Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 5


hi frnds and thanks for comments….teacher:both of u go and sit.
swalak go and sit on last bench

swara: I’m going to become rice.
laksh: what.
swara: this teacher is so pakaau na…
laksh: was it a joke. do I need to laugh.
swara: u
meanwhile teacher sees them and makes them yo go out of class.
swara; thank god
laksh: at least nowwe need not to attend the boring class.
after class
ragini: sanky they both are mad…
sanskar: u came to know it today….
ragini: now where to find them.
at that time announcement is done and everyone is called in auditorium
principal: students I’m giving u a task to do all the preparations of the prom night.and remember on that day everyone to come in pairs…
student : OK sir.
swara: rags wow it will be fun na
raghini; of course sjona.
sansk: guys 4 of us will go to buy the material and others will start preparations till
laksh: let’s go Bhai.
swaragini : we’ll also come…
they 4 leave.
swara: omg
ragini: what happened.
swara: I forgot to bring money which sir gave.
laksh: this girl,I’ll kill her today.
swara: sorry.
sanskar: let’s buy the essential with our money
ragini: let’s get divided into 2.
swara: OK I and laksh will go.
sanskar: OK….
they do all the shopping and reach to college.
swaragini: let’s leave for home.its 7
laksh: I’ll bring my car u wait.
they go to their homes.
sumi; listen our and lakshs family will be going to temple tomorrow.so 4 of u stay together.
swaragini; in excitement OK mom

precap: swalak and ragsan practicing at swaraginis home for prom.

guys sorry for late and short update………plz do comment…

Credit to: Shloka

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  3. Is it swalk and ragsan?

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    Write recap
    Couldn’t understand the plot

    1. can u plz elaborate ur ques……

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  6. I like ur ff a lot …..it seems like a swalak ff………

  7. Good one

  8. Nice… loving swalak..

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