swaragini ff: Cute Story of Swaragini (intro)


Hello friends.. I’m going to write a simple story based on swaragini’s college life.. here is a small intro.

Swara gadodia: A gorgeous little bit modern girl.. coming from upper middle class family.. awesome dancer.. excellent at studies.. an adorable sweet heart.. best friend of ragini.. and randhir..

Ragini bose: A beautiful traditional girl.. awesome singer.. very good at studies.. best friend of swara.. coming from a upper class bengali family.. sweet girl..

Laksh Maheswari: a handsome and flirt young boy.. rich.. loves ragini a lot.. but afraid to confess.. best friend of manik.. but now they are like enemies( you can understand reaaon soon) and loves his brother sanskar a lot..

Manik Malhotra: a chocolate boy.. all girls have a crush on him.. but he has his dream girl Ragini( yes. he too loves ragini. so laksh and manik are like enemies now.. but ragini is not aware of this).. he is a middle class boy

Sanskar Maheswari: A calm and studious prrson.. he plays violin .. he has a crush on swara.. he is laksh’s cousin.. just one year older to laksh.. he is handsome and kind..

Randhir singhania: best friend of swara . he loves swara secretly..he is college topper and attitude type guy.. he is little bit reserved..

yuvraj birla: a completely spoilt brat.. bad guy.. he thinks money can buy everything.. beautiful girls is his weakness.. he had an evil eye on swaragini..

kavita desai: a cruel girl.. who only loves herself. . she likes randhir and hates his friendship with swara and hates swara to the core..

These is a small sketch.. and you may be shocked to see so much love angles.. college life is the best place of love angles na.. and i will try my best to entertain you.. and i don’t decided any actual pairs.. if i decide it it will be in the ending of this ff. . and swara considers laksh and manik as her brothers and rahini consider sanskar as her brother.. so these jodies are impossible.. other anything can be happen. may new hero or heroine can be enter.. this ff will be full of fun, romance , jealous, action , and all in college life.. .

Credit to: Rithu

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