Swaragini FF (Chapter 3)


In da previous episode v saw dat Ragini ws a bit sad wen she gt2 know abt da news

Scene 1
In the evng DP nd evry1 return home..
In Sanskaar’s room
Swara: Hi Sanskaars ur bac..i luv u
She hugs him
Sanskaar: Haa im bac..i luv u too
Swara: Actually ragini ws a bit upset 2day sanskaar
Sanskaar: she will take sm time to recover leave her lik dat dnt pressurize her by speaking abt dat incident again nd again
Swara: ok
Swara rmbrs dat incident
FB is shown…Ragini is pregnant and she is in 9th month she goes 2 her regular last chekup next week is her delivery dat
so she goes 2 hospital along wid laksh she gts out of da car nd while gng inside she slipps and falls…SHE FAINTS laksh wid da help of a nurse takes her into hospital ragini is still unconcious she murmers laksh my baby laksh my baby
Laksh: yes ragini ntg will happen 2 our baby
she is taken into operation theatre meanwhile laksh calls swara and informs the whole thing she tells otrs in da family and dey all rush 2 da hospital meanwhile doc comes out and says ragini is safe bt sorry v cld nt rescue ur baby laksh gets shattered. Aftr smtime he goes inside 2 c ragini she is still unconcious meanwhile otrs arrive at the hspital laksh cms nd hugs annapurna saying
Laksh: ma i cld nt save my baby wat will i answer 2 ragini now
He completely breaks down
Annapurna: Laksh its nt ur fault howzz ragini
Laksh: She is absolutely is absolutely fine bt our baby…
DP: laksh life is nt a smooth throughout it has obstacles u shld hav da courage 2 ovrcm dem thats it
Amdn hugs him
Sanskaar: Lucky clam down control urself..if u bcom weak lik dis den wat how cn u control ragini..wat will hppn 2 her
He goes inside 2 c ragini
Laksh sees dat ragini is still unconcious
laksh says: Ragini am soo sorry i cld nt save our baby…bt i promise u dat ill definetely giv u a baby of ur own
And he cant control himself and he starts gng out den raagini holds hishand and stops him
Ragini: laksh wat r u saying my baby wat hppnd 2 her nahi it cant happen laksh temme dat its a lie pls
She completely breaks down. He goes and hugs her tightly
Laksh: ragini control ueself..u cant bcom weak lik dis
Ragini: Laksh bt it ws our baby no it cant happen
He calms her down
doc cms nd says u cn take her home tmrw

Scene 2
In laksh’s room after hvng lunch
Ragini is still sad
Laksh: ragini ru ok
Ragini: yes laksh am alright
Laksh: cm lets sleep its high time
Ragini and laksh sleep. It is midnight and ragini wakes up and she goes 2 da balcony cries a lot dat she lost her baby and gts ready 2 jump frm the edge..jus den laksh holds her and pull her down ragini is shocked 2 c laksh and says
Ragini: laksh
Laksh: ragini ru mad or wat did u evr think wat ill b if ur nt der how dare u do such a thing
Ragini: laksh am sorry bt i cld nt control myself i lost a baby who ws almost ready to cm into dis world
Laksh: ragini i cn undrstnd ur pain bt suicide is nt da solution to all da probs promise me dat ull nevr do such a thing also promise me dat ull nevr leave me and go
Ragini hesitates bt later on laksh’s insistence she does
Laksh: lets go 2 the hospital tmrw lets c if u hav a chance of bcmng mom again
Ragin tightly hugs him and he kisses her on her forehead & dey go 2 sleep

Scene 3:
Its mrng and ragini is seen in laksh’s arms sleeping suddenly der is a knock at da door
Laksh wakes up nd goes 2 sleep its sanskaar
Lakh: bhai u here dis early mrng
Sanskaar: dis u check da time its 10oclock
Laksh gts shocked nd says
Laksh: oh bhai im nt in my senses. Bhai i will nt cm 2 office 2 day
Sanskaar: y lucky is evrything fine..ru alright
Laksh: haa bhai am fine b ragini is depressed..her condition bcame worse after swara bcam pregnant..nd u kno wat she did yestrday she thought of jumping frm the edge in the balcony
Sanskaar: wat..
Laksh: thats y i thought of taking ragin i2 a hospital 2day
Sanskaar: ok lucky u tak a leave 2day ill mamage da work
Laksh: bhai dnt tell any1 abt dis dnt tell dem dat im gng 2 hospital along wid ragini
Sanskaar: ok lucky u dnt wrry

Precap: Doc tells dem dat ragini cn concieve a baby again both bcom happy and hug each otr tightly laksh kisses ragini…

Credit to: Ananya

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