Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 13


I think u all are leaving interest in my ff.
Plz guys help me to decide a good title plz vote.
I have decided 2 :
1. Swaragini…(main tu kitna chahta hu tu soch na sake)…..
2. Swaragini….(every one has a perfect partner)…….
Plz do comment and tell.
Swaragini and sanlak in car.
Swara: guys I have an idea.

Ragini: what shona.
Swara: lets go to an outing na.
Sanskar: nice idea.
Laksh: fine but will have our families give permission.
Swara: I don’t know lets try.
Swaragini at home.
Swara: ma we four r planing to go for outing.can we go???
Sumi : y not go.
Ragini: really mom.
Sumi: yes go and pack it bags.
Swaragini: thank u mom.
They go to their room.
At sanlak home.
Laksh: Bhai u ask.
Sans: no u ask.
Laksh: Bhai ..
Ap: what r u talking about
Laksh: vo mom Bhai wants to say something
Ap: what sanskar
Sanskar: ma lucky have a wish u ask from him only.
Ap: lucky u r telling me or not.

Lucky: ma vo we 4 want to go on an outing.
Ap: starts laughing. U wanted to ask this……of course u can go but not more than 3 days.
Sanlak: thank u mom.love u.
Ap: love u too.
Sanlak and swaragini pack their bags.
At night swaraginis room.
Swara: v have decided to go but where will we go.
Ragini: lets call them
They are calling but sanlak don’t receive the call.
Swara: they must be sleeping….
Their is a knock on their window.
Swaragini go and see.
Swara: u both.
Rahini: what r u doing.
Sanlak: first open it.
They come in.
Sanskar : we came to ask where v have to go tomorrow.
Swara: lets think something.
Ragini: idea …..
Sanlakswara: what.
Ragini: a forest camping trip.
Sanlak: good idea.
Swara: but in forest alone.

Laksh: o miss darpok I will be there na.
Swara: that’s why I’m scared
Laksh: Swara …..
Ragini: stop fighting u 2
Swara: fine so decided ……now both of u leave.
Ragini: yes.
Sans: going…
Swara: bye Laksh.
Laksh: bye shona.
Sanskar: gn.

Precap: swalak and ragsan enjoying….

Guys plz vote and comment too

Credit to: shloka

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  1. plz make it sawsan and ralak

  2. 2 would b a better title & don’t change the pair for anything…. Ur ff is a good one

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  10. 2 title r nice..pls don’t sad for less comments ..

  11. Title 2 about perfect partner title is goid use that. And don’t change the pairs. Keep it ragsan and swalak plzzzzz

  12. Awesome no one is leaving interest in ur ff and pls dont listen to these swasan fans

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