Swaragini FF (Chapter 4)


In the previous chapter v saw dat ragini attempted to commit suicide.
Scene 1:
Ragini wakes up and feels guilty abt wat she did yestarday ..laksh says
Laksh: Ragini lets go 2 da hospital
Ragini: ok laksh ill gt ready right now

Scene 2
Laksh: maa im taking a leave 2 day..i want 2 take ragini out
Annapurna: ok laksh
ragini: laksh lets go

Scene 3
At the hospital some tests r done nd both ragini and laksh r eagerly waiting fr da results. Ragini is vry tensed and her hands r shivering. lakhs holds her hands and says
Laksh: ragini dont feel tensed. im pretty confident that evrything will b fine
Ragini: hoping so laksh
meanwhile doc calls them in
Doc: come in mr nd mrs laksh maheshwari come in and sit
Laksh: tq doc
Doc: results r positive ragini cn concieve a baby
Laksh: doc ru serious..OMGGG its unbelievable
Ragini bcomes happy nd tears roll down frm her eyes
Ragini: tqqq soooo much doc ur da best doc in the whole world…tqqq
Doc: actually its a miracle mrs maheshwari..wen u fell down during ur 1st pregnancy, ur uterus also gt damaged so v thought dat ull nt b able to concieve a baby again..bt our thought went wrong
Laksh: tq soooooo much doc..vll leave now..tq once again
They both cm outside
Ragini: laksh did u listen wat doc jus said i cn concieve a baby omgg
Laksh: yes ragini its unbelievable
Both share a passionate hug

Scene 4
Swara calls ragini as she knows dat they both went 2 hospital
Swara: ragini wer r u
Ragini: hi swara v r in hospital
Swara: results came…
Ragini: yes nd the result is positiveeee
Swara: wowwww ragini vry gd now jaldi u guys shld bcom parents..giv da phone 2 laksh
Laksh: hi
Swara: laksh congratsss
Laksh: tq swara
Swara: vll party 2day in da evng..lets go out fr dinner
Laksh: ok ill inform bhai also

Scene 5:
SWASAN nd RAGLAK went out fr dinner
Swara:(in a sarcastic manner): hey ragini nd laksh dnt think bad abt me fr saying dis bt u guys shld fastllyy bcom parents
Sanskaar: swara ru mad..omg wat r u speaking…its their personal matter..u dnt involve
Swara: ntg sanskaar its jus a joke
They finish their dinner and they gt up to go home
Swara feels drizzy and faints..there is a stone and she falls on dat…she cries loudly in pain and bcms unconcious..sanskaar holds her
Sanskaar: swara wake up
Laksh : bhai ill call the doc
Ragini: swara wake upp
Sanskaar: swara ru alright..call the doc fast laksh
Meanwhile they take her to the hospital..swara is taken into the op fr testing..after sm time doc cms out nd says
Sanskaar: doc howzz swara..is she fine..how is the baby
Swara: swara gt a little hurt on her head…except dis evrything is fine..nd i more gd news its nt baby bt its babies
ragini: wat sacchiDOc: yes swara is carrying 2 lives in her womb
Sanskaar: wooww yippie

Precap: All bcom happy wen they cm 2 know dat ragini cn concieve a baby nd also by knowing dat swara is gng to give birth to twins

Credit to: Ananya

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  1. Good one and a medical miracle after she fell on stone nothing happend

  2. Ananya tis is grt yaar…bt dnt make some sad news yaar ..we r already bored those serials …loads of love ❤ fr u

  3. It’s too Gus ananya
    U r also writting yhm ff also na if I m rgt
    U r really get yr
    When I read that swara fell down I m sad that may be there is swara’s miscarriage but afterward I become too happy really u r amazing

    There is only one request to u if u don’t feel bad
    Plz show some more emotion like when swara tell sans that she is pregnant then she can tell it different manner to her family and San or when sans come too know that he is becoming dad then he should be mch happy nd should take Gud care of her like not allowing her to get up from bed or not want her to do any work nd after going to office he should call her regular
    U can also show this in your ff anyways your ff is also too Gud just luv it
    Nd sry if I hurt u

    1. Sure anu..I’ll definitely add more emotion and will try to make it better…yep ur right am writing yhm ff also

  4. Awwwweeesome yar!!!!swara twins whao

  5. Its just too good i thought u hav stopped updating bcause yesterday no update was there.please update everyday andd ur ff is really a good one

  6. Tq guys.. Am really happy dat u all r njoying my stories..

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