swaragini ff: That Dark Night (intro)

He was looking at her with desire and lust in his eyes.. his eyes was piercing to her skin.. she too looked his eyes boldly.. her eyes was sparkling. . his eyes was magical.. he approached her slowly.. ” you are looking s*xy” he whispered in her ears.. she blushed in his statement.. she was wearing a red s*xy dress which is up to her knees.. her hot milky legs and beautiful hands are making him crazy.. he touch her cheeks and caressed it .. his fingers are hot with burning desire.. she melts in his touch.. she wanted his touch more and more.. his hands travelled to her luscious lips.. he squeeze her lips with his hot fingers.. she wanted him to place his lips on hers.. she closed her eyes.. he place his lips on her forehead and his lips travelled to her eyes.. her deep hazel eyes.. he kissed her closed eyes.. than place his lips on her cheeks.. her cheeks was soft as a baby.. ” what are you applying in your body ..

your body is very soft..” his statement made her blush more.. he captured her blushing lips with his warm lips and they shared an intense burning kiss.. his eyes travelled to her milky body.. he wanted to touch every part of her body .. he wanted it from the first day when he meet her.. his hands travelled through her hands.. he kissed her hands.. then he kissed her neck and bite it.. she caressed his silky hair.. he buried his face to her chest .. her dress slided a bit and a part of her milky bosom is visible to him.. he stared it.. his mind filled with lust.. he wanted to see it .. he tried to remove her dress.. but she protected it as she was shy like hell.. a mischievous smile appeared in his face .. he sat on the bed and make her sat on his lap.. he rubbed his palms on her neck and chest area.. the intense sensation of his touch made her crazy.. she wanted it more and more.. he caressed her body..

and he gets her well shaped bosom on his hands.. he squeeze it.. she couldn’t take this anymore.. she kissed him wildly.. he unzipped her dress and caressed her bare back.. he pressed the milky skin.. then removed her dress.. the most beautiful vision of his eyes.. his gorgeous girlfriend with out any dress .. he gone mad .. he take off his shirt .. they both enter together in a blanket.. in a bed.. they became one.. one soul one body..

next morning..

his phone was ringing.. he attended the call. . it was his father.. the news that he heard makes him shocked.. blood vanished from his face.. he then looked in to the bed.. another shock.. she was not there.. he dressed quickly and searched her everywhere..but she was not in any corner of that room.. where did she go?


so guys please comment and let me know how is it.. if you like it i will write it further.. else i will cancel the idea of writing this ff.. you will get to know about the characters in next update.. forgive me if it is bad.. and should i continue?

Credit to: Rithu


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