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“Girls let’s raise a toast” ragini shouted loudly by taking the glass of champagne in her hand to cheers with her friends.Actually she had thrown a party for fulfilling a huge amount of project successfully.She was enjoying the party in a full mood while a phone call disturbed her cheerfulness.
“Oh god .. not again..this nisha will not let me live peacefuly even a day!”she murmured in a dissapoinment and picked up the phone without her wish.
Nisha her PA,who gave her all the details of upcoming and profitable projects,in short worked as her right hand.Ragini obey her a lot,because she didnt have to face any loss till now in her(nisha) choice of projects.
“Hello nisha.What happened?Is it important to disturb me today also?
“I am so sorry.. mam.But it was urgent that’s why.”
“What nisha?You are again calling me mam…. pls dont.. You know na it makes me feel old .. I am just 25..” she told her objectionately while gulping the last sip of her champagne.
“But mam … i have also told you that it’s my 5 years habituation and i cant change it easily..”
“Uff you and your excuses… Ok just cut it out and tell me the reason of your calling ”
“Mam Mr Jasiph(a foreign investor) has selected us for this year’s most profitable project…..”
She flick out the gulped champagne from her mouth in shock….
“What….. how … Are you serious?!!!… They have chosen us….I cant believe!!…….”
Nisha slightly smiled at her mam’s curiousness.
“Mam pls dont be so much happy..There is also a rival company which is competing for the same project.”
This news create a little draw line in her forhead.
“What but you told Mr Josiph has chosen our company.??”
“No mam … Mr josiph has chosen two companies .He wants to check the capabilities of handling the project from each company.Because ours and Maheshwari company are the top companies of our country.He doesnt want to take any risk.”she exclaimed her to not have any doubt.
“Yeah you are right… But we will grab the project at any cost.In fact i am going to office now ,you also come.I dont want any mistakes from our side.”

“Ok mam. I am coming in 30 mimutes”.
“Yup.. see you there.. bye” she(ragini) cut the call and rushed to her friends.
“Hey girls.I am very very sorry.. but i have to go now.One big project has come in my way if i get that ….. then i will throw a more bigger party than this… I promise…Again i am sorry…. And yeah … enjoy the party…..”
Though her friends are not in a mood to let her go but they understood the situation and let her go with a smiling face.

In office:
Ragini was sitting on her comfortable deck chair and scrunching her head to get any idea for grabbing the project from her rival.Because it was well known that her rival will give a tough fight in getting this project. It will not be a cake walk for her.But she was determined and confident about getting this project.

Maheshwari company:
“Laksh … everything is ready right?”
Laksh narrowed his eyebrow and smiled
“Oh God bhai you have asked this question for the 50th time”
“What to do laksh?It’s a great chance for us.And you know very well that we cant lose it at any cost”.
He(laksh) nodded his head
“Bhai i know that but there is a limit of everything.If you ask the same question a lot of time.. nothing will be changed but your vocal cord will surely get damaged”
Sanskaar got bromide by his little brother’s talk and told
“Laksh you and your joke are so monotonous.Pls dont crack this kind of joke infront of any one.Because it will irritate others.”
“Bhai that was not a joke…. ok?”
“Ok ok let’s go now otherwise we will be late” sanskaar told by making his way out of the exit door whether laksh was following him….

Present time:
“Doctor pls save her.Pls save her at any cost.I cant live without her.. doctor pls…… Even if you want i will give you my whole life earnings ….. But pls save her” sanskaar was crying vergiously while literally pleading the doctor to save his life Ragini…..
“Look Mr Maheshwari i can understand your state.But your wife is in the 3rd stage of cancer.She hardly had more than 3 months… Sorry…..”the doctor exclaimed him whether trying to console him.

Love is not to show off but a feeling which needs to be realized.It is not describable in any word.It can only be expressed by your lovable acts,your concern and care towards your loved one.



Credit to: Sara

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