Ragini was waiting for Mr jasiph’s call as it was irritating and intriguing to anticipate continuously what will be the outcome of her hardwork.
Just then she felt a hand’s touch on her shoulder.She quickly turned to that direction and saw sankaar standing with a flaring smile…
It dashed her for a moment that …. a while ago he was not even interested in communicating with her and now standing infront of her with a smile…..
“Excuse me?Do you want anything?”

“No no i just came to apologise for my rude behaviour towards you.Actually i was tensed about my project so …..”he told with an apologetic face.
She gave him a polite smile….
“yeah…. it’s ok…you dont need to apologise ….I can understand”
Sanskaar:Thank God otherwise i thought you are angry with me ….”
Ragini:No It’s not like that.Why would i be angry with you?”
Sanskaar:Ok… if you are not angry then we can introduce each other now?”
She extended her hand towards him…
“Sure …. why not…. I am ragini gadodia and you?”
“Sanskaar Maheshwari”he told while shaking his hand with her.
Her soft delicate hand against his hard limb…. the fascinating fragrance of her body was making his lust one step ahead to get her on his bad …
whether Ragini was finding his behaviour not so appropiate.
His atrocious look on her was making her uncomfortable in every way…..

At that moment Mr Jasiph called them up to announce the final result of the project.And she somehow got saved from his incommodious stare .

All of them were wishing the result to be on their favor but it was also not possible …At last mr jasiph announced the project holder company
“Hey guys you all have done an explendid job ..I was very much confused … whom to give the responsibility.So i decided to make it a joint project between the two companies.”
Hearing the result no one of them was happy except sanskaar as it will make his way easy in wooing her….
“I am aware about the fact , it will effect your business profit.Because it will be divided equally..But everything is not about profit… there is a thing called business betterment.And it will improve the skill of world business.So dont be sad and complete the project with full concentration…
Ok… enough of my talk….now it’s the time of my farewell…..”

Everyone bid him adieu with a smiling face though laksh and ragini was not at all in a good mood.
After mr jasiph’s exit laksh took sanskaar in a corner and blabbered
“Bhai what the hell is this?That baldhead has poured water in our hard work…!!Now we will get only 50-50 profit…..!!”
“Laksh dear it’s ok…. We are getting equal profit ok?It’s better than getting nothing…… right?Calm yourself now.”he told by rubbing laksh’s hair affectionately.
Laksh:Bhai… i am sure some solid matter happened with you…..Otherwise THE SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI is talking about equality?!!
Sanskaar:You know what laksh …. you understand me so well…And that’s why you are my favourite..
Laksh:I knew it…. some mystrey is there.But i will know it later because i have to rush now…..
Sanskaar:Yeah yeah i know your business..You are going to meet Rasha right?
Laksh went out of the cabin while giving a known smile to his big brother for his(sanskaar) usual enquiry….
Rasha …. girlfriend of laksh.A sensible girl.Have a crush on Sanskaar and always tease laksh by his brother’s name.

Ragini was into the cabin telling Nisha the result of project in phone…She just cut the call and again noticed his not so good stare on her ..
Sanskaar:Miss Ragini …… if you dont mind can i take a lift from you?Actually laksh has gone out with my car…..
This news came as a shock for her …At first she was not feeling comfortable beside him and now he was asking her to give a lift.But she could not refuse him directly as it would risk their newly made business relation.So out of no way she had to agree with his request….
“Yeah sure …. you can come with me..”she hasitatingly told her
Sanskaar : Thanks….. Thanks for agreeing….
Suddenly a phone call came on his mobile so he requested ragini
Sanskaar:You pls proceed… i am just coming in a while.
She nodded in a yes and made her way out of the cabin while the other side he was very much irritated with the call…It was his so called girlfriend sumona’s call….
Sumona:Hello baby …why are you not picking up my call.?
Sanskaar:oh sweetheart i am very busy.. now..That’s why….
Sumona:Baby you and your work just dont get finished…….
Sanskaar:Sweetheart pls dont get angry…… You know na how much i love you……
Sumona:yeah i love you too……
Sanskaar:Ok…. now i am cutting the call….I will call you at night….
He quickly cut the call in mid way and huffed a peacable breath……


Ragini has hardly finished the soup and demanded a kiss from him which is her everyday guift.Sanskaar kissed on her forhead softly…..
“Thank you ……….”ragini told by making a cute face…
“You are welcome …baby…Now tell me your today’s wish”he asked her curiously.
It’s a daily routine for him since 7 months to craved a wish from her while trying his best to fulfill it at any cost..
“You want to know my wish? …… But first you have to promise me that you will complete my wish”she told her while extending her hand to take his promise.
He hold her hand assuringly
“Ragini …… do i ever make your any wish uncomplete…. that you are asking me to give you promise?”Dont you believe me?”

“I believe you more than myself .But what i am going to ask from you ….. it may hurt you now.Though i know that you will be happy with this decision in your later life.
Sanskaar i am just a guest of three months in your life.I cant live my whole life with you even if i want.And for me you cant ruin your whole life………That’s why i want you to move on and get married ………”she somehow completed her demanding wish as her voice was trembling.

Sanskaar who was holding her hand …. till now….. jerked it off immediately.
“How dare you ragini?How can you ask me to get married.Hear it carefully…..I am not going to marry anyone……because you are my one and only wife….And yeah…. one more thing ….you are not going anywhere…. you will be with me for my whole life as my life parter…..”
He literally screamed at her as tears were falling from his eyes and rushed out from the room while closing the door loudly

It’s easy to fall in love but fulfilling the responsibility behind it is the real challenge..



Credit to: Sara

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