Swaragini ff analysis

Hi everyone??. Analysis are really rare these days so I decided to write one. I am sorry if this hurts anyone ( Which I really don’t intend). These are purely just my thoughts, and basically appreciation of the fan fictions I love. I know I can’t name everyone, so if anyone is left I am sorry, all the writers here are doing an extremely amazing work, I know it is difficult to write a fan fiction, but still you all are spending ur time and writing creative stories, hats off to all. I am basically a swasan fan and I don’t read raglak ff’s so there are mostly just swasan ffs here.

– Mr Maheashwari and I ~Anjali. (Completed) [SWASAN] Anjali if you are reading this lemme just say , this ff was TRULY amazing, I love swasan bond in all the ffs , especially in MMAI.

– Swaragini A Modern Tale of Love ~ Mandy. (Completed). [Swasan and Raglak] I wish I cud write like you Mandy, she gave equal importance to both the couples, this story has everything a successful fan fiction needs.

-If this is your love my prince…Then, please hate me!(Continuing) ~ Mahira. [Swasan] AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMZING I luuuuurve this ff. The way she writes really attracts me, keep writing.

Entangled Love (Completed) ~Bhumija [Swasan] Love is really complicated in this ff. BTW a lovely price of writing.

Love is a Beautiful emotion -Season 1 and 2 (Completed)~Zaimal [Swasan]

His lust or love. (Completed) ~Angel [Swasan]

Falling for you (Completed) ~Sha [Swasan]
If u have not read any of these do read, You don’t need the link just type the name of ff and episode you want in Google, the link will be shown. Keep writing all of you!????

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  1. Swarna01

    I dnt know abt other ff bt according ur selection love is beautiful emotion. his lust or love, n if dis is ur love prince then hate. Dese 3 r just just superb. I m reading dis ff twice. Amazing.

    1. Mavo

      Thanks for mentioning

      1. Mavo

        Thanks for mentioning my FF ?

      2. Swarna01


  2. Thanks for your analysis dear it’s amazing. I loved each and everyone of these ffs

  3. Mavo

    Hey thanks for mentioning my name “His Lust Or Love” but it’s not completed its on going ?

  4. his lust or love is still going on… this ff completed 51 chapters and many more are waiting to come……………..so correct that please………….

    1. Mavo

      Thanks for mentioning my FF ?


    Thank you so much, didn’t know that you’re one of readers… Thank you, I’m so glad that my fiction is mentioned in this list of beautiful and successful fanfictions.

  6. His lust or love and love is a beautiful emotion are my favourite in this list

  7. Dreamgirl

    You would have kept title as swasan ff analysis.. why did you keep swaragini? I thought you were telling about all swaragini ffs. But you mentioned only swasan. I don’t have probelm… but i would like to metion a swasan ff my lovely biwi and her love story…. this is best of all swasan ffs.

  8. Hey guys

    I was reading one of the ffs on swara & sanskar but i forgot its name. In that ff swara’s parents have died , she lies with her dida. She works in cafe in evening to earn money. She is a topper in her college. She met ragini & they have become good friends.
    Can you let me know what is the name of this ff??

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