Swaragini FF (Chapter 2)

In the previous episode v saw dat Swara was pregnant

Sujatha: What Sanskaarrr ru serious dis means im gonna bcom grandma..woowww soo great
Swara congratulations(she hugs her)
Swara: tq so much MIL
Sujatha: Beta sanskaar congrats….ur gonna bcom dad
Sanskaar: Tq so much maa(he hugs her)
Evry1 congratulate each otr..meanwhile Ragini is a bit sad. She feels dat evry1 will take xtra care fr her
Ragini: Swara and Sanskaar congratulations 2 both of u
Swara goes nd hugs her she hugs back: Tq soo much Ragini
Sanskaar: Tq Ragini
Laksh cms and hugs Sanskaar: Congrats bhaii and Swara congos 2 u also
Evry1 hav their food and go bac 2 their rooms

Scene 2:
In Laksh’s room
Ragini is sitting sadly on her bed nd is crying and Laksh is in washroom..he cms out and sees ragini crying
Laksh: ragini i cn undrstnd ur pain bt plss control urself i cant c u in dis situation
Ragini: Laksh y is it happening only wid me y is god punishing me fr my sins in dis way
Laksh: plsss ragini dnt cry baba(he hugs her tightlyyyy)
Ragini starts crying more loudly: Y is it happening only wid me laksh
Laksh: Control urself ragini plsss
(he kisses her on her forehead)
He wipes her tears and kisses her on her forehead again
Laksh: chalo lets sleep now

Scene 3:
In sanskaar’s room
Swara is also sad
Sanskaar: Wat happend my luv y r u sad
Swara: am thinking abt ragini sanskaar 1 yr bac wat happened wid her is nt a normal thing
Sanskaar: Yes swara ur right
Swara: Evn i observed ragini sad wen u told evry1 dat am pregnant
Sanskaar: ye swara evn i saw
(Both hug each otr)
Swara: hope evrything bcomes fine
Sanskaar: lets hope swara
( suddenly swara feels smthng uneasy and suddenly rushes to washroom)
Sanskaar: Swara r u alright
Swara: haa sanskaar am okay
Swara cms out
Saskaar: Swara u cm and sit 1st ill call da doc
Swara: Its jus a normal vomiting sanskaar dnt worry im fine
Sanskaar: Ru sure
Swara: haa baba am fine moreover god gav me a nic hubby lik u and now ntg hapens 2 me
Sanskaar hugs her and kisses her on her forehead
Swara: am sleepy lets sleep
They go nd sleep

Scene 3:
in the mrng
In sanskaar’s room
Sanskaar wakes up and kisses swara’s stomach and mesmerizes her
Swara wakes up
SWara: gd mrng sanskaar i luv u
Sanskaar: gd mrng my jaan i luv u too
They both hug each otr
both gt ready and go down

Scene 4:
in da living room
Annapurna: cm swara cm nd sit wid us
swara: no MIL am nt hungry u guys continue…actually i want 2 eat golgappas
DP: swara mrng mrng u want 2 eat golgappas how funny
Swara: haa FIL i want to eat…plss
Sujatha: arre u sit down 1st today onwards u shld nt only care abt urself bt also abt the kid
Swara: Haa MIL..1st i want my golgappas
Sanskaar: Ok swara..now I will go and make golgappas fr u
Laksh: bhai ill help u
Ragini: laksh???? sanskaar???? tc swara is pregnant…if she eats ur golgappas her health will spoil
Laksh: haa ragini v kno dnt worry its vry easy v shld jus mix green chutney in imly chutney dats it ull gt pani in pani puri
Swara: Wat OMG ill really die if i eat such kind of golgappa
evry1 laugh
sujatha: ragini is 100% correct.. u sit ill only go nd make golgappas fr my DIL
swara: plss MIL fastly
sujatha: ok ok
aftr half an hr she cms with pani puri ready
Swara: wowww MIL i luv u tq so much..
She kisses her
DP: now we will leave..v r hvng a meeting

Precap: Ragini tries to commit sucide….

Credit to: Ananya


  1. Brity

    Thanks Ananya…. For writing in English… Episode was cool … Actually I couldn’t understood what happened in 01 Chapter… Please tell me the summary….

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