Hey guys sara again with a new ragsan ff.If you like it then i will continue.And yeah i will update my other ffs soon…..

Some dau you will cry for me like i cried for you
Some day you will miss me like i missed you
Some day you will need me like i needed you
Someday you will love me but i wont be there to love you

Bye….. bye.. forever
Yours ragini
Ragini had completed the message and sent it to a contact number whose name was saved as a stranger .She had also written a suicide letter and requested her family at the upper side of letter to not investigate for her suicide as it’s her only decision and nobody is responsibile for this atrocious step of her.

She kept the letter under a book and slowly headed towards the celling fan of her room while remembering the golden moments of her life which she had passed with her supposed to be better half.She took off the scarf from her neck and started hanging it with the fan.Just then a call interrupted her .The call which she had desired for a long time.It was sanskaar’s call….She was eyeing the call longingly as her feelings were oozing out tremendously.He had called her literally after a year .Yeah after one year…..Though she called him a lot of times but for every calls there was only one answer and that was “no answer”……One side he ignored her easily without giving a second thought about her while the other side she had suffocated with the taste of death … for every damn day.So finally she took the decision of taking her life as it was good to take the hopeless life than dying suffocatingly every day every minute.. every second.

The call was ringing continuously and that was giving her a sadistic smile.A smile by imagining his state.Though it was nothing in comparison of her tortourous life which he had given her in these one year by his avoidance but a layer of satisfaction was enough for her…She pleaded him even begged to make him back into her life .But it didnt effect him an inch.He was stubborned with his decision.

It took one year for her to realize that he didnt ever love her….infact his care,his love everything was just a pretence…..

Her pov:
My mind was only stuck at some questions while tightening the knot of the scarf around my neck.
The questions for which i never got any answer and maybe never will..Some simple questions…
Was our love so weak sanskaar that you left me for my inferior cast?
Was my care for you fall so short that you didnt even turn at me once for the last time?
Wasnt you the one sanskaar who used to tell that we are meant to be for seven life time and now … you were not even with me for one life time!!!!



Credit to: Sara

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  8. Sonya

    ragini’s msg is really emotional
    you’ve choose the subject of caste difference dear
    which is really common in india
    why didnt sanskaar replied to her
    and now after a year calling her
    what happened in past
    after reading ragini’s last pov
    she already knot the scarf around her neck
    will someone come to save her
    i know so many questions
    but plz continue dear

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Interesting too
    Ragini’s message was emotional
    Waiting for the next one…..

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