Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 12


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Swaragini in their room.
Swara: ragini may I tell u something.
Ragini: of course shona.
Swara: vo ragini ……I na think that I ,that I
Ragini: what I speak na.
Swara: I think that I love laksh.
Ragini: what I toh was already knowing that there is something between u two.
Swara: but that idiot loves me or not I don’t know.
Ragini: according to my observations toh he loves u…
Swara: but how to Make him realise .
Ragini: lets think something.
Swara and ragini starts moving here and there.
Raguni: why r we moving like this.
Swara: to get sum idea.
Ragini: yes I got an idea.
Swara what.
Ragini tells some idea in her ears.

Next day in college.ragini Swara and sanskar team up .
Sanskar: meet my friend aman.
Aman: hello.
Swara: hi how r u.
Aman : very much fine.
Sanskar: Swara me and ragini are going we have to submit our assignment .
Swara: ok.
Aman and Swara goes to canteen .They r drinking coffee while laksh comes there with neh.
Neha: laksh see Swara .
Laksh: where.
Neha: see there.
Laksh: with whom is she sitting
Neha : he must be his bf.
Laksh: no it’s not possible.
Neha: May be she must have not told u.
Swara and aman stands to go and Swara slips and aman holds her.
Lksh: Swara.
Swara: thanks aman.
Aman: my pleasure.
Laksh: shona r u fine.
Swara: yes ….
Aman: shona cute name.
Swara: thank u.

Aman: May I call u shona
Swara: why not.
Laksh: shona it’s 11 and still u neither met me not called
Swara: I was a little busy.
Aman: who is he.
Swara: he is lucky my friend and sanskars brother.
Aman: o he is sanskar brother.
Aman: hi lucky I m aman.
Lucky : hi nice to meet u.
Lucky : shona will u not go for class today.
Swara: no this one is not so interesting.
Laksh : but .
Aman: Swara lets go u hav to show me library too.
Swara: lets go bye lucky.
Lucky thinks who was that aman why Swara is with him.and she introduced me just as a friend.even today she missed a lecture without me…..
Neha: lucky what r u thinking.we have to go to library na.
They also go there.
Lucky sees Swara reading a book with aman and enjoying his company.
Neha: what happened to u lucky.
Lucky : nothing.
Swara sees lucky and ignores him.
Lucky goes to her.
Lucky: Swara I wanna talk to u.
Swara: can’t u see I’m busy.
Lucky takes. Swara aside.
Lucky: I’m watching from morning u r ignoring me.and spending all it time with that aman.
Swara: so u have nehas company na .
Lucky: but Swara…
She leaves.
Lucky: why I am feeling so strange.why I cant see her with anyone.
Neha: bcoz u love her.
Lucky: what .what r u saying .
Neha: the day I came I’m noticing . U care for her a lot ,u can’t live without talking her.it’s love Laksh maheshwari .
Laksh: really.
Neha: yes go and propose her bfor it gets too late.
Lucky goes to Swara who is eating ice cream with aman.
Lucky: Swara come with me.
Swara: why .
Lucky come with me
He takes Swara at the terrace of college.
Swara: what do u want now.
Lucky: I love u Swara.
Swara Is shocked.
Swara: love u too .

Precap: swalak and ragsan moments.

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Credit to: shloka

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