previously all of dem gt worried fr dp
swara: oh god plss make evrythng fine
laksh: u dnt worry guys papa will b ok
sanskaar: lets hope dat words cm true lucky
all gt worried
laksh: my mind is sensing smthng wrong
ragini: laksh pls b positive pls
laksh: but..
sanskaar: no but vut stp niw lets go in its bcmng dark
dey all go in

in hsptl
Annapurna completely breaksdown wen docs tell dem dat his health is worsening
sujatha consoles her by saying jiji pls aap fikar math kijiye he will b perfectly alright Annapurna still cries all of dem pray fr his well being
Annapurna rmbrs smthng
swasan and raglak,ap and dp r present in dp’s room dp tells dem smthng which shocks dem all
he says dat laksh and sanskaar shld go to US fr 3yrs regarding their business all of dem deny his request
laksh evn says mthng dat makes him angry and ap slaps him
3 days later
sanskaar: swara is evrythng ready our flight is 2day in da evng
swara: ha sa sanskaar evrythng ready u jus make sure dat u r hvng ur office files
sanskaar says ok ill c once again
swara says dat she doesn’t want to go leaving da family sanskaar says evn he doesn’t want 2 go bt hv 2 u rmbr na how bade papa slapped lucky so v cant do dat mistake again v hv 2 v dnt hv any otr option swara

both of dem gt teary eyed and hug each otr
in laksh’s room
laksh is sad as well as angry
ragini cms and says laksh ru alright wat hppnd 2 u y ru lik dis I kno dat ur angry bt wat 2 do v cant do anything jus 3 yrs close ur eyes and live der den again bac 2 our family and we will b hppy
its evng and swasan and raglak gt ready 2 leave allll of dem gt teary eyed and dey take blessings of elders bfore dey leave swaragini hug parineetha adarsh sujatha ap dp and sanskaar’s dad next sanlak also do da same dey all leave fr airport
Annapurna gts teary eyed rmbrng dis situation

precap: swaragini sanlak wry fr him

Credit to: ananya

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  3. pls update part ..
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