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Swaragini FF (Chapter 1)


Hello every1! My name is Ananya..dis is da 1st time am writing a fanfiction so pls encourage me….i need ur support in writing more and more stories so pls support me guys and dont hesitate to temme corrections and ur suggestions….i need ur views…and 1 more thing am a scl gng student so it may take time fr me to update so pls b patient. One more thing am very poor in hindi so correct me if i have any grammatical errors….
Wid luv

All problems are solved. Laksh and Swara moved on. Its Raglak & Swasan time folks. They r remarried and after 2 years their lives r like dis
Scene 1:
Swara: Sanskaar mujhe tumse ek jaroori baat karni hein. Ghar aane ke baad batati hu
Sanskaar: Haa tk Swara..bye i luv u
Swara: i luv u too sanskaar..bye
In the evng Sanskaar and others return home.
Scene 2:
Annapurna: aaj aap log jaldi waapas aa gai
DP : Haa voh kaam poora ho gaya tha isliye. Last minute mein meeting cancel hogayi thi
Annapurna: Tk aap log freshup hokar niche aao..khana kaayenge. Sanskaar tum swara ko bhi bulana
Sanskaar : Tk mein usse kehthi hu

Scene 2:
In Sanskaar’s room
Sanskaar: Dekho swara mein aa gayi
Swara goes and tightly hugs him and se cries
Sanskaar: Swara kya hua kyun ro rahi ho
Swara: mein nahin ro rahi hu yeh aanand aansu hain
Sanskaar: Kya. Toh mujhe bhi batado ki kya baat karni hain mujhse
Swara: Tum meri baat sunkar bahut khush hogi
Sanskaar: Toh jaldi batana yaar kya baat hain
Swara: Tk batati hu rukho tum pehle bed pe baitho
They both sit on the bed
Sanskaar: kam se kam abhi toh batao na kya baat hain
Swara: Sanskaaaarrrrrr tummmmmm papa nahi nahi sanskaaaarrr mein pregnant hu
Sanskaar: kya sachi
He tightly hugs her and kisses her on her forehead and cheeks. Swara cries out of happiness.
Swara: Tk chalo neeche chalthe hain abko batayenge.
Sanskaar: haan chalo. sab log bahut khush hoga
They both go down

Scene 3:
Sujatha: aao bacche baitho khaana kaalo
Sanskaar: Swara tum pehle baitho tumko extra care karni hain
Sujatha: Kyun
Swara: nahin sanskaar tum kha mujhe bookh nahin lag rahi hain
Sankaar: Aise kaise chalo aao baitho main tumko khilaaunga
Every1 is shocked seeing Sanskaar’s extra care fr swara
Sanskaar starts feeding swara. Swara coughs in between
Sanskaar: Maa mujhe paani do naa.
Sujatha is shocked and speaks in a shocking manner
Sujatha: Haa de rahin hu beta
Ragini: Kya sanskaar swara theek hain naa tum usko kyun khila rahi ho.
Laksh: kya bhai aaj tum zyada romantic lag rahin ho
Sanskaar: Nahin esi baat nahin hain. Mein sab logo se ek zaruri baat kehna chahta hu
Sanskaar’s dad: kya hua sab thee khain naa
Sanskaar: Haa papa pareshan hone ki koi baat nahin hein. Actually ek good news hain sab ke liye
Ragini: kya baat hain jaldi batao na
Sanskaar: Baat ye hain ki swara pregnant hain

All r very happy Annapurna,Sujatha and Ragini hug swara. Sujatha hugs sanskaar. Laksh hugs sanskaar and congratulates swara.

Credit to: Ananya

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    1. am in 9th standard

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      2. I live in Andhra Pradesh..south india

      3. I live in telangana just beside yaar which school myself in Hyderabad Sri chaitanya teshno school

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