.

“To protect my sister.” Swara says.

“Protect? Your sister isn’t a baby anymore and she doesn’t need protection!” Lakshya asks.

“Listen…” Swara says.

“Bhai, take rest and I’ll talk to you later.” Lakshya says and heads out.

Ragini comes out and gets surprised to see Swara.

After a while they are shown in a room, Swara tells Ragini everything.

“I’m glad your here… but I hope he doesn’t harm you.” Ragini says.

“He won’t dare to.” Sanskaar says as he comes inside with food.

“You never told us you were a prince and that too of this place.” Swara says as Sanskaar places the food down.

“You also didn’t tell me you were a princess.” Sanskaar says.

Ragini smiles and says “I’ll be right back.” And leaves.

“I hope he doesn’t harm Swara…” Ragini says as she walks out.

Swara and Sanskaar then start talking and arguing.

Later in at night, Ragini comes out of the kitchen.

“Lagta hai Swara and Sanskaar are asleep.” Ragini says and walks up.

Just then Lakshya comes up being all injured and is bleeding. Ragini looks up and gets shocked to see Lakshya.

“Lakshya…” Ragini worriedly says and rushes to him.

She then holds him and he can’t even walk properly so she helps him up.

“I can do it myself. Leave!” Lakshya orders.

Ragini ignores him and takes him to his room. She makes him sit on the bed and brings the first aid box and starts aiding him.

“Back off!” Lakshya says and pushes her away.

“Lakshya… aap ko chaut Lagi hai and I’m doing this for humanity.” Ragini says and continues aiding.

After a while Ragini helps Lakshya lie down and puts the blanket over him. Lakshya looks on seeing her concern.

“In front of the world and family, show this concern!” Lakshya says and turns.

Ragini switches the lights off and shuts the door. She then takes a mattress out and sleeps on the floor. Lakshya abusing her and all comes in her mind and then his words in which he tells her to do whatever you want and not to interfere in his life.

“Is Lakshya actually that evil? Is there something I need to know before judging him and labelling him as a demon?” Ragini questions herself.

After a while, Ragini closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Scene shifts to SwaSan’s room, Swara and Sanskaar are sitting on the bed.

“The truth is Swara that I fell in love with you the first time I saw you.” Sanskaar confesses.

“I also felt like there’s something different about you.” Swara says.

Sanskaar then cups her face and plants a kiss on her cheek. Swara feels shy.

“I’ll go and get changed.” Swara says and goes to the washroom.

Later Swara comes out wearing a yellow skirt and a pink blouse with a pink duppata dangling from her shoulder. Sanskaar gets mesmerised to see her. Swara then sits on the bed besides Sanskaar.

“Kya hua?” Swara asks.

“You look beautiful.” Sanskaar says.

Swara shyly smiles.

“Ab sau Jao.” Swara says and lies down.

Sanskaar switches the lamp and lies besides Swara. Both pull the blanket over and fall asleep.

The sun rises and the rays fall on Lakshya’s face, he gets disturbed and angry.

“Ragini!” Lakshya angrily says as he turns.

Ragini hears and wakes up. She then sees the sun rays disturbing Lakshya and stands up. She goes to the window and closes it. She looks at him and then looks away. She takes her clothes out and goes to the washroom.

After a while Ragini comes out wearing a faded designer orange skirt with black blouse and black and orange stole pinned on the shoulder and around the waist. She wears her mangalsutra, sindoor and her bangles. Ragini looks at the mirror.

“Something’s missing… but what?” Ragini asks herself.

“Your earrings!” Lakshya says.

Ragini turns around and looks at Lakshya, she then ignores him loos at her ears through the mirror. She then places her earrings and turns back around.

“Wait!” Lakshya says and stands up.

He then goes to her and while limping.

“Just because I’m gone a little weak it doesn’t mean you can do fly too much.” Lakshya says and holds her hand.

Ragini feels something as wind blows hard. Ragini feels a current and jerks Lakshya hand away.

Ragini then looks at Lakshya and runs out while breathing worriedly.

Lakshya gets confused at her act.

On the other hand, Swara wakes up and gets changed. She is wearing a designer red and orange ghagra choli. She applies her sindoor and mangalsutra and matha Patti and heads out. She goes down the stairs and sees Ragini worried.

She then goes up to her.

“Ragini, what happened? Is everything okay?” Swara asks.

Ragini hugs Swara and says “Swara… Hume…Hume kuch hua hai… pata nahi Kya pur Kuch to hai!”

“Kya? What are you trying to say?” Swara asks.

Ragini breaks the hug and holds Swara’s she then brings it to her heart. Swara could feel Ragini’s heart beats.

“Kya hua?” Swara asks.

“Pata nahi! Hume… I need to find out…” Ragini restlessly says.

“When?” Swara asks.

“Today aur pata nahi Kaise!” Ragini says and turns.

Just then a maid comes “Rani, I found out.”

Ragini and Swara look at her.

“Rani, close your eyes.” The maid says.

Ragini closes her eyes.

“Breath 2 times.” The maid instructs.

Ragini does it.

“Who can you see?” The maid asks.

Ragini relaxes and sees Lakshya, she sees him coming home injured and her helping him, she sees him twisting her hand and a smile appears on her face but then it changes into a shocking expression as she opens her eyes.

“Who did you see Rani?” The maid asks.

“Lakshya…” Ragini shockingly asks.

The maid gets shocked and Swara gets confused.

“Rani, you have fallen in love with Samrat.” The maid says.

Swara and Ragini get shocked, Ragini then faints hearing that.

After a while, Ragini opens her eyes and finds herself on the sofa. She sees the maid and Swara with her.

“Nahi… Aisa nahi ho sakta… hum… I can’t fall in love with…” Ragini worryingly says.

“Dil pe kisi ka Kabo nahi Rehta Rani… you never know when your heart falls for someone…” The maid says.

“Ragini… are you sure?” Swara asks.

“Pata nahi… Swara, when I went to sleep yesterday to hum bahot gussa the unpe but today… today when he touched my hand, Hume gussa nahi aya aur Balke kuch hua… I felt something. I don’t know if it’s love or what but kuch to hai…” Ragini worryingly says and holds Swara’s hand.

“Ragini, only time will tell what this feeling is… don’t worry, we will know soon… because the way you will act will reveal it.” Swara says.

“Rani, did you say something before sleeping?” The maid asks.

Ragini remembers her saying that ‘Is Lakshya actually that evil?’ And worryingly looks on.

“Nahi! There’s nothing like that! You have a misconception. It’s not love, maybe it’s something else… but Swara is right. When time will come then I will know the feeling.” Ragini confidently says.

“I hope it’s not love.” Swara says.

“It won’t be.” Ragini confidently says and looks on.

Just then Lakshya walks down.

“Ragini! Where’s my breakfast?!” Lakshya angrily shouts.

Ragini stands up and gives Lakshya the worrying look.

“Hum Abhi laye…” Ragini says and rushes to the kitchen.

Lakshya then fully comes down.

“Ragini didn’t listen to anything he said before… now what happened?” Swara whispers.

“I think he did some magic on her.” The maid says.

“Zaroor he must’ve scared or threatened her.” Swara says and angrily looks at him.

Sanskaar also walks down and Swara faint smiles seeing him. She then walks inside the kitchen with the maid. Lakshya sits on the chair and gets ready to eat on the table. Sanskaar sits opposite him.

“Lucky, yeh chaut?” Sanskaar asks.

“Nothing, my driving went out of hand.” Lakshya says.

Ragini rushes out with food plate and puts it down. He then starts eating, she puts a glass of water near him. Swara comes out with Sanskaar’s plate and places it. Sanskaar also starts eating.

Ragini while looking at Lakshya eat thinks “Why does my heart say you’re not bad? But whatever you did to me a year ago and now… stupid heart! I just don’t feel that vibe of you being bad any more…”

After a while, Sanskaar and Swara go to visit a temple which the maid forced them to go. Swara didn’t want to but Ragini assured her that she would be fine. Swara then decided to go. But Sanskaar had a motive behind going to that Temple.

Lakshya was in his room, reading a magazine. Ragini was in the hall alone. She finds a wallet and opens it. Just then she gets shocked.

“Yeh wallet… this wallet could only be Lakshya’s…” Ragini says.

She sees a picture of DP with a cross on his face. Ragini turns and looks up, just then she sees a man standing there.

“Rani Sahiba aap hi hai na?” The man asks.

Ragini doesn’t respond.

“Hum Lakshya Ki patni Ragini hai.” Ragini tells.

She then reflects on it and feels stupid to say that.

“Ohh…” The man says and comes down.

“Who are you?” Ragini asks.

“Rajeev…” The man says.

“Lakshya isn’t here…” Ragini says.

“But who said I’m here to meet him…? I’m here for you.” Rajeev says as he goes closer to Ragini.

Ragini moves back and doubts on his intentions.

“Guards! Guar…” Ragini shouts but stops as Rajeev keeps his hand over her mouth.

Ragini gets shocked, she struggles to free herself. One of the maid sees and gets shocked, she rushes to Lakshya room and enters. Lakshya looks up at her.

“Samrat, sorry for this mistake but Rani… Rani is in trouble!” The maid says.

“Kya? What do you mean?” Lakshya asks.

Ragini bites Rajeevs fingers and runs but he holds her hand.

“I lost my self on your beauty on that day when I saw you on stage…” Rajeev says and kisses her hand but she jerks it.

“Choir hamara haath!” Ragini warns.

Rajeev then pulls Ragini close to him and forces himself on her but she keeps on hitting and pushing him away before he could lean in her neck. Ragini is screaming and shouting. Ragini then manages to pushes him and stands. He holds on to her stole and pulls it. She twirls and falls but Lakshya catches her on time.

Rajeev stands and is shocked, Ragini looks up and sees Lakshya. She then hugs him tight. The maid is standing behind Ragini and she is the same maid who was with them in the morning. Lakshya looks at Ragini’s stole in Rajeevs hand. Rajeev drops it.

Lakshya then looks at Ragini and pushes her, he then slaps her across the face which shocks, Rajeev, the maid and herself. Ragini touches her cheeks and looks at Lakshya.

“What is this?!” Lakshya angrily says.

Ragini looks on with tears in her eyes.

“You woman are weak! Cry over small things! Are you going to show him that woman are weak and all they know is to cry?! Is Rajkumari… oops, Malaka Ragini that weak to let her self be touched by other men?! Tum Samrat Lakshya Ki Malaka hone ke layak nahi ho!” Lakshya angrily shouts and insults.

Ragini places her hand off her cheek and looks at Lakshya.

“There’s the whip and there’s your culprit! Show him who you are and what mistake he did!” Lakshya says and moves back.

Ragini sees the whip and then looks at Lakshya. Ragini then approaches the whip and picks it up. She then looks at Rajeev who’s hands are trembling. Ragini approaches him and starts whipping him.

“This was for my insult.” Ragini says and whips him.

Ragini continues whipping him and he runs away. She then looks at Lakshya and approaches him with the whip. He looks on.

“Mujhe Marne Ki Bhool tum mat karna.” Lakshya warns.

Ragini comes closer, she then drops the whip and hugs Lakshya. Lakshya gets shocked.

Lakshya then pushes her away and says “Hadh mein Raho…”

Lakshya turns around and sees Swara and Sanskaar entering. Swara gets shocked to see Ragini’s state and rushes to her. She sees Ragini’s stole on the floor and looks at Lakshya. Swara then angrily slaps Lakshya. Ragini and the maid gasp.

“Swara… he didn’t do anything…” Ragini says.

Lakshya angrily goes from there.

“Listen Ragini… if your under any pressure then…” Swara says but Ragini cuts in between.

“Nahi Swara… vo…” Ragini says and starts telling everything to Swara.

Swara and Sanskaar get surprised and shocked.

After a while Ragini enters her room and sees Lakshya angrily sitting down. Ragini then walks up to him.

“It was a mistake and…” Ragini says but stops as Lakshya angrily holds her hand and pulls her close to him.

Ragini was surprised at his sudden move and sits on his lap while placing her right hand on his chest as he’s holding her left hand.

“Mistake? Why did she slap me! Just because I’m quiet, it doesn’t mean she can do anything she wants!” Lakshya angrily says while Ragini just looks at him.

A faint smile appears on her face.

“Lakshya, aap inte bure kyu Hai?” Ragini says and doesn’t realise what she had said as she drowned in his eyes.

Lakshya gets surprised at her question.

“Tum…” Lakshya angrily says but looks away.

Ragini then realises and gets worried she moves back and was about to stand when he pulls her into a hug. Ragini could feel his breath slide through her neck and closes her eyes.

“I love you Ragini.” Lakshya says.

Ragini’s heartbeats get fast as she hears those words. Just then the maids words flash in her mind about her falling for Lakshya and opens her eyes. She realises and moves back.

“L…Lakshya, Hume…” Ragini says but gets cut in between.

“Lakshya!” A new voice is heard.

Ragini turns around and hurriedly stands up. Lakshya also stands up but with a smile.

“What a pleasent surprise Maa.” Lakshya says.

The person is revealed to be AP and it is revealed why Lakshya hugged Ragini and said that, that was because he saw AP coming.

Scene shifts down in the hall, Swara and Sanskaar are standing there.

“Look Bhaisa! First your Chora and now my Chora!” Sujata angrily shouts.

“I can’t believe this! Sanskaar, I thought you were any better than Lakshya but you… you disappointed me!” DP angrily says.

“Bhaisa, both of them brought that Shekhar’s daughters as our family daughter in laws and not even that, Lakshya has become a Samrat and made his wife the Queen and ke bulata hai usko… Haa, Malaka!” Sujata angrily complains.

“Lakshya se koi umeed nahi thi Hume but Sanskaar surprised me.” DP angrily says.

Sujata then looks at Swara who has her head down.

“I don’t see any goodness in her! Then why did you marry her?!” Sujata asks.

“You don’t see what I see Maa.” Sanskaar says.

“Chup! Ek dam Chup! I want you to divorce her right away!” Sujata shouts and tells.

Swara and Sanskaar get shocked.

“I can’t Maa, I promised to take care of her!” Sanskaar says.

Swara then remembers Sanskaar taking her to Shekhar and telling him everything, Shekhar then agrees to this marriage and does their marriage in the palace and promises to take care of Swara.

Sujata is shocked.

“Fine! But you also remember one thing Sanskaar, I will never ever accept your fathers murderers daughter as my daughter-in-law!” Sujata angrily shouts.

It is revealed that Sujata is a widow. Swara gets shocked. Sujata then angrily goes away, Uttra runs after her. AP comes down with Lakshya and Ragini. DP glares at Lakshya.

“How dare you steal my position?!” DP asks.

“Oh, you only care about your position?! Well Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari, now you have to, willingly or unwillingly accept that I’m the King and she’s the Queen!” Lakshya says and holds Ragini’s hand.

“Never!” DP shouts.

“Well with you wanting to accept or not accept won’t change anything, I will remain the king so go do the drama somewhere else!” Lakshya angrily says.

DP glares at him and then looks at Ragini.

“This is all Shekhar’s daughters fault! She was greedy to become the Queen so she…” DP says but stops as Swara cuts in between.

“Bas… I’m sorry if I hurt you uncle but you have no rights to bring my sister in to this matter, she didn’t do anything. Your son did everything!” Swara says and glares at Lakshya.

DP looks at Swara angrily.

“What do you mean?” AP asks.

“Lakshya forced Ragini to marry him…” Swara reveals.

Lakshya gets shocked along with AP and DP.

“Kya?” AP shockingly asks.

Lakshya gets angry and closes his fist.

“Haa, to? Kya kar lo gi tum?!” Lakshya angrily blurts out.

“I came here to protect my sister and I will protect her.” Swara says.

“And if your drama is over then let me go!” Lakshya says and walks up.

Ragini goes after him.

After a while Swara is upset in her room, she is wondering here and there. Sanskaar grabs her arm and pulls her closer to him. She gets surprised.

“You don’t look good when your upset, at least smile for me.” Sanskaar says.

“Uh… vo…” Swara says and steals eye contact.

Sanskaar pulls her even more closer and Swara looks up at him.

“Why is Rajkumari worried?” Sanskaar asks and pulls her more closer.

There is no gap in between them and their chests are touching. Sanskaar then leans to Swara’s ears.

“Smile, that’s your biggest shringhar that drives me crazy. I love you and will always love you.” Sanskaar whispers.

Swara feels shy and looks down, Swara then closes her eyes as Sanskaar blows his hot breath on her neck.

Sanskaar comes closer to her lips and plants a soft kiss on her lips. Swara feels something and opens her eyes and looks at Sanskaar. Both have an eye-lock.

“I love you too.” Swara says.

Sanskaar smiles.

Scene shifts to Lakshya’s room. Ragini comes inside with food. She places it on the bed.

“Lakshya, the food is here.” Ragini says.

Lakshya comes out of the washroom.

“I’m not hungry!” Lakshya says and throws the towel on the table.

“Lakshya, you have to eat.” Ragini says.

“Bola na nahi Kahana!” Lakshya angrily says.

“Offo…” Ragini says and walks up to him. “Chaliye…” Ragini says and holds his hand and brings him to the food.

He jerks her hand and angrily looks at her.

“Zada par nahi Khul Rahe hai tumhare?!” Lakshya says.

“Hum…” Ragini says but Lakshya grabs her hand and twists it behind her back.

She looks at him and he twists it even harder, Ragini feels pain but a smile appears on her face. Lakshya gets confused.

“Agar aap ke saath Hume Dard mein bhi Rehna pade to hum khushi Khushi reh aur seh lenge…” Ragini says while drowning in Lakshya eyes.

Lakshya gets surprised and lets go off her hand. Both share a few second eye-lock.

“Where is my child?” Lakshya asks.

“Humare Naanima ke pass.” Ragini says and doesn’t even realise.

“Naanima? Where does she stay?” Lakshya asks.

“Ek Baat bateye Lakshya, before this hate, was there love in your heart for me?” Ragini asks in her senses.

Lakshya let’s go of her hand and looks away.

“Nahi! There was always a hate and will always be a hate.” Lakshya says.

“But hum aapse pyaar Karne lage hai… yeh Kyu?” Ragini pouts.

Lakshya gets shocked and looks at her. Ragini worryingly looks down.

“Why did you say that Ragini!l I can’t believe I actually fallen in love with Lakshya.” Ragini says to herself in her mind.

“You’re practising for what you have to say tomorrow? Good, practice more.” Lakshya says and turns.

Scene shifts to Swara and Sanskaar. Swara is hugging Sanskaar.

“I will always love you Sanskaar.” Swara says.

“I will too Swara, don’t ever leave me.” Sanskaar says.

Swara breaks the hug and smiles.

“I won’t.” Swara says and plants a kiss on Sanskaar’s forehead.

Sanskaar picks her up and places her on the bed. Swara shyly looks away. Sanskaar then goes to the other side and lies down after switching the lights off. Swara turns to Sanskaar and he turns to her. Swara then moves closer to Sanskaar and places her head on his arm.

“Make me fully yours Sanskaar.” Swara whispers.

Sanskaar smiles and looks at her, she nods yes. He then leans in and starts kissing her and slowly both consummated and became one.

On the other hand Lakshya then goes and lies down. Ragini also switches the lights off and goes to sleep while looking at Lakshya with tears in her eyes. She silently cries.


Lakshya wakes up and finds Ragini missing, he then goes out. He sees DP, Sujata and AP in the hall. Sanskaar is eating on the dining table while Swara is serving him.

“Where is Ragini?” Lakshya thinks.

“Ragini!” Lakshya shouts.

Just then a maid comes out with his food plate.

“Samrat, Rani is not here, she’s gone out but she left this for you.” The maid says and looks down.

Lakshya then walks down and takes the plate. Lakshya sits opposite Sanskaar and starts eating.

Just then Ragini walks inside with two of the ward boys. She points at Lakshya. They go up to him. DP, AP and Sujata get confused.

The ward boy then injects something in Lakshya’s arm which makes him drowsy.

Sanskaar and Swara look on.

“Take him.” Ragini says.

Lakshya falls unconscious and the ward boys take him.

“What are you doing?!” DP angrily asks.

“Pagan tu hai chori! Not our Chora!” Sujata angrily says.

“Ab damagi santulan ke case mein you will put Lakshya in?” DP angrily asks.

“Now I understood. This chori is the Queen that’s why she will make Lakshya go mental so she can only rule.” Sujata says.

“Aap ko jo sauchna hai aap sauch li je…” Ragini says and heads out.

“She’s so rude? She’s greedy for money!” Sujata says.

“I need to do something.” DP says.

Lakshya is taken inside the shopital.

“I’m glad you brought Lakshya in, he wasn’t listening to anyone, not even me. I told him that we needed to do his treatment soon and thank you for completing our request, as being Lakshya’s personal doctor, I understand this treatment would be best for him…” The doctor says and walks inside the OT.

Ragini folds her hand and starts praying.

Ragini remembers waking up and opens Lakshya side of the wardrobe. A file falls and she reads it and gets shocked. So she decides to speak to his doctor.

Swara gets worried and calls Ragini but Ragini doesn’t pick up.

“One is greedy and the other one is careless!” Sujata taunts as she walks past.

Swara just hopes that everything is alright.

After few hours, AP gets worried.

“No phone or anything, what is that girl doing to my son?” AP worryingly says.

“What do you expect from her? Hai to Shekhar ka hi khoon!” Sujata says.

“Please… don’t bring my father in to this.” Swara requests.

Sujata ignores her.

Just then Swara gets Ragini’s call and attends it. She finds out that Ragini’s in city hospital. Swara then tells AP, DP and Sujata. Then all rush to the city hospital.

After a while they reach city hospital, Swara sees Ragini and rushes to her followed by AP, DP and Sujata.

“What happened Ragini?” Swara asks.

“Lakshya ko brain tumour tha… and today they did his operation and he’s better.” Ragini tells.

Swara, AP, Sujata and DP get shocked. AP looks inside the ward and sees Lakshya lying down.

“Doctor said he will gain conscious in 1 hour.” Ragini says.

“Why didn’t Lakshya tell us?” AP worriedly says.

“Don’t know Jiji…” Sujata says and places her hand on AP’s shoulder.

Just then Sanskaar and Uttra reach there.

Swara goes to Swara, Uttra goes to AP.

After an hour, Lakshya gains conscious and opens his eyes. He sees AP. He then finds himself in the hospital. Just then Ragini walks inside with the doctor.

“You have to take good care of him for three months and we will discharge after 2 weeks.” The doctor says and leaves.

“Thank you.” AP says to Ragini.

Ragini plainly smiles. Swara walks inside.

“Ragini, come out… I need to talk to you.” Swara says.

Ragini nods and goes out with Swara.

“Ragini, you don’t have to continue with this fake drama.” Swara says.

Ragini looks on.

“If you want we can get you two divorced.” Sanskaar says.

“Kaisi Baat kar Rahe hai aap dono? I can’t leave Lakshya at this state…” Ragini says.

Swara and Sanskaar look on.

“Don’t worry Swara, he won’t be able to do anything in this condition…” Ragini says and turns.

DP hears and looks on.

“Yeh Ladki won’t leave Lakshya but I will make sure she and her sister leave from my house! I can never accept Shekhar’s daughters as my daughter in laws!” DP angrily and evilly thinks.

Sanskaar gets a call and excuses himself. Swara stands in front of Ragini and talks to her. After a while Sanskaar comes back getting shocked. DP looks at him.

“Lucky named 98% of the property in Ragini’s name and the rest 2% went to the trust.” Sanskaar reveals.

Swara, Ragini and DP get stunned.

“Meri property, my hard work! Went to that do kore ke Ladki?! No, I can’t let this happen!” DP thinks.

“What?” Ragini shockingly asks.

DP enters the room angrily, Sanskaar, Swara and Ragini see and also enter. But Ragini stands outside and listens. DP sees Lakshya eating from Ap’s hands. AP stops and turns, Lakshya also looks up.

“What am I hearing?” DP angrily says.

“What?” Lakshya says.

“You named the whole property on that Shekhar’s daughter?!” DP angrily says.

Lakshya looks on and then glances around. He doesn’t see Ragini.

“So what? What’s it to you? I name it on whoever I want, why does it prick you?” Lakshya asks.

“Because it was my hard work!” DP says.

“What hard work? Dadaji did all the work, you just stole it.” Lakshya says and looks away.

“Iska kuch nahi ho sakta! Explain it to him Annapurna!” DP angrily says and exits the room.

“Lakshya…” AP says but stops as she gets cut in between.

“If you’re talking about the property then please, not now.” Lakshya says.

AP then puts the plate down and exists the room. Swara also leaves and sees Ragini. Sanskaar sits besides Lakshya.

“You can tell me…” Sanskaar says.

Lakshya sighs and looks at Sanskaar.

Ragini was about to enter but stops as she hears Lakshya about to tell.

“I…I named 98% of the property on Ragini’s name so… so that she could live a happy life.” Lakshya admits.

Sanskaar confusingly looks at him.

“What do you mean?” Sanskaar asks.

“I mean that I knew I had brain tumour and there was no chance of me surviving but this surprised me… I married Ragini so that I could make her the queen and I tortured her so she could hate me, I knew after I left, Mr Maheshwari wouldn’t accept Ragini as the daughter-in-law and kick her out so I made her the queen and gave her 98% of the property. She also have to live a better life with the child, but she’s not telling me where they are!” Lakshya says and gets a little angry.

Ragini hears and looks on, tears develop in her eyes. Sanskaar just looks at him.

“Child?” Sanskaar confusingly asks.

Lakshya then tells him.

Ragini goes up to Swara and sits besides her.

“What happened Ragini?” Swara asks.

“Swara, we misunderstood Lakshya… he… he gave me this status, property and house for me and my children’s betterment.” Ragini says as tears roll down her cheeks.

Swara is surprised, Swara then asks Ragini not to cry.

2 Weeks later, Lakshya got discharged and has been brought home by Sanskaar. AP does his aarti and Sanskaar takes him up to his room.

After a while, Lakshya sits on his bed and relaxes.

“Doctor said for you to take complete rest for 3 months.” Sanskaar says.

“Hmmm.” Lakshya says.

“Kya Hmmm? I want an okay and if I see you out of bed then watch.” Sanskaar warns and leaves.

Lakshya sighs and lays back, just then Ragini comes inside with food and sees Lakshya asleep. She puts the tray down on the table. Lakshya hears the sound and opens his eyes, Ragini turns. Lakshya sees her and she looks at him.

Scene shifts to the hall, Swara is in the kitchen.

“Today we will cook…” Swara says but gets cut in between.

“Aloo Ki sabzi.” Sujata says as she walks in.

Swara turns around and Sujata gives her the cold look.

“Today you would cook Aloo Ki Sabzi and Dal chawal!” Sujata orders.

The maids nod okay and start the work.

“You already made our house impure and now you made our kitchen impure? Ab je ghar ke mandir ko gandha may karna with your manoos steps!” Sujata taunts and warns.

Swara puts her head down.

“Mhare chore Ki jindagi mein pehle se hi zeher khol ke rakh diya tune… bas dasna hi Baki Hai!” Sujata angrily taunts.

“Mom please!” Sanskaar’s voice is heard.

Sujata turns and Swara looks up, both see Sanskaar at the door. Sujata looks on.

Scene shifts to Ragini.

“A…Aap ka khana…” Ragini says.

“I’m not hungry.” Lakshya says.

“You should never say no to food…” Ragini says and brings the food forward.

Lakshya looks on.

“That’s why people are fat.” Lakshya says.

“You’re so rude.” Ragini says and sits besides him.

Lakshya sits up and Ragini helps him.

“I’m not rude, it’s a fact. People that don’t say no to food are bloated and fat.” Lakshya mocks.

“One day when you will turn fat Haa, to hum hassein ghe and will remind you of this.” Ragini says and forwards a morsel towards his mouth.

He eats it and both start talking while Ragini also feeds Lakshya.

3 months past like that, Lakshya never realised when he fell in love with Ragini. Sujata never accepted and never will, she continued taunting her while Sanskaar defended her. Lakshya felt better.

Ragini and Swara were in the kitchen, just then Swara feels weak and dizzy. Swara decided to ignore it. Ragini saw her and walked up to her.

“Swara, what happened?” Ragini asks.

“I don’t know Ragini…” Swara says and touches her head.

Just then Swara feels like she has to puke and runs to the kitchen sink and starts vomiting. Ragini makes a face and turns around.

“What did you eat last night?” Ragini asks.

“I don’t know… Sanskaar brought pakode…” Swara says.

“Hmm, see the pakodon ka kamaal.” Ragini says.

Swara feels uneasy and walks back.

“Go take rest, I’ll handle it here.” Ragini says.

“I’m fine now.” Swara says and opens the tap.

Ragini then heads upstairs with a breakfast plate. She sees Lakshya getting changed and turns around. Lakshya sees her and quickly puts his shirt on.

“Ho Gaya…” Lakshya says.

Ragini turns and sees Lakshya with his shirt on, she enters the room.
Ragini puts the tray down and turns around and finds Lakshya close to her. Ragini looks away and was about to go when Lakshya blocks her way and stops her. She looks at him.

“Ragini… I have something to tell you…” Lakshya says and comes more closer to Ragini.

Ragini moves back and Lakshya continues coming closer, she gets pinned to the wall and Lakshya comes closer by merging his chest with hers.

“Rani!” The maid shouts and comes in.

Lakshya moves away. Ragini walks up to the maid.

“Rajkumari Swara…” The maid says and points outside the room.

Ragini gets worried and runs out of the room.

After a while Ragini reaches the room. The doctor is checking Swara and then informs them that Swara is 3 months pregnant, Swara, Ragini, Sanskaar and AP get happy. Sujata and DP get shocked.

Lakshya comes home drunk at night, Ragini gets angry at his act and he confesses he loves her and tells his feelings to her under drunken state. Then Ragini also confesses her feelings and both consummate.

Later in the morning Lakshya wakes up with a heavy head and finds out what he had done, he then immediately goes before Ragini wakes up. Lakshya happily confesses with his senses. 3 months pass and Swara is 6 month pregnant.

Lakshya comes home and looks at Ragini, he then breaths and shouts Ragini’s name. He then insults Ragini and kicks her out of the house, he even tells that he only pretend to love her so that he could get his children’s whereabouts but found out they’re not alive. Ragini was broken and in tears. Swara tried stopping Ragini but Ragini left, she didn’t even get a chance to tell the family and Lakshya that she was pregnant.

Lakshya also disappeared as three months passed. DP was happy as Ragini got kicked out and now he’s waiting till Swara gets kicked out.

Ragini meets Kavya and Kavya is 6 months pregnant with Lakshya’s baby, she tells Ragini that Lakshya was drunk and they had made love. Ragini was shocked and Kavya tells her that after giving birth to this baby, she will die as it is too risky for her. Ragini then takes Kavya London and Kavya gives birth to a daughter and dies. Ragini names her Avni and accepts her as she is 6 months pregnant.

Swara gives birth to a baby boy and they name him Swayyam. Sanskaar is very happy and Sujata only shows care towards her grandson and not Swara. Swara and Sanskaar were happy to know that Sujata started loving their son.

1 year passes and DP and Sujata think of a plan. Sanskaar leaves for Singapore for a 6 months. Sujata warns Swara that she will get her kicked out of this house. Sanskaar came back and Swara and DP tried creating suspicion in Sanskaar’s mind as Swara is pregnant and her best friend Nikhil comes, Sanskaar doesn’t believe Sujata but gets surprised to see Nikhil and Swara together in the bed room hugging and Swara saying I love you and I missed you as she thought it was Sanskaar. Sujata adds more to it and makes Sanskaar angry, he then accuses Swara and calls her characterless and refuses to accept the child as his own. Nikhil and Sanskaar have a fight but Sanskaar kicks Swara out but before leaving Swara slaps Sanskaar and leaves as Sanskaar, Sujata and DP wouldn’t let her take Swayyam.

Swara moved to Mumbai with Nikhil while Ragini moved to Delhi after staying 8 years in London and Ragini gave birth to a daughter and her Naani named her daughter GajaLakshmi.

End of Flashback.

Both of the diaries close.

End of episode.

Precap: Ek Taraf Revenge planning while Dusri Taraf reuniting planning… Swayyam ne maari entry! And how Lavyansh and Rayyan are RagLak’s son also revealed.
(Haven’t proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?)

Lavyansh aka Ansh – Son of RagLak. 2 minuets younger to Rayyan. Vani and Avni’s brother. A fraternal twin. Overprotective.

Rayyan – Also known as Ray by the girls, Lavyansh and Vani. A fraternal twin and is 2 minuets older to Lavyansh. Son of RagLak, brother of Avni and Vani. Sweet.

Avni – The daughter of KavLak, stays with and loves Ragini. 3 months older to Vani. Sister of Vani, Lavyansh and Rayyan. Selfless.

GajaLakshmi aka Vani – The daughter of RagLak, lives on her terms and has argument with Lavyansh. 3 months younger to Avni. The sister of Lavyansh, Rayyan and Avni. Arrogant.

Swayyam – The son of SwaSan, stays with Sanskaar. Brother of Sanskriti and yet needs to be introduced.

Sanskriti – The daughter of SwaSan. Stays with Swara. Sister of Swayyam. Caring.

Sorry for the confusion.
My sister had helped me with the casting…

Sanskriti (14) – Reem Shaikh

Rayyan (16) – Lee Minwei

Avni – (15) – Roshni Walia

GajaLakshmi/Vani (15) – Tunisha

Lavyansh (16) – Aryan Khan.
Hey it’s me Halima back with another Episode…

Sorry for the lateness, it’s a Maha-episode and took me 4 days to write…?

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