Swaragini ff analysis


First analysis… Sorry if it hurts you…

Swaragini ff writers. So many already. But these are my favourites. Some because of their story. Some because of their character. And some both. Its not in any order. Random order.

Vini di – One of the best writers here. Swasan ff season 1 and 2 are my favourite ffs. Love her a lot and her way of depicting characters emotions is heart touching and too good. The plot of the story is also very nice.

Eva – I’m a Swasan and Raglak fan but I just read her stories. Have seen many people bashing her on TU but happy to see that she is fighting them back. That’s a bravo thing to do. Keep writing dear and never let your mind stop.

Anjali – Mr. Maheshwari and I. A fantastic story. I just read the last chapter where u told about urself. Must say, I have started respecting you more after that. Ur a strong girl dear. Just keep going and don’t think about the haters coz there are many people out there who love you more.

Anu – She’s a very young but talented writer. She has written so many emotional ffs but I would love to cry if the story is so good. Really, my favourite was Destiny. And then Fix You and Fixing Broken Souls. And now Arranged to be his. All three different but the best.

Sree Harini – lovely writer. She has given us so many beautiful ffs. Love you so much for ao many beautiful writings. Ur a very kind hearted human too. The way she portrays characters is just too good. CVS should learn something from her seriously. She has portrayed so many shades in a single person that im just dumb struck by her skill of story telling. Acceptance and Limitless love are too good

Sethooty – a pyari writer. Bz I loved her is really good ff. Loving it a lot. So innocnet and the way Sanskar tells bz I loved her is just awesome. Keep writing and update regularly because we always wait for ur wonderful ff.

Dolly – Her fan fictions are a treat to read. Loved this girl’s way of story telling. All her ff are just superb.

Meher – I was over the moon when I came to know Kuch is Tarah is going to restart again. So happy to know that. Even revenge that stole my heart is good but Kuch is tarah had its own magic. Please start it soon dear. Will be waiting eagerly.

There are many other writers as well. Would also like to mention them.

Sujata for Stay away…

Mandy for modern tale if love…

Saba for Path from Hate to love…

Neha for endless love, true love never dies, from light to darkness…

Deepa for Why does it still affect me.

Misha for breakdown…

Bhanu for tu Meri mannat…

I just read this much. Thank you for reading… I’m a silent reader but felt like sharing my views today.

Credit to: Sushmita

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  1. Awww thanku so much.. ???
    N itz just a matter of two weeks after that I will start kuch iss tarah again… I hope I reach ur expectation ????

    I didn’t expect that u all luv kuch iss tarah this much.. N I personally love arrange to be his as I luv the concept of arrange marriages

    I just luv all here anjali anu shree sujata Eva all are superb
    I hvnt read vini di ‘s ff n I regret it… Bt I read saba’ s n I hv no words for that

    I didn’t read dolly’s or sethooty’s ff bt I will read them after exams… For sure

    Luv u loads dear??

  2. Oh wow ??….thanks sushmita for adding my name ….it’s such an honor dear .readers like u make our day …dear ??
    Keep smiling dear ☺

  3. Awww..thank u sweet heart…for adding my name here….??

  4. Am so sorry I missed this….

    Just now saw it…

    Thank you sooo much sushmita…. ur comment really touched my heart….???

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