Swaragini FF: Kuch To Hai Episode 1


Episode 1:
The story opens up in Mumbai, a woman is shown picking up some files and when she takes out a file from the drawer, a photo falls on the floor. The woman picks the photo up and looks at it. Her eyes are shown developing tears.

“Mamma!” A voice is heard.

The woman hides the photo and turns around. She is revealed to be Swara. Swara puts a smile on her face and looks at her daughter.

“Sanskriti… school kyu nahi Gayi?” Swara asks and walks up to her.

“Mamma, I didn’t feel well that’s why.” Sanskriti says.

“Really? You look perfectly fine to me.” Swara says and looks at her.

“Vo… I didn’t complete my homework so I didn’t go…” Sanskriti says with her head down.

Swara then makes her look up at her.

“Beta… you shouldn’t run away… you should face all the obstacles and fears that come in your way… aaj agar homework nahi Kiya to Kya Kaho gi? Yahin na Ki I promise I won’t repeat the mistake…?” Swara explains and asks.

She nods yes with a faint smile.

“But why didn’t you do your homework?” Swara asks.

“Mamma, I lost my book and you don’t know how strict my teacher is… she always gives me punishment.” Sanskriti pouts and tells.

“What’s her name?” Swara asks.

“Mrs Ranchodas…” Sanskriti tells.

Swara then pecks her forehead.

“Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her and take rest aur Haa… don’t trouble Shanta bai too much okay..?” Swara says.

“Okay Mamma… love you.” Sanskriti happily says and pecks Swara’s cheek.

Swara smiles and then leaves. Sanskriti then stares at the drawer.

“What did Mamma hide when I came?” Sanskriti thinks and walks up to the drawer.

She opens it and sees a photo. She picks it up and looks at it.

“Who’s this in the photo with Mamma?” Sanskriti thinks and looks at the photo carefully.

The photo is revealed to be Swara with Ragini. Swara is wearing pink lengha choli with a beautiful and royalty Mata pathi… Ragini is wearing Blue lengha choli with beautiful and royalty earrings only.

“Mamma and that aunty look like princesses in this picture… what’s the whole matter?” Sanskriti asks herself and thinks.

“Sanskriti… Nashta tayaar hai!” Their maid, Shanta Bai shouts.

“Shayad Shanta Bai ko pata ho…” Sanskriti says and runs out.

Scene shifts to Delhi. A woman is shown dancing and doing Bharatnatyam. She finishes and clapping is heard.

“Wow Mom, 31 Ki ho ke bhi you’re so beautiful and energetic.” Boy 1 shouts.

“Mom, are you sure you’re not 25? I mean the way you danced is amazing… you still have that energy!” Boy 2 comments.

That woman removes her hand from her face and is revealed to be Ragini. She is shown smiling.

“Hume Maska Lagane Ki Koshash mat Karo… where’s Vani?” Ragini asks.

“I’m right behind you Mamma…” A voice is heard.

Ragini turns around and sees her daughter Vani standing behind her with a smile.

“Mom ko to hamesha Vani hi nazar ati hai… what about us poor kids that are sitting here?” Boy 1 says.

“Not only Vani, Avni too!” Boy 2 says.

“Kya Bhai aap bhi…” A girl says and stands up.

“Stop getting jealous okay!” Vani says while looking at the two boys.

“Stop getting jealous okay…” Boy 1 mimicked.

“Lavyansh!” Ragini says.

The face of boy 1 is revealed and his name is revealed to be Lavyansh.

“Mom, please… Lavyansh is an old name… call me Ansh, Vyan or Lav…” Lavyansh tells.

“For me, tum hamesha Lavyansh hi Raho ge…” Ragini tells.

“Lav… seriously?” Vani comments with attitude.

“It’s better than you full name… GajaLakshmi…” Lavyansh mocks.

“Mamma, tell him…” Vani says and glares at him.

Vani’s original name is revealed to be GajaLakshmi.

“They call you Vani because of me… I was the one who decided to call you Vani otherwise it would’ve been Gaja… more like Ganja!” Lavyansh mocks and giggles a little.

Vani gets irritated and glares at Lavyansh.

“Now enough… both of you!” Ragini says.

“Haa, Mom ko to pechare Ansh Ki galti dikhayi deti hai…” Boy two says while making an helpless face.

“Rayyan…” Ragini says and looks at him.

Boy 2’s name is revealed to be Rayyan.

“Vani… ignore them and concentrate on your dance…” The other girl says.

“Avni is right… concentrate on your dance…” Ragini says.

The other girl is revealed to be Avni.

“Mamma, I can’t do this… Bharatnatyam is too much.” Vani says and fans herself.

Lavyansh gets pissed.

“Listen yeah… yeh jo Tera attitude hai na… throw it away or else it wouldn’t take me two minuets to throw you out!” Lavyansh warns.

“Allow her…” Rayyan says.

“Oh hello, it wouldn’t take me two minuets to get you arrested!” Vani tells and crosses her arms.

“And oh hello… listen yeah, it wouldn’t take me two minuets to smack you both.” Rayyan says.

Both look at him, he smiles at them.

“Look at her tevar, she’s acting like she’s some princess!” Lavyansh says.

Ragini looks on surprisingly, Avni notices her reaction and starts thinking.

“And your tevar remind me of Sarak chap gunda!” Vani insults.

Lavyansh was about to say something but gets cut.

“Bas, both of you… you know she’s not a normal girl to kyu leta hai is chudail se Panga?” Rayyan says in an annoyed tone.

Vani’s mouth drops as she hears Rayyan’s words.

“I thought you were any better Ray but you also proved me wrong… where’s that I respect women gone?” Vani tells.

“I respect woman, girls and older people, but I never said I will respect a Chudail.” Rayyan says.

Lavyansh chuckles. Vani gets angry.

“Bas, please don’t start a fight…” Avni requests.

“Rayyan, Lavyansh… go to your room!” Ragini strictly tells.

Rayyan and Lavyansh leave from there.

Scene shifts to Mumbai. Sanskriti is sitting on the table and sees Shanta bai coming towards her.

“Shanta bai… can I ask you a question?” Sanskriti asks.

“Haa, sure.” Shanta bai says as she puts the plate in front of Sanskriti.

“Vo Kya?” Sanskriti asks while pointing at something.

“Vo Ek chair…” Shanta says.

“Yeh Kya?” Sanskriti asks pointing at something.

“Yeh plate.” Shanta says.

“Me kaun?” Sanskriti asks.

“Aap Sanskriti…” Shanta says.

Sanskriti puts a photo on the table.

“Yeh kaun?” Sanskriti asks.

Shanta bai looks at the picture.

“Yeh to madam Ki behen.” Shanta bai reveals.

“Mamma Ki behen?” Sanskriti says.

Shanta bai realises and makes an excuse “I need to wash the dishes.” And goes towards the kitchen.

“Mamma Ki Ek Behen bhi hai?” Sanskriti thinks.

Scene shifts to Delhi, Lavyansh is lying on his bed while Rayyan is smoking.

“Oh please, I’m also getting infected by the smoke. Go do it somewhere else.” Lavyansh says and puts a mask on his face to block his nose and mouth.

Rayyan blows and makes circles. Lavyansh is seeing a magazine.

“Kya Ladkia hai yaar…” Lavyansh expresses as he flips the page.

Rayyan shakes his head in a disagreement and continues taking puffs.

“You’re so boring, you don’t have any girl friends, Arey, Lakho ladkia Tujh par marti hai… I even seen it but you give attention to none… why is that?” Lavyansh asks and tells.

“I already told you and I’m telling you again… I don’t like girls. First of all, I’m not a player like you who uses every girl and then swaps them. Respect girls so that other boys respect our family girls… Whatever you do if that affects Vani and Avni then you’re dead! I promise I’ll kill you with my hands! Second of all… Girls will get you killed! There are two different type of girls in this world. Type one is who uses you for money and who stays with you for name and fame. Type two is who betrays you and breaks your heart. The only girl that I will ever love and will love is Mom, she’s all in one. I want a girl like Maa… who is understanding, caring and loving. So far I never seen a girl like that. So keep yourself to yourself and TN1AK!” Rayyan explains.

“You’re finished? Finally… it felt like you were reading a whole novel to me… and I can’t wait till the day you will fall in love, that day would be a shocking day for me! Rayyan and in love would be worth a laugh.” Lavyansh says and sits up.

“That day will never come.” Rayyan says with confidence,

“Itna confidence Achcha bhi nahi hai.” Lavyansh tells.

“I can’t wait till you fall in love! That would be a heart attack for me, a girl will come who would change your life style! She will change you fully! Tab Ana mere paas.” Rayyan says.

“Never will I ever fall in love and change!” Lavyansh says with confidence.

“Itna confidence Achcha nahi hai.” Rayyan says.

Both look at each other.

Ragini is teaching Vani Bharatnatyam.

Avni knocks on Rayyan and Lavyansh’s door. Rayyan and Lavyansh look at each other and look on. Rayyan throws his fag outside and starts spraying. Lavyansh takes the mask off and lies down pretending to play with the ball. Rayyan opens the door and she comes inside.

“Kya lene aayi hai?” Lavyansh asks rudely.

“Talk nicely.” Rayyan says.

“What’s this smell?” Avni asks while sniffing.

“She’s not Vani.” Rayyan changes the topic.

Lavyansh sits up and looks at them.

“Avni… Kya hua? Kuch zaroori kaam?” Lavyansh acts nice and then sighs.

“Bhai, I need to tell you both something important.” Avni says nervously.

“What?” Rayyan asks.

“Vo… mere paas storeroom Ki chabhi hai.” Avni tells.

Lavyansh stands up while Rayyan looks on.

Scene shifts to Mumbai, Sanskriti is walking around.

“What can the secret be?” Sanskriti thinks.

She then trips and falls down.

“Aah…” Sanskriti moans.

She sits up and looks at her leg. She then searches for the photo and its outside a room. She stands up and walks there and then picks it up. She looks up and sees the door.

“Yeh Kamra?” Sanskriti says and thinks.

She pushes the door open and walks inside. It’s all dark and has cobwebs. She turns the lights on but they won’t turn on. Her foot then hits something and she was about to fall but holds onto something.

“Mujhe yaha se Jana chahiye…” Sanskriti says and was about to leave when her eyes falls on something. It’s a chest.

“Yeh Kya hai?” She asks and bends down.

She wipes the dust and reads the name.

“Rajkumari Swara?” Sanskriti reads and looks on shockingly.

On the other hand, Avni, Lavyansh and Rayyan enter the store room.

“It stinks!” Lavyansh says and waves his hand to avoid the smell.

Avni turns the light on and all look around. They see cobwebs and spiders.

“Why does Mom come here every time?” Rayyan asks.

“Why you asking me? Mere ko Kya pata hoga?” Lavyansh says.

“Shhh… we have to make it quick.” Avni says.

Rayyan, Lavyansh and Avni start searching. Just then Lavyanshs foot hits something and twists.

“Aahh, fish!” He shouts as he falls.

Rayyan and Avni look there, they see Lavyansh sitting on the floor and moaning in while caressing his right foot.

“Kya hua?” Rayyan whispers.

“I’m dancing, wanna join me?!” Lavyansh manages to say and blows on his foot.

“Who told you to shut your eyes then!” Rayyan says.

“I don’t have the energy to argue… aaahh! My foot!” Lavyansh whispers in pain.

“It’s all because of this stupid chest!” Lavyansh adds and breathes.

Rayyan and Avni see a chest and look on.

Avni bends down and rubs the dust.

“Bhai yaha Dard mein hai and isko us chest Ki Pari hai?!” Lavyansh says.

Avni wipes the dust and sees a name.

“Rajkumari Ragini?” Avni says.

Rayyan and Lavyansh look on shocked while Avni looks at them.

“Mom might be coming, take me out… I can’t even stand!” Lavyansh tells.

Rayyan helps Lavyansh up and starts walking while Lavyansh starts hopping.

Avni picks the chest up and was about to drop it but Lavyansh holds the other side. Avni switches the lights off and gives the other side to Rayyan to hold. She locks the door and holds the chest with both of her hand and takes it into Lavyanshs room. Lavyansh hops into his room and lies on his bed. The chest was on the other side of Lavyanshs bed.

Ragini walked inside with Vani. Rayyan kicks the chest under Lavyanshs bed

“What happened? Why were you shouting?” Ragini asks.

Lavyansh gulps and Rayyan looks on, Avni nervously looks down.

“Oh god… now what should I do? I can’t lie to Maa, what if she asks me?” Avni thinks.

“I went out and was playing football… and while playing I twisted my ankle.” Lavyansh lies and looks at Rayyan.

“You should’ve been careful…” Ragini says.

“When did you go out? I didn’t see you?” Vani asks with her arms crossed.

Ragini turns around and looks at Vani.

Lavyansh makes a irritated face and sticks his middle finger up at her. She was about to tell Ragini when Rayyan puts his finger on her lip and signals no, she understands.

“Something was on your lips.” Rayyan lies and pretends to take it off.

“Uh… Haa I remember him leaving but I don’t remember him coming back.” Vani lies and looks at Avni, Rayyan and Lavyansh.

“Mom, I think I need to see a doctor.” Lavyansh says to divert the topic.

“He’s 15 years old and would to be 16 and still couldn’t take care of himself.” Vani taunts.

“Aaj date Kya hai?” Lavyansh asks.

“4th November.” Rayyan tells.

“Miss so called smart and elegant Vani… my birthday was on 11th September! So you can’t talk!” Lavyansh tells.

Ragini remembers something and gets a little sad.

“We’re already 16!” Rayyan says.

“Mamma, I always had a question in my mind… who has Ray took on? I mean he looks different to all of us… I know he’s a fraternal but he doesn’t look like an Indian!” Vani questions.

Ragini smiles a little.

“I’ll tell you later… let Lavyansh take rest and if it still hurts then tell me, I’ll take you to the doctors.” Ragini says and pecks Lavyanshs forehead and leaves.

Lavyansh moves back into a comfortable condition.

“I feel so bad… I lied to Maa.” Avni blurts out with tears in her eyes.

Vani confusingly looks on.

“It’s not a lie, you kept the truth to know another truth!” Rayyan tells.

“What are you on about?” Vani confusingly asks.

“None of your business.” Lavyansh says.

“Fine, I’ll tell Mamma…” Vani says and turns.

“First change your clothes then I will tell.” Lavyansh says.

Vani turns back to him and looks at him.

“Why? What’s wrong with these? It’s just a dress…” Vani tells.

“A dress! To me it’s a shirt… You’re all naked from the front!” Lavyansh tells.

“Wow! Other ladkia pehne to hot aur mein pehnon to bad? What’s this logic? You’re such a hypocrite and a orthodox!” Vani tells and angrily looks at him.

“You’re seriously the olden time thinker, let her wear whatever she wants!” Rayyan says.

“Look at what Avni is wearing and then her? Baat uski respect Ki hai which is related to me! I don’t want my name spoilt!” Lavyansh tells.

Avni is shown wearing an orange Salwar with blue leggings and blue stole on her shoulder with her hair open.

“Oh please! Whatever!” Vani says and leaves.

“Oh fish, she’s gone to tell Mom.” Rayyan says.

“She won’t dare to!” Lavyansh says and raises one of his eyebrow.

“You’re seriously an orthodox, pakka!” Rayyan says and takes the chest out with the help of Avni.

They place it on Lavyanshs bed and start opening it. Vani walks in wearing black leggings with a black shirt and her hair tied in a ponytail. Lavyansh sees her and looks away.

“Baba Orthodox, is it okay now!” Vani irritatedly says and walks in.

Rayyan and Avni see her.

Scene shifts to Mumbai, Sanskriti drags the chest to her room and looks at it. She opens it.

Screen splits into two, on one side is Sanskriti and the other side it’s Vani, Lavyansh, Avni and Rayyan.

Episode ends.

Precap: Past… revelation… their identities to come out and truth for couple of episodes….
(Haven’t proof read… sorry for any mistakes ?)
My sister had helped me with the casting…

Swara (32) – Helly Shah

Sanskriti (14) – Reem Shaikh

Ragini (31) – Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar

Rayyan (16) – Lee Minwei

Avni – (15) – Roshni Walia

GajaLakshmi/Vani (15) – Tunisha

Lavyansh (16) – Aryan Khan.
Hey it’s me Halima back with another FF…

Do comment to tell me if I should continue or not…

Because it’s entirely up to you all to decide because you all are going to read it anyways….

Harsh comments are also welcomed and the Pairs will be disclosed in the next episode I think…

Take Care ?
Keep smiling ?
Stay Blessed ?

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