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Friends it is swasan & raglak ff. I am so sorry to swalak ragsan fans.But i wanna request you to continue reading my ff. You will witness the best bonding of swalak and good friendship of ragsan. I want all of you swasan raglak swalak ragsan fan to give your feedback. Plz do give your support in form of comments.

Friends first 2 chapters will be family bonding and friendship bonding of all the lead cherecters. After that from 3rd chapter dance competition audition will start and then you will hv swaraglaksan first meeting. Now Enough of my chapad chapad, lets start..

Chapter :- 1

Jaipur :

@7:00 am, There are two middle age men talking and doing jogging in society garden. Yup they are Shekhar Bhatt and Durgaprasad mehta, fathers of swara and laksh. Then screen shift to kitchen. A lady is preparing breakfast for all, she is sharmishtha Bhatt swara’s Mom.

Lets go to our Shona’s room. A girl is seen doing dance practice passionately. Her face is full of confident. Her each and every moves are showing her perfection and her passion for dance. Anyone can say that she is born to be a dancer. Its her routine to wake up at 5:30 in morning and do regular dance practice till 7:30. Its just common dance moves and steps to maintain her stamina and flacsiblity.Her dance class and rehearsals are different.

She finished her routine and went to take bath. After getting ready she went to puja room and pray to god for giving all the happiness to her family and friends. She always pray god to give her strength so that she can fulfil her both dreams to become CS and the best dancer. She also pray for her best buddy lucky. Its almost 8:30 now and She went to the dining area and found her mom dad and lucky’s dad already at dining table. She take blessing from all elders and give them kiss on their cheeks. And ask dp uncle about lucky.

Swara : good morning everyone..dp uncle where is lucky ?

Dp : you are asking as if you don’t know about him. He is sleeping and i am sure….

Shekhar : (complete dp’s sentence ) he must be flirting with girls in his dreams..

Dp : exactly..u got me man..

Both Shekhar and Dp laugh and exchange hi-fi.

Sharmishtha : (fake angry tone) Shekhar you can’t talk about my son in this way..and Dp bhaiya he is so handsome that girls do flirting with him.

Shekhar and Dp : ( after seeing her face catch their ears ) ( in teasing tone ) we are sorry lucky ki mata..can we have our breakfast please..

Sharmishtha : no ways..wait till Shona and lucky come..(handover newspaper) you both enjoy reading this..and do your business talks till the time my kids come..

They all laugh..mean while after hearing he is still sleeping our Shona leave to his house to wake him up..( Shona and lucky both are only child to their respective parents )

She went to his room and see him sleeping taking pillows in his arms. She smile seeing him and call him.

Shona : lucky wake up dude..we will get late for dance class. Its already 8:45.

After getting no response from lucky she went near him and extent her hand to shake him. But before she touch him, he hold her hand and pulled her to him. She fall on bed near him and he takes her in his arms.

Lucky : Shona plz give me 10 mins and you also sleep with me for sometimes. I know you are jelose of me bz u wake up at 5 and i sleep till 9. So be a good girl and u also sleep for 10 min now.

Shona smile seeing his sleepy face and close her eyes after adjusting herself confertabley in his arms. ( guys they don’t love eo in that manner its totally friendly hug with proper distance)

After good 5 min lucky’s mobile phone bips. There were certain notifications on what’s app. Shona take his phone and read those megs. ( Ohh common they are best buddies. They are childhood friends. so no secret between them. They do use eo’s things without their permission)

Shona : (still in his arms, read his msg loudly in teasing tone) lucky baby..what are you doing today? Can we go for movie ?

Lucky make faces. Take his phone from her hand and type ” breck up ” and send to that girl. Shona laugh loudly. Lucky see her with fake anger and start tickling her. They both do some masti. Then Lucky play their all time favorite song and they both start dancing. Like doing dance face off.

Song : Na Koi Padhne Wala Na Koi Sikhne Wala… (2) Apni Toh Paathshala Masti Ki Paathshala… (2)

(for above lines-they both start dance in hiphop style with awesome leg movements)

Chehare Ki Kitaabein Hain Ham Woh Padhne Aate Hai Yeh Surat Teri Meri Mobile Library Yaaron Ki Equation Hain Love Multiplication Hain Jisne Dil Ko Jeeta Hain Woh Alpha Hain Beeta Hain… (3)

(for above lines-Shona do some steps of locking popping and complete last line with cartwheel pausing and pointing her hands toward lucky)

Talli Hoke Girne Se Samjhi Hamne Gravity Ishq Ka Practical Kiya Tab Aayi Clearity Na Koi Padhne Wala Na Koi Sikhne Wala Naata Yeh Sannata Hai Dekho Lambu Shor Hain Har Dil Mein Bud Bud Karta H2so4 Hain

(for above lines- lucky start doing be-boing steps and do some stants. Complete last line with back flip)

Na Koi Padhne Wala Na Koi Sikhnewala Apni Toh Paathshala Masti Ki Paathshala… (2) Apni Toh Paathsahala Masti Ki Paathshala… (2)

(they both start dancing together with full of energy )

They fall on bed besides eo and start laughing. They were breathing heavily due to such energetic dance. They always do such type of dance face offs and also help eo to improve their faults and weaknesses. After some times,

Shona : ( irritating tone) lucky how can you allow those your stupid girl friends to call you baby !!! I mean it sound so stupid. You think na.. how can they call a smart cool handsome dude as “baby”..! I just hate girls calling baby to guys..(extend her palm in front of him)now promise me you will not let any girl call you baby.

Lucky smile seeing her irritating expression as he know how his Shona is..she don’t like such kind of cheesy stuff..

Lucky : (laugh) ha ha ha..Ohh Shona darling..you and your philosophies..(funny shock face) i need to find a guy who can bare you with your philosophies..(dramatically) Ohh god give me some strength for that..!! Shona almost daily atleast one guy propose you but still you hv not found your prince charming. Do you hv any idea you hv broken how many hearts. You heartless girl..

Shona : ( fake anger ) lucky k bachche..you are gone now..(throw pillows on him) i will find him by myself..i want a guy who love me not my outside beauty and popularity..n you no need to take any kind of tension..n btw i hv not broken any hearts after making them my bfs unlike you, Who just now b4 few min hv broken up with your latest gf.

Lucky : whatever..but for your kind information i made those girl as my gf who don’t believe in any serious kind of relationships. Who will not care if i will breke up with them..understand..

Shona : (agreeing tone) ya i know..

They still doing pillows fight, they are breathing heavily. Soon Shona smile naughtily. And lucky gets scared seeing her expression as he very well know that after his little bit of making fun of her, she will make him embarrass to the hell. Because no one on the earth can win against her. He was preparing himself for her attack.

Shona : (in whispering tone) lucky..

Lucky : (lil scared) hmm

Shona : what had happened yesterday night ?!

Lucky : (thinking) yesterday night…ummm..i don’t remember any thing..

Shona : in ajay’s party you got drank and a girl ask you to show your body and..and..(she take a pause)

Lucky : (now very much scared..he don’t remember anything after getting drank..stammer) a..an..and wh..what Shona ? Wh..What i hv done ?

Shona : (serious tone) you went to the stage and you start opening your shirt buttons..(pause)

Lucky : (horrible expression) tell me Shona then what..Ohh shit..do i hv taken off my shirt in front of all..

Shona : ( control her laughter and continue her drama) all the girls of the party were watching you excitedly and their bfs were giving you the murderose looks..i was also shocked seeing you doing like that. And then you take..

Lucky : ( interrupt her..biting his nails ) Ohh gosh..tell me dam it do i hv remove my shirt in front of everyone..Shona how can you let me do like that..you know na only you hv right to see me shirtless..how can you let my izzat (reputation) go in front of all..Ohh god how will i face everyone now..

Lucky was literally swating by now. Finally Shona could not control herself and laugh out loudly. Lucky make cute angry face after seeing her laughing.

Shona : Ohh my lucky boy you look to sweet in this scared..angry face..ha ha ha..(she got tears in her eyes from laughing continuesoly )

Lucky : ( angry tone) Shona..!! (suddenly excited tone) Are you telling all this just to make fun of me ? Tell me na i hv not done anything like that..

Shona : (finally control her laughter ) ok ok lucky..no i am not lieng (seeing his sad face) you went to stage and started opening your shirt buttons..everyone was staring at you. I finally come out of shock, then went to stage and drag you out from that place before you loose your izzat ( reputation ). How can your Shona let anything happened to you hah..(with wink)

Lucky finally take sigh of relief and smile at Shona..

Lucky : thank god..!! (hold her ear) you little devil..you scared me to the hell..Shona ki bachchi..uff u and your pranks..i am elder than you by 2 years..(dramatically) you should respect your elders..

Shona : you and elder..hahaha..as if you are behaving like that..btw it was punishment for making fun of me..be carefull next time.. lucky by now tho you should be used to with my pranks..(wink and give naughty smile)

They both see each other and broust out laughing..then they hug each other..lucky give pack on her forehead and she gave pack on his check. Lucky went to get ready and Shona take out his cloths and other things from his wardrobe and put on the bed. Then she left for her house. Lucky come out and see his cloths and everything ready on bed and thank god to send Shona in his life. He gets ready and went to shona’s house. ( Lucky and Dp both take breakfast lunch and dinner at swara’s home after death of his mom)

All the three elders were waiting for both the kids..finally Lucky come and wish them good morning then take blessinga from all the elders and give kiss on Sharmishtha’s check.

Lucky : wow ma..you hv made my day..my favorite allu ka paratha..i love you ma..

Dp : here come the late latif..ma ka ladla..started butteing my sister..

Lucky make funny faces seeing Dp..Shona and Shekhar laugh seeing both father son nokjok..

Sharmishtha : Dp bhaiya..don’t you dare to speck a word against my lucky. He is the best son of the world..

Lucky : (with tears in his eyes) thank you so much ma for filling my mom place. You hv never make any differences between me and Shona..you hv always supported me whenever i was in need. I love you so much ma..you are the world’s best mom..i am blessed to hv u in my life.

Sharmishtha : ( also with teary eyes) i love you too beta..you are my child. So what if i hv not given birth to you but you are my son only.

All got bit emotional..Dp got teary eyes remembering about his wife. Then Lucky stand up and hug Sharmishtha..and stuck his tongue out in front of Dp..all laugh

Shekhar : Sharmishtha..he is your son but i tho want to make him my son in law soon..

Dp : (in a serious tone) Shona-lucky you both are sharing the bestest bond..your both liking are same..you both hv dream to become dancer..you both know everything about each other..you both love each other so much then y u r not accepting our proposal to get married..?

Lucky and Shona both look at each other. They gave eo ohh-god-not-again expression. Their parents always try to bring this topic.

Lucky : dad-uncle we both are very good friends..best buddies..may be more than friends..but we wanna focus on our future first..we both want to become the best dancer of India and extent my small academy on large scale..along with that Shona want to become CS.

Shona : (continuing lucky’s talk) yes that’s true we both love each other. But its not that type of love which you are thinking. We love eo as best friends only. We care for eo..we will be together for life time but i will be with my partner and he will be with his.

Lucky : last sentence was wrong Shona..i don’t believe in love and relationship. So Shona will be with her partner and i will be with them both. (wink at Shona)

Shekhar : Shona do you think your future partner will accept your this above friendship below love relationship with lucky ?

Shona: common dad if he will truly love me then he will defiantly accept my and lucky’s relation bz he will trust me. And also he has to give love and care to lucky just like me. Moreover i will also find a suitable girl for my lucky who will love lucky very much. Hena lucky..!!

Lucky : no ways Shona..i m not at all gonna be with anyone..i just love dance and cricket..

Shona : will c my lucky boy..one day a girl will come and will take your wicket and made her place in your heart. Mark my words sweetheart..

Lucky : will c Shona darling

Sharmishtha-Shekhar-Dp pray to god..hope Shona and lucky find their better half soon who will accept them whole heartedly.

lucky has completed his bcom and he is not at all interested in study so he is focusing on his dance academy and everyday 2-3 hour cricket practice only.

Shona is doing bcom as external student. She has completed foundation level of CS and now preparing for CS final exam by herself. She gose to dance class with lucky and also help him in his dance academy.

Both lucky and Shona are used to with their clg friends,dance class friends, neighbours’ talking and teasing by linking their name together after seeing their bonding. Its nighther matter to Shona nor to lucky.

(Dance class is the place where they learn dance and dance academy is the place where they teach the dance to students)

They all complete their breakfast and left for their respective works. Shona and lucky left for their dance class.

Precap : Sanskar’s bonding with his mom and ragini’s bonding with orphanage people..sanskar and ragini’s first meeting

The end

So friends sorry if you find it boring. But i wanted to show both the family bonding and also swalak friendship bonding. Plz give your feedback in form of comments. Appreciation and criticism both are whole heartedly welcome. But plz comment..then n then only i will be able to write next part..so plz plz plz comment. Thank you for reading.

Credit to: Namrata

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