Swaragini : the feeling of emptiness (prologue) by neptune

Helllllllllloooooooooooo my dear chocolate pasteries and gulaaaaaaab jamuns you dear sweet, innocent, bholi bhali maasoom sweet sister kaju katli is back.
Actually guys this concept was playing hide and seek in my mind for many days and I couldn’t be at peace until I pen it down and you see that I have noticed many writers are making changes in the track of swaragini so it clearly seems that no one was satisfied with the story of swaragini…
So guys here is the prologue of this story and please do tell me if you like it or not or if you people have any complaints regarding this story then please do tell me……. So let us begin now…….
Guys have you ever thought what would happen if swara began to love laksh truly? What would happen if her feelings for laksh would be beyond infatuation? If laksh was simply attracted to swara? If ragini began to feel guilty for her doings? If Sanskaar was not going to back out from his plan in any circumstances? If he had any other hidden motives then avevging for kavita’s death?
So here is a small scenario of the serial if it would have been something like this…

Scene 1
Laksh and ragini were standing on their terrace and simply talking something while laksh was lost in ragini, she was trying hard to control her tears knowing that beside all her attempts she was going to lose her love, her first love who had become her everything now, who had become her reason to breath, to survive for whom she even changed herself. She excused herself and ran from there so that he doesn’t notice her tears…

Scene 2
Swara was seeing her engagement ring with lots of love, everytime she was with laksh her heart would pound with an unknown happiness, her heartbeat would be beyond her control and she would feel something changing in her… was this a feeling which people called as LOVE? Of course this was love, that is why she changed herself, changed herself to suit his family…. And all this was taught to her by her dear sister….. oh even the thought about her filled her heart with gratitude and love, how much she sacrificed for her she knew that her sister loves laksh even now but could she do something when her own heart was swelling in happiness at the thought of her happiness? Wasn’t she becoming selfish to gain her love? But she has desired for some happiness from her childhood she never got a father’s love all she got was hate from her childhood. She has to take some decision for her sister’s happiness……

Scene 3
Laksh was standing confused on the terrace. Did he see tears in ragini’s eyes. He was getting married to swara but all he could reminisce was ragini’s teary face. His heart becoming heavy with each passing second and he was becoming restless. Was he doing some mistake marrying swara?

Huff so guys its all for today and I know it is very confusing because as its prologue I cannot clear all the things for that you have to wait for the next episode. And please do tell me your previews about this epi I will be eagerly waiting for that.
Meet you all in the next part till then bubye………………………….

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  1. Amul


  2. Awesome… Hope it is Raglak FF….

  3. Mahavir

    actually talking nepu..!! u r rite it is little confusing..!! but i trust u nd i know this will be cleared as the story proceeds..!! nd Sanskar i think the other reason behind his revenge..!! come on come on i ll tell u in ur ears *wo Sanskar na..!! Ok i dont know u urself tell me afterwards..!! hahaa..!! ok keep going..!! bye buddy..!!

  4. Rosey

    It’s interesting but please couple should be SwaSan post soon

  5. Swasan pls

  6. Manasvi


  7. awesome love triangle between swaragini and laksh. keep going .

  8. Nymisha281

    Awesome…interesting prologue

  9. Nimika

    If it SwaSan, I am reading it!!! Update soon…

  10. Asra

    superbbb dear…

  11. Gayathri.visu

    Interesting dear…. Please continue. But pairs must be SWASAN n Raglak!

  12. hoping its swasan

  13. swasan please

  14. Phoniex

    Please do write

  15. nice..continue soon..

  16. Parulkashyap

    nice twist continue it

  17. Naz_Temish

    This is amazing concept and you write it so well…I care less about the couples and I m going to read this ???????

  18. interesting…n i know it will be swasan?as u love them…loved it

  19. Amazing…continue soon

  20. Arshaanya

    what would happen if swara began to love laksh truly? What would happen if her feelings for laksh would be beyond infatuation?????
    I can not even th8nk about dis ..
    Swasans love for eo was immortal…
    Its beyond evrythn n here u wanna show wat if her love for laksh was true ???
    Sorry if u r hurt bt i cant read dis..
    Best wishes

    1. Neptune

      y arshaanya yes i agree that swasan’s love is immortal but who told that first love is everything in many shows like yhm also they are showing the concept that people move on from their first love and find that their second love is true love even sanky loved kavita in his past right so was his love for swara not true and even in many stories the concept of second love is shown so don’t think that i am insulting their love by writing this please atleast give it a chance and read further and if you don’t like it then too than its your choice i am sorry if i have hurt you…

      1. Arshaanya

        Ya i agree first love is not evrythn n u can fall in love second tym…
        Bt here its abt swasan…
        In serial also she acptd dat she nvr loved laksh… one side tellin swasna love is immortal n on othr side to imagine wat if her love was true for laksh…i can’t.. her true love was only sanskar ?? n she nvr loved laksh ??
        Hahahhahahaha i wud hve gve it a shot agar baad mein pta chalta dat her love for laksh was noth8n bt infatuation… bt here u made it clear in strtng wat if herlove for laksh was true n more dan infatuation..
        As die hard swasasian i cant imagine swara fallin for laksh ??…
        Nope m not hur..??
        Its jus dat i cant accpt dis fact ??

  21. i dont know what to say….if raglak loves each other truly…laksh should marry ragini as one side love is horrible..it only work in mvs…but not real…n hope swara will move on…and if sanskar also enter means…he may or not love swara…but swasan story will be injustice as swara will not love sanskar…anyways…will see how swara n swasan story will be…!will wait for next episode n then will comment…!continue asap?

  22. IQRA222


  23. Aasthu

    Is Ragini negative??? What is the scenario??? Ragini gave her consent to Laksh marrying Swara???

    1. Neptune

      no aasthu ragini will realise her mistake and will change to positive……….
      it is during the time when ragini and sanskaar were giving drugs to swara………
      and about your other question sry but i cannot tell you now as you have to wait for the story to unfold thanks for reading

      1. Aasthu

        Ok.Thanks for the answers.

  24. Pramudi

    Mmm.. I don’t know what to say dear because of this concept. But will try to read further hoping for the best. And i believe you because you are a swasan fan, so you want do injustice to them.

    1. Pramudi


  25. Neptune

    thanks for trusting me dear

  26. woww i like this concept dear
    love to see both swaragini how they deal with this all and being today’s girl what they take the decision.

  27. Vyshu10

    nice….ur question was wt if swara loved laksh truly? In the show…she “thought” she loved him truly …so she was sincere in their relation. Dont know how u will proceed…i ll just wait n see

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