swaragini ff: Cute Story of Swaragini (episode-1)


hello all.. thanks for your comments on intro part

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here is the first chapter..

It was a beautiful sunny day.. 2 gorgeous girls enters the college .. one girl is little modern.. she is wearing a black full sleeve shirt and red long skirt.. she had long hair with curls at the end.. she had a face like doll.. and beautiful hazel eyes.. her face was glowing like moon.. she looks really stunning.. she is our angel swara..

other girl is little taller than first girl and she is very slim.. she had long hairs and beautiful face.. he wear a green and pink combination salwar suit.. she is little bit traditional.. she also have mesmerizing beauty.. she is our adorable Ragini..

Swaragini our 2 heroine 2 girls with similar qualities .. 2 girls who are equally beautiful.. equally adorable.. if one person watching them first time they may think that they are twin sisters( when i watched the promo of the show first time i think both are same person. . they look alike .. lol) .
they are best friends forever..

swaragini was talking about their studies while walking.. suddenly a boy blocked their way.. he was very handsome .

boy : good morning beautiful ladies..

swara: good morning monkey. ..oh.. sorry .. Manik..

awaragini laughed.. yea it is our Maink

Manik : what a joke.. if I’m monkey you are gorilla.. same face.. same color.. ok.. your new name is goru.. hi goru.. how r u goru..

swara : achaa I’m gorilla? i will show you what I’m. ( she started to slap him with umbrella.. )

Ragini: stop it guys.. you are not kids ok.. we are college students.. when will you grow up..

swara obeyed ragini and stop slapping manik..

manik: Thank god ragini.. you are my goddess ..

swaragini: what goddess?

manik.. ha ragini saved me from this devil swara.. so Ragini is my goddess..

swara : you.. again you called me devil.. i will show you what hell is.. she tried to remove her sandal.. but ragini stopped her..

ragini: swara .. you are a beautiful angel .. he is mad..

swara hugs ragini

swara: love you so much ragu.. I’m your angel na.. i don’t care about a monkey’s comment..

manik: guys i have some gifts for both of you.. my uncle came from Dubai. he brought some gifts for me and also for my friends..

he give a large chocolate box to swara..

manik: goru.. oh sorry swara here is your gift..

swara jumped with excitement..

swara: i just love chocolates.. your uncle is so sweet..

Next manik give a small box to ragini..

manik: Ragini this is your gift..

swara: open it Ragini..

Ragini opend it and stunned by seeing the gift.. it was a beautiful golden ring..

Ragini: manik this is very costly na.. why you are giving such an expensive gift for me?

swara: you cheater.. you give me sone chocolates and golden ring to ragini.. this is cheating ha..

swara make faces..

At that time another boy comes and put a hand of manik’s shoulder..

boy: ha swara even he give me this golden chain..

boy showed a golden chain to them..

swara: is it true laksh? ( yes it is our cute laksh)

laksh: yes swara.. he gift a costly anklet to kavya also..

swaragini looked manik with a shock. . because he was not that rich to give expensive gifts to his friends..

in other side manik was fuming with anger.. truth is that ragini is very special for manik . so he brought a costly gift for her.. but laksh was lying. beacuse laksh also loves ragini and he was spoiling manik’s idea..

laksh: guys manik’s uncle is very rich.. so he brought costly gifts to manik’s all friends..

swara: manik you consider me as your sister na.. so i too want a golen ring..

manik was hell shocked.. he don’t have any money to buy ring.. he give a death glare to laksh.. laksh was tryjng hard not to laugh.

manik : oh god i forgot i want to submit history project..

manik run from there by saying this..

swaragini looks each other ..

Ragini: what history project?

swara: but he is styding computer science na..

swaraglak laughed ..

laksh: poor fellow.. he forgot about his learning subject also..

Ragini: now a days he acts really mad..

swara: Ragu don’t call him mad.. he is like my own brother..

Ragini: achaa.. someone was calling him monkey a few minutes ago..

swara: i can call him anything infront of him. . but i don’t allow other anyone callinh him like that..

laksh: swara i hate you.. you loves him more than me na..

swara: i love you both equally. you both are my sweet brothers..

laksh: pagal ladki.. by the way Ragini you are looking beautifull

Ragini blushes..

Ragini: thanks laksh..

swara: oyee.. how dare you to flirt with Ragu infront of me..

laksh embarrassed ..

laksh: I’m not flirting.. i just say what i feel..

he try to explain..

Ragini: laksh why are you so shy.. if you flirt with me then also I’m okey with it..

laksh’s face light up .. he give a winning smile to swara..

Ragini: swara we are getting late.. Reena mam will scold us..

swara: oh yes.. come ragu.. bye bye laksh.

they run towards the class..
laksh also leaves to his class..

so how was it,? is it bad? then sorry.. i will introduce other characters in next update.. comment guys

Credit to: Rithu

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  1. ragini hi ragini thi pure epi me …it’s OK …hmare sanskar ko Lao swara k liye …

    1. read intro part dear.. sanskar will come in next part

  2. So who is swara’s hero…..sanskar??????

    1. suspense dear

  3. I’m really happy, thank you so much ragmanik laksh scenes are really nice…
    waiting for the next part

    1. thanks dear.. you can see their more scenes in coming part

  4. Awesome cute ragini

  5. thanks dear.. yeh she is cute

  6. Very nice. It’s a cute episode. Keep rocking

    1. thanks dear

  7. Awesome dear. I loved it and plz continue

    1. thanks ammu

  8. awsm part
    luved it

    1. thank you

  9. Superb dr loved raglak n manik’s part… Swara n manik fight were also cute n funny

    1. thanks dear

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