Swaragini ff analysis!



1. ANU
Off! This girl makes me always go crazy for her ffs. She has the ability to pen down feelings in a natural way. And I must say all of her ffs are spellbound. I always preferred love marriage over arrange but her ff made me believe on arrange marriage. Destiny,Fix you,Arranged to be his,childhood sweethearts all are awesome!!

2. EVA
I never missed a chap of her ff. Samjhota is my fav ff. I love both its season. Even rishton ke datsn is also fantastic. It is about complicated relations. I am glued to her story. I enjoyed her ff a lot. Sanskar…Zindagi meri made me go crazy. How can she write so beautiful?? Why some sick people are there to bash her?? Why?/ Jus because of the pairs!!!! Unbelievable… Dude!! You all seriously need some treatment… pair never matter. Eva, I will always be there to support you.

Actually I am speechless what to say. You are a mindblowing writer. I am addicted to your story. Never stop writing dear. Sometimes your story make me cry even sometimes I even laugh like mad. My mom asks me what happened? And I say I am reading Anjali’s ff. Everyone in my house knows that m crazy for your ff. Even my little bro never disturbs me while I read your ff. You are like God’s gift to me. And when I came to know about your past,literally I cried. How can you live without your mom??? I cannot live without her a single day and you lived years!!!!! You are truly a strong girl!!! Love you!!!

Swasan acceptance is my 2nd fav ff. The girl whom you love d most breaks your heart and yet you forgive her!! Sanskar’s guts need to be praised and the writer’s skill also. I was a swasan fan but after reading your raglak second love I started to like that pair also. I should thank you Sree for bringing the change in me. Your character decription is superb and every part of your ff is blockbuster.

Kuch is tarah…. I really loved this ff. SWasan bonding was so sweet and cute.. I am out of words. Sanskar’s care for Swarais sooo awesome. An marvelous piece of ff. Lastly naming their son as Adi…Awwww!!! Ho sweet!!!! Meher I am expecting its second season. And your another ff A smile which has stolen my heart. I had only read its prologue but not read the chaps till now. Going to read it soon..

All of her ffs are loved by me. I think she wrote a ff- a fresh start of love but that ff remained incomplete. Then she wrote a journey revenge to love. I feel in love with this girl for this ff. wonderful ff. Then she wrote an incomplete love story. As I had said I am an emotional girl I cried in the ending where Sanskar died. From the title itself I knew it was going to be an incomplete love story. All your OS touched my heart. To the veerlasting power of love,a story which remained unfinished,the marriage that changed everything,opposite attracts and till my last breath. I love each of her ff. The Rain,the spring,the autumn is her current ff. This is a ff on feminism level. The plot is very realistic. in this ff romance is not there but emotions are full.Thank you for coming up with a real story. And all the best for your upcoming ff-For you! I made my mom read your OS the story which remained unfinished and my mom said that its writer is very emotional and sensitive. I love the way you pen down emotions. Girl,never worry for bashers. When you walk in a street you will always find dogs barking but you need to avoid them.

She is a lovely writer. Bz I loved her is Sanskar’s love story. Sanskar’s love and care are truly swesome. I am out of words. And the last episode in which baacha party and mangoes were there it was awesome… I laughed like mad. I think this is your first ff and I am in love with this ff. Love you a lots Seethu!! Keep writing always!!
I have not mentioned Saba and Vini’s ff as they are not comparable. They are the best ffs.
More ffs are:
*An incomplete scrabbok by Kashis
*We are perfect for each other by Kritika
*I dreamed a dream by sindhuja
*Stay away.. iam not your husband by Sujata
*The curse.. ek paheli by Duggu
*From darkness to light and the hug that changed me by Neha

Credit to: Silent Reader

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  1. Anu.. And Anjali..! Aww..! Uh are here as well.. My gosh..! People here love uh so very much.. Uh deserve this.. All the love.. Uh too are definitely flawless writers.. And amazing friend and sissy as well..! Oh Anjali is not my sis..! But I would definitely like to be her sis..!
    Luv uh both loads..!
    Lots of hugs and kisses..!
    Muah..! ♥♥?

  2. If you guyzz are reading swaragini ff and anyone of you is raglak fan then plzzz read and give some time to “WE HAPPENED SUDDENLY” very much sure you guyz would love it

  3. Tq soooooooo much dear…I mean my ff after kashis’s before sindhuja’s name…it’s very much big thing for me.I mean my ff’s name is near their name.…oh my u made my day yr…its almost 5th time..my name came…☺?????

    1. Silent Reader

      Kritika,I have not ranked any ff. I just said which r my fav. I am not able to rank all ur ffs. Yes I read d last epi of movie world. Speechless.

  4. Yeah!! Anu, Anjali, Meher, Sree Harini, Mandy(A Modern Tale Of Love), Swasan Curse by Duggu,
    A broken Heart by Lovely,
    Jyotii’s Rain Autumn Spring,
    Eva’s ones,
    Red String Of Fate by Azure (RagSan ff and you all should read it buddies), Asheeyana’s Raglak-A Cup of Tea (soft anf truly hillarious),
    Kavya’s It Started From A Hate Request (amazing suspense n mystery),
    Keira’s I am Backkkk
    G_S’s Mileya Mileya
    Heart needs what it needs( I forgot the author)- all and many more may be m missing, are my fav ones. These all people are also a jewel by heart.

    Specially mentioning Mandy, Meher, Eva- these people were my inspiration and encouragement to write my own stories. these are jewels I found here. My other close jewels who are currently constantly encouraging and inspiring ne are- Anu, Anjali, Eva, Sree Harini, Dharsha. These all have become real close to me, unknowingly. Lol. I loved making friends here and still do.

    People here are real awesome and wonderful and amzingly talented. Some have awesome skills of writing with an amazing vocabulary and wonderful brain.

    1. Aww bisha u kno I luv ur writings…

      U r such an talented writer ur concept.. Ur story… The way u portray characters is just osm…

      Keep writing… I die to read ur one shots ????

      1. I want to read bisha’s fiction.. Can u give the tittle name plzzz

      2. Okay then.. I will soon write one then. For you? And you all have boosted me to write more n more. Love y all♥♥

    2. Bisha <3…. 😀

  5. Thanks a lot dear! It’s really overwhelming to find my name with the best writers of TU. Indeed this all is boosting everyone’s confidence. I feel Anjali, Sree, Saba, Vini, Kritika, Sujata, Sethooty, Meher, Mandy all are my favourite writers. Just started reading Sethootys ff and its just awesome. . .! And my sisters are rocking.

    And I find a new writer blossoming and that’s my sis Shreya. She’s doing a great job out there. Do read her ff Lets Fall In Love. I’m sure you all would love it cause of our Sanskar ??

    Thanks a lot Silent reader! Love ya x x ❤

    1. Omg.. That was unexpected Anu.. Thanks for recommendation.. Luv you loads sis.. ♥

  6. Thanku so much dear.???.. M actually speechless cz I don’t know hw to react… I still wonder what I wrote in kuchh iss tarah that u lyk it so much…

    N ya these analysis actually motivates us to write better n improve ourselves…

    Luv u ??

    1. Silent Reader

      Meher,your work needs appreciation. 🙂

  7. Silent Reader

    Anu,literally I love u because along wid a good writer you are a good person. Cause if I were in ur place i would have definitely felt jealous of d other writers. But u r sweet and praising them. Hats off to u.
    AS u had mentioned Sheya’s ff I would definitely read it. But I ll recommend you to read Jyotii’s ff. They r truly awesome. You will definitely love it. 😀 🙂

    1. Thanks dear. Will definitely read it :):)
      And as a writer and a friend I think i can never be jealous of them dear. They are all my friends and sisters. Love them to core! ❤

    2. Ys ur rite Dr…am a big fan of jyoti fiction last..epi she nailed it…

      1. Seethu di! Plzz yaar dnt say like this! I ll die of happiness!
        A great writer like u saying that shez my fannn!!!!!! 🙄

  8. Thank u so much dear…for this honor…..all the other writers…whom u have written about r awesome….i read all of their ffs..i feel happy when i read such types of analysis…..writers need these types of motivation…..so thank u once again 😀 😀

  9. Woooahhh!! Such a long analysis on me. How come u knw abt my first ff! I discontinued it as it was bakwass. You knw first attempt!! 😛
    But Silent Reader!! You wrote such an long analysis on me. No one ever wrote. Goddddd!!! You know about my each n every ff n OS!! Woooowwww. I am on cloud nine. I feel like a brilliant girl. 😀
    Kidding!!! But it is all u readers who r d secret of my energy. Like boost is the secret of Virat’s energy.
    You want romantic ff?? I am just a girl of 16 years!! M choti si bacchi. I dnt write all dese. Hehehe!! Wait for my upcoming ff-For you. You ll get a lot of romance.
    N what you mentioned about each n every author is perfectly right! 🙂

    1. Ow! Sorry for interrupting but you mentioned my bae’s name Virat ??

      I love both VKs. Virat Kohli and Varun Kapoor. And deam I’m sixteen too! I know its like so difficult to write romance at such an age;)

      I suck at them right now x x

      1. Eeee!! Even I love Ks! I mean Shahid Kapoor,Varun Kapoor 😉 n Virat Kohli!! My Viru!!! 😀
        Awww!! You r also 16!! I thought uh r older than me… Lol!!!! 😛
        Anyways ur dp is damn awesome!!! 🙂
        Fell in love with it(friendly love). :mrgreen:
        Yes romance at this age iz too difficult. I read romantic ff den write my own. Sometimes I even imagine me wid my Shahid!!! 🙂 😉
        Sorry I knw m speaking a lot! 🙁

    2. Jyoti sweet 16… U r my fav..yaar..vini is rite…wen I start to read ur fiction.. I loved it….and am started to read anu’s arranged to be his..loved it…actually am following many fiction here ..but now didn’t get time to read all of them

      1. Favvv!! Awwww!! Hash m someone’s favorite!!! 😉 🙂
        I ll pakka show dis to Mummy! She says m good for nothing!!! 🙁
        Hihihi!! 🙂
        Love u seethu di! 🙂
        Anyways what did Vini dii told abt me??? 😀
        M curious to know!!!!!!!! 😆

    3. Silent Reader

      Yes!! I wrote such a long analysis on u as u deserve this.
      Lol!!” 16 yrs Kiddoo!!!! 😆
      Yes I knw abt all ur ffs and OSs!!!! Cuz I stalk u!!!!!! 😀
      Chill!! I never miss anything of u.
      Heyyy! I need ur fb ID!!
      If u dnt mind. Can u plz give!!”
      Not only urs I want fb id of all d writers whose name I have mentioned.

  10. All ffs are fantastic

  11. Omg got heart attack analysis on my fan fiction…. Thanku SR..
    They all r my fav writers….they r amazing ..u r including me on them ..didn’t expect this yaar..
    Am glad to know that u liked my story..

    1. Okay! I am telling you the names:-
      1) The Yellow Rose
      2) Faith~ A collection Of Short Stories.
      Hope you like them.

    2. Silent Reader

      Heart attack???? Nooooo. 🙁
      How ll I read ur ff then??? 😮 🙁

  12. This comment is deleted.

  13. OKKK!!!!!
    I seem to be the last!!!!

    THNXXX FOR THIS LOVELY AND IMMENSE HONOUR!!!! Love alll the authors you mentioned…

    And am reading all their fictions… <3 <3 <3

    It's an honour to be present…

    My sissies Anu and Sree are too good!!!! Sethoo di <3 <3 Jyotii is such an amazing author and Eva.. Well you don't have to tell anything… U can guess by my interaction with her what i think of her…. <3 <3
    And meher… Her stories always make me smile… Each and every epi!!!! <3 <3

    And shreya!!! OFc I'll be ur sis!!! U don't have to ask!!!


    I love Bisha's ff tooo …. Both faith and the yellow rose :* :*
    Am yet toread shreya's but will do so tom prob!!

    1. Silent Reader

      Waahh! Your heart is pure indeed! It needs guts to praise the other authors on ur level.
      Anjali no need to say thanks. You deserve this yaar…!!! 🙂

  14. Not you anju but me..I am the last one.haha
    And then silent reader. What words do I have for you? I am really honored for saying that I changed your mindset. That’s something I didn’t expect.

    And every name here is just worthy. Saba, vini di …everyone will fall short of words to praise them. And about jyothi’s fiction. I am a big fan of hers. She is indeed a very good author.

    And shreya’s ff. I think I must start reading it too. As it is SWARAGINI ff ananalysis I would recommend you all to read red sting of fate and you are the one, ragsan ff’s but incredibly written. I am sure you people won’t regret.

    I am sorry meher that I am unable to read yours because of typhoid. How you will forgive me and a sincere request is that if possible, give an analysis on upcoming writers because this is that support which is needed for them
    Don’t take me wrong because I have suffered badly at my fiction when I was discourgaed with less number of ents. So please do give analysis on them

    I will do all these things once I complete my ff’s

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