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Hello friends, i am Namrata. I am used to upps i am addicted to read many ffs on this site on regular basis without missing a single epi. First of all I wanna thanks all the ff writers for doing this awesome..fantastic..mindblowing…amazing.. incredible..job by writing those beautiful fan fictions. After reading such Gajab(superb) ffs, i also thought to give chance to my imaginations.So i am writing upps daring to write my own short story. Ohh god..i hv done so much of bakbak..here we come to the concept of my story..

Detailed Characters intro :

Swara Bhatt : 20 year old,a sweet beautiful bubly confident girl. She is from Jaipur. She is a superb dancer. Dance is her passion, her dream, her everything. She is master in almost all the forms of dance..she can bit a guy in dance style like b-boing…hiphop..locking popping…etc..her parents also support her passion for dance…she also want to fulfill his father’s dream. Her father wants to see her as CS (company seecoratory-a professional degree course-hard to crack). Everyone loves her so much. Guys are mad behind her not only because she is pretty but because of her friendly helpful nature.. Laksh is her bestest buddy.

Sanskar kapoor : 22 year old, a smart super handsome cool confident guy. He is from Mumbai. He has a dream to become a best dancer of India. He is a excellent dancer. Girls are dying behind him but he is waiting for his dream girl. He is trained specially in hiphop..contemporary and cramping. But his father don’t support him in his passion for dance, though His mom is always with him. He also want to clear his MBA so that he can help his dad in his family business. He is a bit calm guy. He don’t feel confertable to talk with unknown person so easily. Only his family and friends know about the real dramebazz sanky. He want to be the best but he respect others also.

Laksh mehta : 22 year old, cool handsome flirt over confident guy. He is also from Jaipur. He is dumb in study. He is rocking dancer. Specially champion in b-boing and locking popping. His dream is to become India’s best choriographer. He has his small dance academy. He has huge interest in cricket also. He is neighbour of swara. His father has given him full freedom for his dreams. He has lost his mother when he was 13. But he has received motherly love from swara’s mom as He is best buddy of swara. He used to do flirt with girls but never plays with their emotions. In short he do healthy flirting. He don’t believe in love.

( swara and laksh are neighbours. They are buddies. They do dance practice together. Both of their families are also very close to eo.)

Ragini mathur : 21 year old, extremely beautiful innocent sweet girl. She is from Mumbai. She is orphan. She has bought up in orphanage. She is little scared of new peoples. She avoid to talk with unknown peoples. She is befriend with her orphanage kids and peoples. All love her so much. She has completed her BA. She wants to become teacher. But she is very good in singing. She is also an excellent classical dancer. She is good in bollywood and contemporary also. All people of orphanage used to advice her for making her future in dance. But she doesn’t take it seriously. Her Ma-The owner of orphanage wants to see her as one of the best dancers of India.

The whole story is based on the concept of DANCE. how they all meet in one of the best dance reality show of India ” Zara nach ke dikha “.. How their friendship will grow..how they will find their true love..how they will fulfill their dreams..how they will make their parents proud..how they will become strength of each other..how this reality show will chance their life..

There will be certain other cherecters also but it can be introduce along with the story. I am planning this story in 7-8 parts. kindly excuse me for spelling and grammatical errors. Frankly speaking i am not at all even near to the word writer. But still i am daring to write something in form of short story on this concept u/t ” Dil Dosti Dance- D3 ” ( this story is not at all similar to d3 serial on v channel )

So plz plz plz guys do shower ur comments . Do you like my concept ? Should i continue this story ? I will continue only and only if you all like this.

Credit to: Namrata

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