swaragini ff: That Dark Night (Episode 1)


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A beautiful mansion..
The place seems quite peaceful until a royal car parked in the beautiful lawn with a bang.. A girl wearing black jeans and black blazer opens the front door with frustration.. she is very beautiful.. but her eyes are angered with red.. she opened the back door and drag another girl from the seat.. she was the same girl we saw in last episode.. first girl dragged second girl with her.. while the second girl pleaded to her that to leave her.. they entered to a big room in that mansion.. first girl closed the door and then she slapped the second girl..

” how dare you swara??? you committed a big mistake”

yes the girl we saw in intro part is swara..

swara: forgive me di.. please..

swara cried and pleaded to her..

first girl: no way swara.. how can you slept with him? he is our enemy.. you sre there to kill him.. do you forgot what all he and his family done to us .. how can you commit such a mistake fool.. Ragini gadodia will not forgive you ..

yes.. first girl is ragini..

swara: di i know i did a great mistake.. but i love him di.. i can’t betray him..

ragini: what the hell.. you can betray us.. ypu can betray yourself but you can’t betray someone who destroy our family.. shame on you swara..

swara: di i think he is innocent.. we can’t punish him . our enmity is with his family.. not with him..

ragini: are you mad swara? he killed our aadit.. our brother. . he that monster sanskar maheswari he killed our brother.. and you share bed with him.. I’m ashamed that you are my sister..
( yes the boy in intro part was sanskar.. and it is swasan.. but ragini also main lead)

swara: di i don’t think he can do that.. I’m sure that he is innocent..

ragini: swara i don’t want to hear anything.. it was our plan to trap sanskar.. but you trapped in his plan.. and i can’t take more risk.. you wil not see him again . it is my order..

They heard s knock on door.. ragini open the door.. it was kavita.. swaragini’s partner . ragini’s best friend..

kavita: ragini our plan worked.. Mr. Durga prasad maheswari is critical.. may his accident lead him to a coma stage.. our one enemy over ..

ragini and swara’s face glowed.. it was a good news for them.. the person behind their parents death is going to coma stage..

ragini hugged kavita..

ragini: it is the best news.. he gets the punishment.. our next target is that annapoorna.. that devil women..

kavita: yes ragini.. we will give the bitter punishment to all our enemies who ruined our families..

kavita noticed swara . her eyes was red because of continuous crying.. kavita went near swara and cupped her face..

kavita: swara.. what is this baby.. did anyone beat you?

swara glanced at ragini and then looked down.. kavita understood that ragini slapped swara.

kavita: what is this ragini? why did you slap her?

ragini became angry and also feels very bad..

ragini: no kavita. . nothing happened..

ragini don’t want to tell the truth.. as she loves her sister swara very much.. but kavita is her best friend and like family. . she don’t understand what to do..

swara: kavita di .. i .. i love sanskar..

kavita gets shocked.. she turn to swara she couldn’t digest this fact..

kavita: what? what the hell is happening here.. ragini what is this? swara are you in sense? we all make a plan to kill that aanskar maheswari and for that purpose you acted as his friend. we asked you to make him fall for you and trap him.. just acting.. instead that you loved him? i can’t believe this swara.. he is our enemy damn it..

ragini: my own sister betray me.. i failed in every sense..
she fall on her knees. kavita also became very emotional.. swara feels guilty.. she knows that how much them loves her.. and she don’t want to hurt them.. after swaragini’s parents death they were like two body one soul.. swara loved ragini more than anything in this world. . she tried to speak up..

swara: ragini di, kavita di sorry.. please forgive me.. i love you both.. i will do anything for rectifying my mistake.. if you want me to kill him i will do this( swara couldn’t kill him.. but for ragini swara was ready to kill herself.. swara make her heart as a stone and say this)

swara’s tears and apology melts their heart..

trio hugged each other..

kavita gets a call and go from there..

ragini: swara don’t tell about yesterday night to anyone. . i don’t want my sister’s life to get spoiled.. forget about that dark night.. you are pure and that devil sanskar maheswari can’t play with your feelings now.. we will make a big plan to destroy his entire family..

swara wanted to defend sanskar.. but she don’t do.. she just nodded her head..

ragini asks swara to rake rest.. and called kavita and others to meet their private room..

Ragini waited for them in her large and beautiful private room. . the main decisions and plans are making in that room.. Ragini was sitting in a royal single sofa.. kavita came with Randir , karan and dev ( Randir is param singh from sadda haq . he is kavita’s brother have a soft corner for swara, karan is karan wahi he and dev are brothers.. dev role is played by arjun bijlani . karan and dev also lost their parents because of maheswaries..)

Ragini : our first step is finished .. isn’t it guys?

karan: yes ragini.. that bloddy durga peasad went to coma stage. I’m glad that he don’t die.. he should suffer a lot..

dev: but the accident was not planned by us..

kavita: what? what did you mean dev?

dev: we hired that killer to hit his car with a truck.. but accident happened before that..

Ragini : what? it means normal accident?

“no.. i did that accident.. i tried to kill him ”

it was randir..

Ragini: Randir why? we hired that killer raj to kill him.. then why ?

Randir: it was my revenge.. my papa.. his last wish .. i fullfilled it..

kavita gets angry..

kavita: Randir you are totally mad.. this revenge is not only yours.. we all are here to take revenge from maheswari family.. you should not repeat this.. we will take a decision together and executive it together.. ok?

Randir smiled at her..

karan: so what is our next plan..

dev show a pic to the group..

karan : who is this?

Ragini: Laksh.. Laksh maheswari.. he is coming back to india after completing his mba. . Annapoorna’s heart beat.. he is our next target..

kavita: who is going to receive him?

Ragini: me.. i will receive my childhood friend.. he is my pawn..

Ragini smiled evily.. but a drop of tear fall down from her eyes .. it was for laksh. .

end of episode….

so guys you may have many confusions.. i will sort out some..

Swara and ragini are sisters..

Randir and kavita are siblings..

karan and dev are brothers..

6 of them are in a group for revenge..

maheswaries are their enemies..

This story will saw some pairs.. but story is more important here.. i will give importance to all characters.. this story is not about couples.. so please read it for story line and not for couples..

sorry if i waste your time.. if it is short i will try to update long.. please give your suggestions through comments..

Credit to: Rithu

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    1. I’m not a writer dear.. that intro part just happened.. i don’t know how it happened.. i will try to improve writing.. thank you so much for such a valuable comment dear.. sorry if i disappoint you in this update.

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