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Today’s episode..
Swalak in canteen.
Neha: hey laksh , will u plz help me to do my home assignment.
Lucky:of course Neha.
Swara: excuse me mr. Laksh maheshwari will u drop me home or I have to go alone.
Lucky:Swara u go yourself today.
Swara: in anger. Ok .
Swara is at college gate waiting for auto meanwhile Rohan arrives.
Swara: what r u doing here.
Rohan : o baby …no need to wait for auto .I’ll drop u
Swara: no thanks.plz.leave
Rohan holds her hand and tries to pull her in his car
Swara:leave me laksh ragini…
Laksh comes there and Swara hide behind him.
Laksh:. I already warned u not to come near Swara
Rohan :.she is my gf and I can do whatever I want.
Lucky : she’s no one of yours.u just leave or may I call guards.
He leaves.

Swara: thank u..
Lucky : I have told na not to go alone,this Rohan can again come.
Swara: why do u worry for me.
Lucky: why do I care. How can u say this Swara.u know u r my best friend.
Swara: ok ok I’m sorry …
Lucky: come lets go.
Swara: but where are Ragsan .
Lucky : they must be spending time together.
Swara: ya I forgot.ok so lets leave.
They r in way.
Swara: lucky I think now both of us should select a partner too.
Lucky: ya I was even thinking to impress Neha.
Swara: no not Neha taste.
Lucky: y.
Swara: I don’t like her.
Lucky:.oo madam u r jealous.
Swara: jealous and that also from that Neha never.
Lucky: don’t say like this hast she is beautiful.
Suddenly they see Neha standing and asking for lifts.
Lucky stops his car.

Lucky: o beautiful may I get a chance to drop u.
Nehalem: of course .
Neha sits on backseat.
Neha: it seems like u both r best friends.
Swara: any doubt.
Lucky: ya she is my bestie my shona
Neha : so cute name shona .
Swara: excuse me only my besties can call me so.
Neha: ok ok …hi Swara.
Swara: that’s good.
Lucky: Neha plz tell where to leave u.
Neha: right from here.
Lucky: this way.
Neha yes that’s my house.
Lucky: so here we reach it home.
Neha : lucky will u not come in .
Lucky: no not today.
He steps down the car.Neha says him good bye and hugs him.
Neha: by the way call me at886629….
Lucky: ok bye.
Swalak leave.

He drops her at her swaragini mansion..
Swara: bye.
Lucky: bye
Swara thinking
Swara: why I was feeling so insecure seeing him with Neha.
Ragini arrives.
Swara: o miss finally got time for sister.
Ragini: Swara.
Swara: accha tell me when did u realised that u luv Sanskar.
Ragini: u know kavya na when I saw him with her I used to feel insecure and then I realized this jealousy is due to love.
Swara thinking
Swara: that means I luv lucky.
Ragini: when u will close ur eyes and see someone just come to know that u luv him
Ragini goes to kitchen.
Swara closes her eyes and see laksh.
Swara: omg I luv that duffer

Precap: lucky realising his love.

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Credit to: shloka

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