Swaragini…..(ff)..Episode 1



gadodiya family
swara:a bubbly sweet girl who is full of live.she is naughty.loves her family a lot.
ragini: cute, loving girl. She loves her sister and her family a lot.
sumi: a caring mother and a beautiful lady
shekhar: a loving father and a business tycoon.
other members are Dada,dadi and did a
Maheshwari family.
laksh : a cool,handsome boy who loves to flirt.
sanskar : a boy with many ambitions, have a loving personality
dp: a strict father
ap: a loving mother
other members are sujatha, uttara
(Laksh and swara are best friends whereas ragini and sanskar are best frnds)
in morning
sumi telling swara and ragini to wake up quickly as they are getting late for going to their friend marriage.sumi: swara ragini wake up . sanlak must be arriving anytime to pick u both.( they both wake up and get ready) swara is wearing beautiful pink and holden color lehnga whereas ragini is in golden and blue lehnga.
sanlak arrive at swaragini mansion to pick them.they blow horn and swaragini reach there.( laksh is wearing black coat and back denim with white shirt and sanskar same with blue shirt.)
swara and ragini sit at back .

laksh: oh ho today both dayans are looking gorgeous.
swara: haan as both jokers are looking handsome .
laksh: u swara I’ll not leave u wait.
sanskar; laksh take care while driving
ragini: will we reach today.
they are travelling in forest and suddenly their car stop
laksh : o now we can’t go forward.
sanskar: we need to seek help.
swara: laksh can’t u even bring a nice car ….
ragini: yes shona they r just useless.
laksh: OK u both only repair it.
swara; are u mad my dress will be spoilt
sanskar: then u both shut up and sit.
laksh ; Bhai let’s leave the car.
sanskar : OK
swaragini and sanlak now go to find help in village.
they are searching for someone and its night.
swara: my legs are hurting.
ragini: yes let’s have. some rest plz.
sanskar: OK there is a hut let’s go.
they take shelter there swara and sanskar are sleeping.ragini wakes up and go to see laksh.
laksh ; wat happened lado
ragini : will u not rest.
laksh : no I m fine.

ragini is going near to laksh and slips…laksh holds her .they share an eyelock.
laksh : r u fine
ragini: yes
laksh : will u eat something
ragini: yes
come let’s find
they r going .
something hurts. ragini’s leg she is crying.she can’t walk .laksh holds her up .and take her.( laksh and ragini already loves each other but have not told anyone.)

precap: swara getting jealous seeing raglak together.

guys plz comment.and suggest pairs plz.

Credit to: shloka

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