Swaragini ff: INNER BEAUTY (INTRO)


This story is about a girl and a boy.It will be shown in two ways. One is flashback and other is present.
In the flashback there would be the girl’s and boy’s love story while the present story will be painful.

A girl who had always prefered her outer beauty over her inner beauty,has now only a pale discolored face without the existance of hairs .Her everyday can be her death day because she has only left proximately 3 months.But this time…. while sitting on her deathbed that girl is not thinking about herself but a boy who loved her more than anything.She just wants to avoid her death at any cost for her love or wishes someone like her to stay with her love for ever….
She always loved herself the most.She thought she could gain anyone’s love by her ethereal face because nobody could dare to deny her.Though she herself didnt know because of her proudful nature that a beautiful heart was also hiding inside her which needed to be gotten out from the moult.
That individual thing happened in her life because of a boy but alas she will not get the chance to enjoy her newly found elevated heart with him.

A boy who had never given a damn about others has now become a day night care taker,a mad lover of a girl.He is dying every per second by the thoughts of going away from his love while he needs to be stood infront of her helpless,lifeless.

He wanted to be an achiever.Everything in his life he had taken as a challenge.He never learnt to lose.He always thought a girl as a thing which needed to be variated in a week,in a month or in a year.But he had to lose infront of one girl.The girl who had changed him completely,made his life full of wishes,gave a new way to live his life,transformed his affixed heart in a beutiful one. He never wanted to lose that precious girl at any cost,he requisited to embrace her in his musculine body for his whole life.Though little did he know that his newly found life was not going to last…..

Most of the people always love outer beauty more than our inner beauty.Someone’s inner beauty is hardly appreciated because people judje each other from outside.But outer beauty of a person does not last long,it reduces by the extension of their age while our inner beauty lasts for the whole life and makes an unexpressable impression in other’s heart.

So it’s a little try from my side to change the views.

This story will be of 15 chapters.But if you guys like it then i will think to extend it .And yeah dont request any pairs because i have already chosen it.I will not change that.So…. sorry… if you get hurt….
I will reveal the pair in part 1.

Credit to: Sara

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