Ragini was getting ready for the project election.She had worn a black suit under a white skin shirt and a three fourth skirt while two white diamonds were beseeming on her ear.She wanted to look simple but elegant.Because in her pov Mr Jasiph would also prefer one’s personality which couldnt be more appropriate than her clothes and 1st impression as first impression is the last impression.This small small things she always had taken care in presenting any project so today was not less different.It was very well known that her
rival would lose a point infront of her in this matter.

Meeting room:
Sanskaar and laksh were already at the meeting room waiting for Mr Jasiph and their rival…

Ragini made an entry at the individual place.She asked the receptionist about the meeting room and made her way to the room.There was a big glass door ,she pushed it and entered into the room.Two boys were there… one (SANSKAAR) was engaged with some files while the other was busy in phone.She thought to introduce herself infront of them.
“Hello guys i am ragini gadodia and you?”
That submarine yet subtle voice made a quick impact on sanskaar but he didnt care much whether laksh also introduced himself humblefully to her.
Ragini felt very much embarrassed by the rudeness of that guy(SANSKAAR).Because she herself initiated the introduction whether the rude guy was not even interested in communacating with her.So she also didnt give much attention to him and started checking every little thing about her project ….

After a while Mr Jasiph arrived into the room and put a break on the silent behaviour of those three.
“Hello …. everyone…i am Josiph smith …. I am very much humbled that i have gotten an opportunity of chosing the lucky company for the most profitable project of this year from the top two companies of India.I hope everything will be alright…and we will get to expand our business relation……”
“Sure sir”everyone replied with enough curiosity…
All of them give their individual introduction and started with their project .It got finished after one hour while Mr jasiph requested them to wait outside for his final decision.
Ragini was enough happy that her project had gone extremely well and the foreign investor also looked very much impressed with her.

After getting out from the room…. sanskaar for the first time gave a glance on Ragini.
“Oh no she is one hot chic”the 1st line came out from his mouth about her.(he was a casonova who took every girl as a thing which could be varified in a week,in a month or a year) Her creamy bare legs,red crimson face ,thick and shiny hair were increasing his every inch of lust profusely to have her in his bed for one damn night …

Sanskaar entered into the hospital room where she was admitted since 7 months.
Ragini is sleeping peacefully with a oxygen mask on her face..She had to gone through with many chemo therapies in this 7 months but no improvement occured in her health.Instead her health was getting worser day by day.She tried a lot of times to take her life because she thought herself as a huge burden for him. She everyday wished to die as sanskaar will not ever leave her or move on without her going away from his life.

He is waiting for her sleep to break as it is the time of her lunch.
She wakes up after a while and notices him infront of her sitting with a bowl of soup on his hand.
“Oh no not again ….. i will eat it pls…”she pleaded
A smile makes its way to his face by seeing his ragini’s cute pleading act which she does every monday and saturday as those are the chosen days of her eating soup…Though he tries to add many varieties in soup to make it tasty and flavourful but it doesnt convince her much any time…..So he again makes the usual excuse which he everytime does…..
“Baby i know you dont like it but i promise i will make chicken for you tomorrow.”
“Pakka promise?…”
“Yeah yeah pakka promise.”he told by cupping her face affectionately.

True love never get effected by the change of looks.Because outer beauty is never ever considerable in case of true love…..



Credit to: Sara

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