Previously v saw dat ragini,swara,sanskaar and laksh spend sm lighter moments together

scene 1
bfor ragini rushes 2 da kitchen bhooooommmm
ragini is safe bt swara ws inside da kitchen
ragini strts coughing and fires strt spreading all ovr da kitchen
ragini(SHOUTS): aaaaaaaaaaa swaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
sanskaar: ragini u pls go nd sit dnt gt hyper ntg will hppn 2 swara laksh go nd make her sit in da hall
ragini: no stp worrying abt me go nd rescue swara
laksh: ha bhai u leave her she will b fine lets go inside
sanskaar and laksh go inside nd dey c dat fires hv spread
here ragini thoughts of calling otrs bt rmbrs dat evry1 went out
laksh: bhai here fires r spreading more faster nd faster v shld do smthng
1st laksh disconnects da gas and cylinder
meanwhile sanskaar gts ready to lift swara nd take her out bt ragini cms wid sm old clothes nd throws dem 2 laksh nd sanskaar
Rahini: laksh sanskaar take des
both gt hold of a cloth each
1st sanskaar takes dat cloth nd wrapps it around swara and laksh helps him lift her both lift her nd strt bringing her out slowly meanwhile ragini calls da fire station
Ragini: hell0 firestation am ragini maheshwari pls cm 2 maheshwari house immediately fires hv been spreading in our kitchen
she cuts da call
she again rushes 2 da kitchen nd helps dem in bringing swara out
ragini: b careful b careful
she helps dem and dey make swara lie on da bed
laksh brings water and sanskaar pours droplets on her face she bcms concious nd strts coughing
swara: sanskaar wat hppnd
sanskaar: ntg swara a small fire accident nd u bcame unconcious
ragini: swara r u alright??
ragini: ha ragini u dnt wry at all am fine
laksh: huff thankgod v were so worried
meanwhile firemen cm nd strt watering all ovr da kitchen
and after 10min evry1 cm home nd c firemen
dp: wat hppnd y r des firemen here??
laksh: voh papa actually a small fire accident took place in da kitchen and swara gt stuck in der
annapurna: hain bhagwaan swara ur fine na
sujatha: cm swara lets go 2 a doc
swara: no mil am perfectly alright u guys dnt wry
dp: tk if so den it bcame vry late lets go nd sleep

scene 3
in laksh’s room
laksh: ragini omg how much is hppng in dis house since a few days
ragini: ha laksh soo much is hppng
laksh: i dnt think its an accident
ragini: wat do u mean laksh nt lik dat u cm lets sleep im feeling sleepy
lalsh : ha ok
both go to sleep nd ragini keeps her hand on him and he kises her and both sleep

scene 4
in sanskaar’s room
swara: sanskaar wat if smthng hppnd 2 me in dis accident
sanskaar: shh swara pls dnt evr talk such words again i cant live without u
swara: i luv u and hugs him and kisses him on his cheek evn i cant live without u
sasnakar: i luv u too ksses her back
both go and sleep

Precap: sanskaar gts a call nd is shocked

Credit to: ANANYA

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  1. After long time……..u r back…good to see.
    Waiting for nxt episode.

  2. Varsha Darshini

    really ananya i luv ur ff to d cr pls cntnue dnt stop

  3. Tq varshini I’ll definitely continue bt updates will b irregular as I’ll hv my scl works also so plss have patience

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