swaragini ff: Cute Story of Swaragini (episode-2)


swaragini ff: A cute story of swaragini ” manik: you are my dream girl Ragini” ( episode 2)

Thank you so much for your comments guys.. please comment more.. i really improve my confidence.. and this is a simple story based on college life.. both swaragini have equal importance here.. I’m a swara fan.. but i like ragini too.. so i will give equal importance to both..

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here is the next chapter..

Swaragini attending the class.. they are 2nd year computer science students.. one hr they had accountancy class . swara hates this subject.. whole ragini likes it and listening to the lecture..

swara: Ragu I’m feeling bored. why we have to suffer this torture.. we are cs students.. why this boring accountancy added to our subject.. i want to kill the person who discoverd this boring subject..

Ragini: shut up swara.. this is very good subject.. i love it..

swara: then you attend the class.. but i have to escape from here..

lecturer notice them talking..

lecturer: hey swara, ragini stand up..

swara stand up happily.. ragini tensed ..

swara: sir can we go out of the class?

Ragini in mind: oh god swara is really crazy.. now sir will fired us..

lecturer: swara for what purpose you are coming to class? if you are not interested then don’t attend my class.. and give spme respect to your teacher..

swara’s expression changes.. she started crying..

Ragini, lecturer and all students shocked by her act..
Ragini: swara why are you crying.. look all are staring at you..

swara : today my grand parents divorced.. i can’t suffer the pain.. so i could not able to attend the class.. sorry sir..

lecturer: what? i can’t believe it.. your grand parents divorced?

swara : yes sir.. my dada dadi. they were like parents to me.. i loved them to core.. but they leave each other.. and my dada will go to america next month.. so i could not attend class .. my heart is paining.. sorry sir..

all are giving an unbelievable look to her..

lecturer,: ok.. sit down you both and don’t talk while I’m taking class..

After the class..

Ragini : swara ki bachi.. your grand parents divorced? which grand parents,? you have only dadi na.. from where dada came?

swara: Ragu please forgive me.. if i don’t tell like this then lecturer will give us punishment na.. i have no problem with it.. but i don’t like you getting punishment for my mistakes.. sorry ragu..

Ragini: hmm.. ok… i want some books from library.. can we go?

swara: of course come..

They enter library.. Ragini take a book and begin reading.. swara was searching for some books.. she was going to pic a book.. that time a boy’s hand also came to pick the book..
swara gets irritated.. she turn towards the boy.. he was tall and handsome.. he was none other than sanskar..

swara’s angry face changes to soft..

swara: sanskar.. take it.

sanskar: no swara take it.. i will search for another book..

swara: no sanskar.. this book is yours.. take it..

sanskar: swara i say na.. it is your bpok..

swara: no it is yours..

that time manik came there and saw this scene..
manik suddenly pick the book..

manik: guys now this book is mine. stop your boring fight..

swasan embarrassed..

manik goes to ragini.. ragini was busy in reading book.. manik sit beside her..

manik: hi dream girl..

Ragini: dream girl? ??

manik: no no i mean sweet girl..

Ragini: sweet girl?

manik: ha.. you are very sweet..

Ragini: manik I’m not sweet.. I’m very rude..

manik: who said that? i will kill the person who said my ragini rude..

Ragini: my Ragini???

manik: I mean my dear friend Ragini.. im short i said my Ragini..

laksh who came to library watch them and fumes with anger..

laksh: hello ragini.. hi manik.. wassup?

Ragini: laksh , manik said that I’m sweet..

laksh fumes by hearing this..

laksh: manik you said this same word to your class mate megha na,?

manik: what? when?

laksh: don’t lie manik.. i heard it.. you are telling that megha was the sweetest girl on earth.. Ragini he used to say this same word to every girl..

manik got very angry on laksh.. lalsh give a winnig look to manik..

Ragini then notice swara.. swara was talking to sanskar.. Ragini smiles by seeing them.. she knows that sanskar loves swara..

Ragini: manik , laksh you guys carry on.. I’m going to class..

laksh: ha ragini you don’t have any time to talk to me na? you only talk with this buddhu..

manik: hey.. stop call me buddhu.. she is my friend.. she will talk to me.. why are u questioning her ha?

laksh started to say something.. but ragini interrupts..

Ragini: please guys .. don’t fight.. i don’t like fighting at all.. you both are my friends.. ok.. bye..

Ragini leaves the place by giving a glorious smile to them.. laksh and manik admire her..

manik(in mind): you are my dream girl Ragini..

laksh (in mind) you are my love ragini..

then laksh and manik look each other angrily..

swara and sanskar have a beautiful conversation regarding books.. swara fight with almost all her friends.. but not with sanskar.. she really respect sanskar.. but her feeling is not love.. she don’t believe in love actually..

but sanskar loves her.. but he is confused with his feeling..

sanskar: swara why you are not fighting with me ?

swara: don’t know sanskar..

sanskar: you are not thinking me as a friend..

swara: you are my friend sanskar..

sanskar: but not a close friend..

swara: you are my close friend but not more than Ragini and Randhir..

sanskar feels angry by hearing Randhir’s name..

sanskar: ha.. I’m not intelligent or handsome like randhir..

swara: no sanskar.. you are very intelligent and handsome.. and you are a pure heart.. a golden heart..

sanskar feels so good by hearing this..

sanskar blushes..

swara: sanskar don’t do this.. it is a girl’s stuff..

sanskar: what?

swara: blushing..

sanskar : who is blushing here.. you needs an eye treatment swara..

swara: acha.. take me to an eye hospital then..

sanskar: come on.. i will take you..

swara: not now.. now i have class.. bye..

swara leaves.. sanskar watches her with full of admiration..

screen freez..

thank you for reading guys.. please comment.. tell me it is boring or not.. ignore mistakes..

Credit to: Jwala

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