swaragini ff: Cute Story of Swaragini (episode-3)


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After college .. laksh was in his house enjoying music. . he heard a knock on his door..

laksh : come in..

it was manik.. his eyes were red because of anger.. manik caught the collar of laksh’s shirt..

manik: you devil.. why you are after me..

laksh: manik you mistaken me.. I have no interest in you.. I’m not that type guy..

manik: don’t act laksh.. why you are interfering my and ragini’s matter?

laksh: you are my friend.. and ragini is my would be wife..

manik: in your dreams laksh.. only in your dreams.. ragini is mine.. do you get it? she is mine only..

laksh: but she loves me dude..

manik: really? she loves you? prove it man..

laksh: ok.. i will prove it.. but if i prove that ragini loves me then you should came between us . ok?

manik: deal.. first you prove it.. but i know nothing to be proved.. because ragini has no interest in you..

laksh: let us see..

manik: let us see..

manik leaves angrily.. laksh was preparing a plan in his mind..

swara was going to her home.. suddenly a car stopped near her.. she identify the car.. it was yuvraj .. he is senior in her college.. swara hate him.. because he is a casanova and doesn’t respect girls..

yuvraj came out of the car.. he was staring swara with desires.. her black shirt which is hugging her body revels her beautiful curves.. he was eyeing her lustly..

yuvraj: hey baby doll.. looking awesome..

swara didn’t reply..

yuvraj: where is your friend ragini?

swara: why you are asking about her?

yuvraj: watching her is a pleasure of my eyes.. she is a hottie..

swara feels disgusted..

yuvraj: you are also hot swara.. a hot item..

swara burns with anger..

swara: shut your dirty mouth.. you cheap..

yuvraj: don’t be angry baby doll.. when you are angry your face became red like tomato.. i will lose my control..

yuvraj tried to touch her cheeks..


swara slapped him..

swara: don’t dare to misbehave with a girl.. else you will see what a girl can do.. she take pepper spray from her bag and attack his eyes with it.. yuvraj screams..

swara run away from the place..

yuvraj: what the hell.. i will destroy you swara.. you will get punishment for this.. you will cry in your entire life for this act. he angrily get in to his car and drove away..

night.. swara called ragini..

Ragini: hi swara. .

swara: hi Ragu.. i want to say one thing..

Ragini: i know..

swara: (shocked) how do you know that?

Ragini : i have 6th sense..

swara: Really? then i too want that.. from where can i buy it?

Ragini: near our college there is a small shop na.. you will get it from there..

swara: shut up pagal.. i want to say some important matter..

Ragini: i know dear..

swara: you know what the matter is?

Ragini: ha swara..

swara: i just hate that…
( ragini cuts swara)

Ragini: swara don’t said that you hate it..

swara: Ragu what you are saying?

Ragini: swara i just love it..

swara: Ragini r u ok? what r u saying?

Ragini: swara i just love java ..

swara: what? java.. ? which java?

Ragini: you are asking about java lab record na? it is the serious matter na.. and i know you don’t like java much.. but i love it..

swara: what java record ? why you are giving me java record?

Ragini: tomorrow evening we have to submit it na..

swara: what???? don’t remember where i kept my record.. why didn’t you inform me earlier? oh god.. sir will kill me.. Ragini if you want to see your friend alive then give me your record to me now..

Ragini: but swara i have to write few more programs ..

swara: then write it fast..

Ragini: don’t know to do that programs.. then how did i write it?

swara: oh god.. then what will we do? you are the brightest student in our class.. if you don’t do it means no one from our class knows it..

Ragini: can we ask help from Randhir?

swara: good idea.. let us ask him..

swara said in a relief..

sanskar’s home..

sanskar was watching a movie.. but his mind was not concentrating in the movie.. he was thinking about swara.. her face.. her million dollar smile.. her beautiful eyes.. her sweet voice.. he couldn’t understand what happened to him.. sanskar always thinking about swara.. she is a magic.. he thought. he take his mobile.. and searched for photos.. there he saw her gorgeous pictures.. he collected her pictures secretly and every day he used to talk to it.. he used to kiss it.. she is an angel.. he was caressing her pic with his fingers.. suddenly his mobile rings..

it was laksh. sanskar attend the call..

sanskar: ha laksh.. bolo..

laksh: sanskar i want your help..

sanskar: what help laksh?

laksh said something to him..

sanskar: laksh but ..

laksh: please sanskar.. i love ragini to the core.. i want her.. if manik thinks that ragini loves me he will back off and i will get my ragini.. please help me sanskar..

sanskar: but manik also loves ragini so much..

laksh: he will get another girl na.. i will not let him snatch my ragini.. please help me sanskar..

sanskar: ok i will help you..

laksh: you are the best friend..

laksh cut the call..

sanskar was in confusion..

sanskar ( monologue) oh god.. u don’t know what I’m doing right or not.. but laksh is my very good friend and he loves ragini so much.. for him i have to do this.. sorry manik..

screen freez ..

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Credit to: Jwala

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