Swaragini ff analysis


Friends all swaragini ff are good but about some which I feels are best so I will only say 10 ff name which I most like in this 10 ff there is no rank here
1) swasan Mr maheshwari and I by anjali Di all knows about her
2)gangs of devil verses gangs of angels by jwala I loved the way she adds twist and all and it have second seasons also
3) swaragini love in slums of India and other full of lust by pathan and the biggest speciality of story he is boy and other thing his story have moral in all episode he neetly express life of poor people and struggle of girl who ran from her house and her courage to fight against society and other thing is that he gives equal importance to both the pairs which other writers do not give
4) swasan the kiss I hate most is also best she really gives very simple and cute love story loved her writing
5) swasan don’t hate me both the seasons are the best she is medical student than also she is giving updates daily and she also worked on social issues loved her ff
6) asi nafrat to ksa ishq by Eva by her name only no need to describe about her
7)kuch is Tarah season 2 OMG god just mind blowing work of meher Di
8) ragini I am coming your swara is coming this story is amazing story full of masti maza and very differentl concept just read it maja hi maja
9)gustakh dil this story really portrayed best family drama nice story
10) swasan his destiny my love is the best story who revolves around world about which we do not know
guys this time 10 and are many more good ff so I will give more analysis of other 10 story next time
Friends if ur story name did not come do not feel u are not good u are best writer so please do not feel bad

Credit to: Samy

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  1. Sumeeta

    Yeh all of them my fav.but there are many more.like that
    1.yeh dooriyaan
    2.does love need perfection
    3.impacable bond
    4.i make her mrs. Sanskar maheswari
    My list have no end

  2. Swaragini love in slums of India..a beautiful fiction.. I was surprised a boy writing on a Ff…but he is doing a good job…
    Love connection.. Swaragini..
    Dawate e isque..chaitali’s
    Royal love…different fiction sini n and Sarah… Super she oooper
    Does Love need perfection also…

  3. Thanku sooooo wala much for giving place to my ff in your analysis.. I will try to improve more…

  4. Shruthis

    Thank you dear
    ??for including gusthak dil it really means a lot to me
    and my fav are
    Shan’s story I love it
    Agar tum saath ho -deeksha
    Why me -akshaya
    And many more 🙂

    1. Deeksha

      Thanks Shruthis for including mine also….. I

      1. Deeksha

        It really means a lot to me….. I’m glad that you liked it… I will try to entertain you guys to my best.. Lots of love ????

  5. My fav is ..WE HAPPENED SUDDENLY …and trust me it is awesome ..pls do read it ..farha ‘s ff ..:-) 🙂

  6. Divyanshri

    Same….. samy…. I also love all this ff….. or can say every ff but some are special like
    1.Dnt hate me by soumya di…. she is just awsome….. her words are so simple can understand easily.
    2.Royal love….. I usually dnt like royal love stories but this S sisters have some magic. Sinin n Sarah they r so young but there writing skills r just wow.
    3.Does love need perfection-Awsome.
    4.Gangs of angels n devils by jwala…. her stories r amazing I really like her stories specially OS.
    5.yeh doriya n kuch Iss Tarah by meher di…. her every work is awsome.
    If I am mentioning my favorite ff… I cannot ignore Neha di n Goldie di too….. TLND my all time favorite ff. TU mera humsafar…. that was a story dude……. again the revenge love story…… the veil princess….. from darkness to light…… list is never ending.
    I read nearly every story…… only one things….. writer u all are awsome…. just awsome……

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much divya.. so sweet of you.. your stories are also amazing

  7. Pritha

    I also love all of these…but Swara-A tale of trust and betrayal is the ff which I like the most…but I didn’t find any update of that ff since 1 month almost…I am missing it badly.

  8. My most favr8 ffs r:
    1.Swaragini love in slums of india and others with full of lust by Irfan Pathan.
    2.Raglak that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) by Fouz Arshi (raglak).
    3.Swaragini hate to love (musical emotions) by Angel.
    4.Swaragini royal love by Sinin and Sarah……..These four ffs r my favr8 ff….

  9. Vyshu10

    I read only swasan ffs (bt not all swasan ffs) and d list of works i love is so big. Such amazing writers we have….hatsoff guys!

  10. My fvr8 ffs r:
    1)swaragini love me by Pathan.
    2)swaragini love in slums of india and others with full of lust by Pathan.
    3)raglak that nyt changed my life (hatred to love) by Fouz Arshi(raglak).
    4)Swaragini hate to love(musical emotions) by Angel…. Lvd this ffs sooooooooooooo much….

  11. Jwala

    thank you so much for liking my ff dear. . it means a lot. . I will try to write my best.. thanks a ton

    1. Jwala yr m so sorry i m nt able to comment on ur ff due to my studies
      ….. After 24 i will read all ur episode in 1 go n m sure i will be luving it..m so sorry plz…

  12. My top most fav. Is
    1.yeh dooriyan.
    2.dnt hate me(both season).
    3.heartless sanskar and helpless swara.
    4.a kiss dat i hate most.
    5.i make her mrs. Maheswari.
    6.i dn’t love u.
    7.his love and lust.
    8.kuch iss tarah.
    9.does love need perfection.
    Dis r the life of telly updates 🙂 😀

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