Previously dp health is still worse and ap rmbrs da day wen all 4 leave fr US
2 days r ovr and dp’s health is still like dat
ap: hain bhagwaan plss make dem fine
Adarsh: maa pllss aap fikar math kijiye he will b fine
He hugs her
parineetha also consoles dem
Doc suddenly cms and says: c v r trying our level best lets c fr 1 more day if any improvement ok otherwise v shld conclude smthng
all pray 2 gid fr him
ap goes in and sits bside him in da room
ap: dekhiye u cant leave me like dis and go plss wake up
den suddenly sm1 cms in

they r swara ragini sanskaar and ragini
ap: mera beta cm in c wat hppnd 2 ur dad
both if dem cm nd hug her
swara and ragini go and hold dp’s hand
swara: papa plss wake up na u shld b ready to tc of urngranddaughters and grand sons plss papa wake up
ragini: ha papa swara is right u shld b ready to play wid dem drop dem 2 scl and all so u shkd wake up fr at least their sake plsss
ap cms and consoles dem
den suddenly a finger movement will b der
laksh shouts doccc
he cms in fast andcks him
doc: wow mr. Maheshwari its a miracle sine a couple of days no improvement ws der bt now he is slowly recovering now i cn assure u dt i cn make him fine bt fr dat u go out i hv to treat him
all gt hppy nd go out
after sm time doc cms out and says hairaane ki koi bath nahin hain he is gd but it takes atleast 6hrs fr him to bcm concious
all thank him and he excuses himelf frm der
all of dem cm near swaragini and ask abt their health

Precap: dp gaibs conciousness

Credit to: ananya

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  1. tooo short. .but nice

  2. nice…

  3. Superb but short

  4. vinay karthik

    hey make it longer.. and bring some twist in nxt ff..

  5. vinay karthik

    nice ff…

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