Swaragini FF: Kuch To Hai Episode 2


Episode 2:
The episode starts with Sanskriti finding a diary, she looks at it and opens it.

On the other hand, Rayyan pulls out a diary.

“Diary?” Rayyan asks.

“Read it…” Vani says.

Rayyan opens the diary and looks on.

“It’s written in Hindi…” Rayyan says.

“Kya?” Lavyansh says while Rayyan shows it to him.

“I can’t read Hindi… that’s my weakness.” Rayyan says.

“Pass it here.” Lavyansh says and forwards his hand.

Rayyan gives it.

“What do you learn in school then?” Vani asks.

“I can speak Hindi and understands Hindi but can’t read it…” Rayyan tells.

“Mein Ek…” Lavyansh reads and stops as he focuses on the word.

Vani peeks and says “Raj parivaar!”

“Mere se nahi pada jayega…” Lavyansh says with an irritated face.

Vani takes the diary and opens it, she starts reading it. On the other hand Sanskriti also starts reading.

A palace is shown, a woman is shown running down the corridors. Her feet are shown with anklets on and as she runs, her anklets are shown. Her back is shown and she is holding her skirt a little up while running. Her hair is also opened. She goes past some of the maids.

“Arey Rajkumari!” They shout but that woman doesn’t stop.

She finally reaches her destination and stops. She catches her breath and enters a room. A woman is shown facing her back.

“Ragini?” The woman says and turns.

The woman running is revealed to be Ragini and the woman who turns is revealed to be Sharmishta.

“Maa, hum…” Ragini says and catches her breath.

Sharmishta walks up to her with a glass of water. Ragini takes it and drinks it. She finishes and looks at Sharmishta.

“Maa Hume Pooja mein nahi Jana…” Ragini says and turns.

“What? Why? First Swara and now you? Where is that girl?” Sharmishta asks.

“Maa… Swara must be where she usually is but Pooja… Maa…” Ragini says but Sharmishta looks at her.

“Please Ragini… Swara isn’t even going to be there so you have to… please…” Sharmishta says and makes a puppy face.

“Chalo teek hai…” Ragini says sadly.

Sharmishta smiles and hugs her, Ragini then smiles.

“Kaha ho tum Swara?” Ragini thinks while hugging Sharmishta.

On the other side. Swara is shown sitting down on the rock and sees waterfall. She has an small idol in her hand and is talking to it.

“Bhagwan Ji, it’s not wrong for me to hide here… Maa and Baba want me to get married to some Rajkumar that will be present in the Pooja… but I don’t like any of them and I’m sure I won’t… am I doing the wrong thing?” Swara says and starts thinking.

A man is shown walking down to woods to collect some woods. He then sees Swara, but her back if faced towards him. He walks a little forward but steps on the leaf which alerts Swara. She stands up and turns but her foot slips on the rock and she was about to fall back when that man holds her hand. Both have an eye-lock for a second. He pulls Swara and she merges into his chest.

“T…Thank you.” Swara says and moves back.

She looks down and puts some strands of hair behind her ear. The man is mesmerised.

“Hi, I’m Sanskaar…” The man says and is revealed to be Sanskaar.

“I’m S…” Swara was about to say when someone cuts in between.

“Sanskaar! Where are you?!” Another Man shouts.

Sanskaar turns and shouts “I’m coming!”

He turns back around and sees Swara gone. Swara is shown running down and is secretly smiling within herself. Swara reaches the palace but hides behind the pole. She sees Ragini, Sharmishta, Shekhar and Parvati sitting in the car and leaving. She releases a sigh of breath and runs inside the palace.

Swara then sits inside her bath tub and some maids are helping her have a bath. She is remembering the incident and is smiling.

“Kya hua Rajkumari? If you don’t mind me asking…” A maid says.

Swara shakes her head and smiles while looking down.

On the other side Sanskaar is lying on the bed and is remembering Swara. He also smiles and seems to be lost.

A man comes looks at him lying.

“Lo, mar Gaya!” The man says irritatingly and leaves.

Scene shifts to the mandir. Ragini is dressed in green lengha choli… she has green skirt with green blouse and net stole around her body, (pinned from one shoulder to the other) she has royal matapati and is wearing beautiful earrings. Her hair is opened and is at the back. While everyone are doing Pooja and are closing their eyes. Ragini opens her eyes and looks around. She sees that everyone have closed their eyes and and secretly sneaks out and runs down the temple.

On the other hand, a man is shown walking with style, he is also looking at girls as he walks past.

“Oh god, why did I have to come here?” The man sighs.

Just while running, Ragini bumps into him, he gets angry and holds Ragini’s arm tightly and makes her look up. He gets shocked to see her and let’s go.

“Sorry…” Ragini says and frees herself.

She then leaves.

“Yeh Ladki…?” The man shockingly says.

“Lakshya, what are you doing there?” A woman shouts.

The man turns around and is revealed to be Lakshya.

“Maa. I’ll be there in 2 minuets” Lakshya shouts as he sees his mother, AP standing on the temple stairs.

Before AP could say anything, Lakshya leaves. AP is dressed in a royal saree and as a queen.

“Yeh Ladka bhi na!” AP sighs and walks in with the Aarti plate.

Lakshya is shown running and searching for Ragini. He looks around and sees Ragini playing with the children. Lakshya looks on at her.

Ragini throws water at the children with a pipe and gets wet herself. Lakshya lustfully looks on. He then goes up to her and is standing behind her. Ragini turns around while laughing and points the pipe at Lakshya. She gets surprised while he evilly smiles at her. He then looks at her belly and continues looking up to her face.

Ragini feels uncomfortable and turns around. Lakshya grabs her hand and pulls her close to him. His chest is touching hers. Ragini feels uncomfortable and looks away.

“Aapne Hamara haath kyu pakda hai? Please leave me…” Ragini says sounding annoyed.

“At last I found you.” Lakshya says and smirks.

Ragini looks at the children, the take the pipe and start playing.

“Why are you here?” Ragini angrily says and looks at him.

“Oh…so now you remember me?” Lakshya says and twists her right hand by keeping it behind her back.

Ragini feels the pain and pinches his arm using her left hand and he lets go. Ragini then slaps him hard and glares at him.

“Don’t ever touch me like this ever again! I don’t know you and you don’t know me! From today, I don’t want to see you anywhere near me!” Ragini warns and leaves.

Lakshya is boiling in anger and turns to see her go. He folds his hand into a fist.

“This slap and that Slap will cost you a heavy price Rajkumari Ragini!” Lakshya angrily huffs.

He was about to go until his eyes all on an earring. He picks it up and smirks while looking at it.

“Now this earring will help me take Revenge Ragini!” Lakshya evilly says and smirks.

“Arey Lucky, you’re here?” A new voice is heard.

Lakshya turns around and smiles at that person.

“Omi, you came on the right time…” Lakshya happily yet evilly says.

That person is revealed to be Omi, Lakshya’s best friend.

“Why? What happened?” Omi asks.

“Do you remember Ragini?” Lakshya asks.

“Who? Princess Ragini?” Omi asks.

Lakshya nods yes.

“Do you even know who she is?” Omi asks.

“Who?” Lakshya asks.

“She’s Raja Shekhar’s daughter, your family rivals.” Omi says.

“What?” Lakshya shockingly asks.

“Haa, your dad and her dad had a fight in the temple… Shekhar called Ragini and she came there and that’s when I was shocked to see her. I asked my Dad who they were and he told me that they’re our Rivals. Including your Dads too.” Omi explains.

Lakshya then smirks and says “This is great, ab mera badla is kadr poora hoga Ki vo kabhi sauch hi na sake!”

Scene shifts to Shekhar’s palace, Parvati and Shekhar angrily enter. Ragini runs to her room, Swara sees her run past and follows her.

Ragini enters her room and starts crying.

“Ragini… what happened?” Swara asks as she enters.

Ragini looks up at Swara and says “He came back…” and tears roll down her eyes.

Swara confusingly looks at her and sits besides.

“Who came back?” Swara asks and makes her face towards her.

“L…Lakshya.” Ragini says and looks away.

Swara gets shocked.

“What? Now I won’t spare him! Whatever he did with you a year ago, he has to pay!” Swara angrily says.

“Nahi Swara… forget it…” Ragini says and looks at her.

“How can I Ragini? He dared to mess with Rajkumari Swara’s sister and do you think ke mein usse asie jane doongi?” Swara says and huffs.

“But Swara… even I want to punish him but no one knows about him expect from you… Hume Maa aur Baba ko batana pade ga and if he says anything to me then I will tell you.” Ragini says and places her hand on Swara’s hand.

“We will tell them tomorrow…” Swara says.

Ragini nods yes and Swara wipes Ragini’s tears. Ragini faintly smiles at Swara and Swara gives a faint smile too.

Swaragini title plays…

Scene Shifts to DP’s palace, Lakshya enters late while being drunk.

“Ramdeen!” Lakshya angrily shouts.

A servant runs out.

“Where is everybody?” Lakshya says rudely.

“Rajkumar, everyone are gone to Ratanpur as Rajmata had an heart attack.” Ramdeen says with his head down.

“When?” Lakshya asks.

“Today… they tried calling you but your phone was switched off.” Ramdeen says.

“Haa, battery was dead, now take me to my room!” Lakshya orders.

Ramdeen nods and helps Lakshya to his room.

Scene shifts to a Penthouse, Sanskaar finally lies down on his bed and closes his eyes. Swara flashes in his mind.

“Who is that girl and why is stealing my sleep?” Sanskaar says with his eyes closed.

He then smiles and turns to the side.

Morning, Ragini wakes up and gets changed into a cream lengha with cream blouse and white stole. She pins it from one shoulder to another shoulder and it is covering from her shoulder to her belly and is covering the arms up to the wrists and is not net. She wears her earrings and anklets.

After that, she stands in front of the mirror and wears her royal bangle and heads out with a smile.

Swara is shown coming out in a blue skirt with a light pink blouse and blue stole with a little bit of pink. She isn’t wearing her matha Patti and is wearing earrings and bangles.

She walks out and meets Ragini and smiles at her.

“I’m with you.” Swara says.

Ragini nods and breathes to get courage.

“Swara… can I tell Maa and Baba after handing the clothing out…?” Ragini nervously asks.

“Haa… teek hai.” Swara says.

Ragini smiles and hugs Swara, Swara smiles and hugs Ragini back.

“Achcha, Chalo, we’re getting late.” Swara say.

Ragini breaks the hug and both come down. On the way they meet Sharmishta.

“I was just coming to get both of you… come out.” Sharmishta says.

Swara and Ragini nod okay and head out. They stand behind the table and start handing some clothes out to people who are standing in the line. Sharmishta sees and then goes inside.

Sanskaar is shown walking inside the gates of the palace, Swara sees him and looks on. She sees him entering the palace the other way.

“Ragini, I’ll just be back.” Swara says and heads in.

Ragini didn’t even get the chance to say something. Ragini then happily distributes the clothing. Sanskaar decides to see the princess and stands there and sees Ragini.

“Not bad, the princess is okay.” Sanskaar says.

“Sanskaar!” A man shouts.

Sanskaar sighs and walks away. Later, Sanskaar is shown walking around the palace. Swara sees him and follows him. He senses someone following him and walks fast. He then hides when Swara wasn’t looking.

“Arey, yeh kaha Gaya?” Swara asks but feels a hand grab her.

Sanskaar comes out while holding her hand, she sees him and looks on. He then looks at her.

“Uh… vo, I was going to the kitchen.” Swara lies.

“Oh, okay… but you and here? Do you work here?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara looks at him.

“If I tell him I’m a princess then he will not talk to me, he’s an interesting guy…” Swara thinks.

“You can’t be working here…” Sanskaar says.

Swara then looks at him.

“Cause if you work here then your hands wouldn’t be that soft… you must be the Princess…” Sanskaar says and looks at her suspiciously.

Swara looks on.

“The Rajkumari’s special maid…?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara thinks and nods yes.

“I must say, you are kafi smart, guess Kaise Kiya?” Swara asks and fake smiles.

Sanskaar smiles and let’s go of her hand. Swara sees Shekhar heading there and gets shocked.

“Uh… I’ll meet you at the place where I met you first… today at 3…” Swara says and runs from there.

Sanskaar sees her leaving and smiles, he checks the time and it’s 1:54pm. He smiles and walks away and Shekhar reaches there while talking to someone.

Swara comes back and stands next to Ragini and helps her hand out again. Sanskaar comes out and stops as he sees Swara. She sees him and smiles. He smiles too. Ragini notices and looks at Swara.

“Who is he?” Ragini asks.

Swara looks at her and nods no. Ragini then looks at Sanskaar and he waves at her. She waves back. Sanskaar then points at Swara and gestures that she’s pretty. Ragini smiles and nods yes. Ragini then points and Sanskaar and then Swara and gestures that you two will make a pretty couple. Swara nudges Ragini and Sanskaar shyly leaves.

A tune plays in the background and Ragini starts laughing. Swara gets embarrassed and looks down but smiles.

After a while, Swara and Ragini walk towards the hall.

Swara sees the time and it’s 2:53pm.

“I need to meet him…” Swara thinks while walking.

“Swara… you go…” Ragini says.

“But you…” Swara says and gets it in between.

“You go and I’ll handle it here… don’t worry. Vo pechare tumhari Intezaar kar rahe honge…” Ragini tells.

“Are you sure?” Swara asks.

“Pakka… I’ll talk to them and you go.” Ragini says.

Swara hugs her and wishes good luck, Ragini hugs her back and says “Tell him the truth… that you’re a princess and then see what he says…”

Swara breaks the hug and nods okay and says “I’ll try.”

Ragini pushes her to go and Swara smiles and leaves. Ragini nervously enters the hall. There she gets shocked to see Lakshya standing there.

“I’m telling the truth.” Lakshya says.

Shekhar is shown angry and Sharmishta is in tears. Parvati sees Ragini and walks up to her.

“What is this boy saying?!” Parvati angrily asks and drags Ragini in centre.

Shekhar and Sharmishta see her. Lakshya also sees her and looks on, he then smirks a little that isn’t much visible.

“Kya hua?” Ragini confusingly asks.

“Yeh Chora… he’s saying that you and him are in love and that you had an affair with him!” Parvati says feeling disgusted.

Ragini gets shocked.

“Believe me Daadi, yahi sach hai.” Lakshya says acting truthful.

“Na! I don’t trust you, my Laado will tell me… bata!” Parvati says.

“Yeh Jhoot Bol Rahe hai Daadi, hum inhe nahi Jaante!” Ragini says and looks at Lakshya.

“You heard? Now get out from here!” Shekhar angrily says.

“Ragini… how can you do this? You came to meet me yesterday and have you forgotten all the things that happened between us and what you said yesterday?” Lakshya acts to be shocked and says sounding emotional.

“What are you talking about? Hum aap ko jante hi nahi… kaun hai aap?” Ragini says acting confused.

“Ragini, don’t do this to me… Raja, Rajmata, I have proof that she met me yesterday.” Lakshya says and looks at Shekhar.

Shekhar looks on, Lakshya pulls out Ragini’s earring and holds it up. Sharmishta and Ragini get shocked.

“Thats Janki’s earrings…” Parvati confusingly says.

“Haa, I made Ragini wear them yesterday.” Sharmishta shockingly says.

Shekhar and Parvati get stunned.

“See, I wasn’t lying… me and Ragini love each other a lot… we have something going on between us.” Lakshya lies and acts.

Ragini is shocked.

“Jhoot Ki bhi koi had hoti hai… aap…” Ragini says but gets stopped by Shekhar.

“Do you know this boy?” Shekhar cuts in between.

“Baba hum…” Ragini says but Shekhar glares at her and she stops.

“Haa ya Naa! Do you know this boy or not?!” Shekhar shouts.

Ragini nods yes and looks down, tears roll down her cheeks.

Shekhar is angry.

“Did you meet him yesterday?” Shekhar asks.

Ragini nods yes again and cries.

“Ye na ho sake! She came love and have an affair with our rivals son!” Parvati shockingly says and let’s go of Ragini’s arm.

Ragini gets confused and surprised at the same time.

“I never expected this from you Ragini! How dare you have an affair with Durga Prasads son?! Dunya mein you had to chose him? Is it because to ruin me?!” Shekhar angrily says.

Ragini looks up and nods no, she steps agead.

“Baba… hum…” Ragini says but stops as she feels hard and tight slap across her face which shocks everyone expect Lakshya.

Ragini looks up at him with shocked expression and tears rolling down continuously.

“Baba…” Ragini says and stops to look at him.

It was Shekhar who had slapped her.

“Bas! Ab aur nahi! Get out from here! You ruined my respect and name! You have made me bow my head down to shame! Because of you I lost! I lost to that Durga! You’re not my daughter anymore! I cut all the ties from you! Go and become Durga’s daughter in law but you’re not my Daughter and never will be! Get out!” Shekhar shouts.

Parvati faints and Sharmishta rushes to her.

“Baba… listen to me…” Ragini says but Shekhar rushes to his Mother.

“Take her! And tell her to never show me her face ever again!” Shekhar says.

Lakshya grabs Ragini’s hand and forcibly takes her.

“Baba Please! This is not true! Listen to me!” Ragini shouts and cries while leaving.

Shekhar stops Sharmishta as she was about to go. Lakshya takes Ragini out of the gates to her palace and puts her in front of him.

“Today I won and you lost! Aaj mera badla pura ho Gaya! What did you say to me? That I will never think of winning?! Well now look! You’re Father disowned you! Raja Shekhar disowned Ragini!” Lakshya shouts and laughs evilly.

Ragini glares at him. Lakshya then sees the bruise developing on Ragini’s cheek. He touches it and fake pouts.

“Dard ho Raha hai?” And presses it hard.

Ragini feels pain and pushes his hand away. She then turns to leave but he grabs her hand.

“Abhi mera badla pura nahi hua! This was for slapping me the first time! Now there’s two more left!” Lakshya angrily says and squeezes her hand.

She turns to him angrily.

“Leave me alone! Kyu Kiya aapne aisa?” Ragini angrily says.

“Why did you do that to me then?!” Lakshya angrily says.

“Because you forced me to!” Ragini angrily says.

Lakshya then holds her hand and starts walking away and starts dragging her.

“Where are you taking me?!” Ragini asks and tries freeing her hand.

Scene shifts to the place where SwaSan first met. Swara is shown waiting and Sanskaar comes. Swara’s back is faced towards him.

“You’re late!” Swara pouts as she hears footsteps.

Swara then turns around and sees him.

“Sorry…” Sanskaar says and holds his ears.

Swara then remembers Ragini telling her to tell him the truth and start their friendship.

“Hmmm, so you’re punctual on time?” Sanskaar asks and breaks her thoughts.

Swara looks at him with a serious look.

“What happened?” Sanskaar asks.

“I need to tell you something.” Swara says.

“What?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara breathes and gains some confidence.

“What will happen if someone falls from here?!” Swara hurriedly says and then reflects on it and makes a face.

“They will drown and die…” Sanskaar says and looks down.

Swara fake smiles and nods okay.

“What the hell Swara! Seriously?” Swara says in her mind.

“Your name…?” Sanskaar asks.

“Swara… and you?” Swara says and asks.

“Sanskaar.” Sanskaar says.

There was an awkward silence between them. Swara looks down.

“I’ll meet you tomorrow, I need to go to the Rajkumari.” Swara says and leaves from there.

Sanskaar smiles while seeing her run, she also smiles while running.

End of Flashback.

Sanskriti shuts the diary and hides it under her pillow.

“Mamma must be coming any minuet now…” Sanskriti worriedly says.

She shuts the chest and manages to hide it under her bed. Swara enters her room.

“Sanskriti… what am I hearing?” Swara asks.

Sanskriti puts her head down and says “Sorry Mamma… I was only finding out who that aunty was…”

“Which Aunty?” Swara asks confusingly.

“Matlab Shanta Bai didn’t tell Mamma…” Sanskriti says in her head.

“Kuch nahi.” Sanskriti says trying to avoid the topic.

Swara bends down and tilts Sanskritis face up to make Sanskriti look at her.

“Sanskriti… I was here to tell you that I had a complaint from Shanta bai about you not eating your food… why is that?” Swara asks.

“Sorry Mamma, Shanta Bai wouldn’t tell me that’s why I didn’t eat…” Sanskriti says.

“Tell you what?” Swara confusingly asks.

Sanskriti picks the photo up and shows it to Swara. Swara gets shocked.

“She won’t tell me about her…. so far I found out that she’s your sister…” Sanskriti says and looks at Swara.

Swara stands up and looks away.

“Uh… beta, freshen up and come down to eat…” Swara says and leaves.

“Mamma…” Sanskriti says but Swara was long gone.

“Don’t worry Mamma… I have your diary to tell me the truth…” Sanskriti says to herself and smiles.

Swara walks down and tears develop in her eyes. She remembers her moments with Ragini.

“Kaha hai tu Ragini? Don’t you miss your sister?” Swara says and looks at the photo.

Scene shifts to Delhi. Vani shuts the diary as Lavyansh screams and shouts.

“Aahaaaahhhhhhh!” Lavyansh shouts.

Rayyan happens to have sat on Lavyansh’s broken foot by accident.

“Shhh! Mamma will come any time now! Hide the chest!” Vani worriedly says.

Rayyan hides the chest in the wardrobe on the bottoms and hides it with his clothes. Ragini rushes in and Vani hides the diary behind her back with a stunned expression.

“What happened Lavyansh?” Ragini asks worriedly.

“Mom, it… it hurts a lot!” Lavyansh fake cries in pain.

Rayyan shuts the wardrobe door and faces them. Vani slowly leaves the room and sighs.

“I think I need to take you to the hospital.” Ragini says.

“Haa Mom… take him.” Rayyan says.

“Mom, bahot Dard ho Raha hai! I think I’m going to die.” Lavyansh overreacts.

Ragini slaps him on the shoulder.

“Don’t you ever say that!” Ragini worriedly yet angrily says.

“Mom, I’ll see for tonight and if it still pains then I will tell you.” Lavyansh says.

Ragini nods okay and applies balm on his foot. She then covers it with the blanket and leaves while smiling at them.

“Go to sleep and don’t waste time.”
Ragini shouts while leaving.

“Okay Mom.” Rayyan shouts.

“Ask Vani to come now! I want to know what happens next.” Lavyansh says.

“In the morning, anyways we have a day off and Mom is going work so chill. Avni… you also take rest.” Rayyan says.

Avni nods okay and leaves. Rayyan jumps on his bed and Lavyansh switches the lights off via his phone and sleeps.

Episode ends.

Precap: Flashback Continues and Mahaepisode….

(Haven’t proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?)

Lavyansh, Rayyan, Avni and Vani are Ragini’s children… their identities and everything will be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Sanskriti is Swara’s daughter. That will also be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Sorry for the confusion.
After their identity revelation, I will also add their character description for less confusion…
My sister had helped me with the casting…

Sanskriti (14) – Reem Shaikh

Rayyan (16) – Lee Minwei

Avni – (15) – Roshni Walia

GajaLakshmi/Vani (15) – Tunisha

Lavyansh (16) – Aryan Khan.
Hey it’s me Halima back with another FF…

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