Swaragini : the feeling of emptiness (part 2) by neptune……

Hellllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo everybody, so am back again with the next part.
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Precap : swara’s mehendi, sanky’s name in swara’s mehendi and laksh’s realization of his love for ragini.
Maheshwari mansion.
Laksh opened his eyes smiling whole heartedly.
Laksh : yes, I love her I love ragini.
He started jumping in happiness of this beautiful realization.
Laksh : I I will tell this to ragini, yes I have to tell her now only she she will be so happy.
Saying this he went out of the room taking his car keys to march towards gm.
As soon as he went out of the house. Someone who was hiding behind the door came out. The person had heard all his talks.
Hmm guys no need to guess anything that person is non other than our dear Sanskaar. He was feeling fishy about his behaviour towards ragini since the morning and so he was keeping a watch on him and now when he came to know about laksh’s love for ragini. He didn’t know what he should feel, it was his plan to separate swalak but now when he came to know that laksh loves ragini he feels an unknown happiness in his heart.
He brushed all his thoughts and went back to sleep making a mental note to never let laksh succeed in his love…….
Baadi :
Ragini was pacing throughout the room in tension. The moments that she spend today with laksh, the love for laksh in swara’s eyes, sanskaar’s revenge everything was flowing through her eyes.
She didn’t know what decision to take and how to take. She surely didn’t want to take a wrong decision and then regret later.
She sighed thinking all this.
Suddenly swara came from back shouting loudly and happily and began to swing her.
Swara : [loudly] ladooo ladooo ladoo ladoooooooooooooo. [spinning her]
Ragini : shonaaaaa shonaaa shonaaaa stop stop stooooooooppppppppp.
Freeing herself and holding her spinning head.
She looked at swara with narrowed eyes and then glared at her. While swara just smiled cheekily in return.
Ragini : [sternly] now what was that::
Swara : [smiling] offo laado I know you can’t be angry on me for more time, so now don’t show this fake anger and smilllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee. [tickling her]
Ragini : [laughing loudly] hahaaahaaaaa sho sho shona leave me……
Swara : see I told you naa you can’t be angry on me for more time.
Ragini : [joining her hands] ha ha baba I agree, now tell me why are you shouting so loudly.
Swara : [slapping her own forehead] arre ha, I forgot. [showing her hands] see my mehendi colour it came so dark.
Ragini’s smile went off while fresh tears began forming in her eyes. She blinked her eyes rapidly to hide them but was it possible to hide them from her SOUL SISTER her SHONA, who would see her pain even though she formed thousands masks in front of her.
Swara : [worriedly] [cupping her face] laado what happened?? Why are crying?? Did I do something wrong??
Ragini : [wiping her tears] no shona nothing like that, It’s just that some dirt went in my eyes.
Swara : [smiling sadly] oh so now my laado will lie to me??
Ragini : [instantly] no I am not lying.
Swara : then tell this thing looking into my eyes.
Ragini : [sighing] it’s just that I will miss you so much.
As soon as she said those words, tears began forming in swara’s eyes.
Swara : [hugging her tightly] aww laado don’t be sad dear. I will never ever LEAVE YOU. [wiping her own tears] [breaking the hug] challo now give me my laado special smile.
While ragini smiled listening her cute antics.
Swara : [hitting her shoulder with her own shoulder] ahaaan ye huyi na kuch baat.
Ragini : accha leave all this show me your mehendi.
Swara : [showing her hands] see…
Ragini was seeing her hands with a smile but that smile immediately was wiped off seeing something and she was seeing it with a frown.
Swara : [seeing her frowning and looked at where she was looking… she became numb seeing sanskaar’s name written in her hand] what happened ra……[ shocked]
Her eyes became wide in shock. Her eyes began to tear up as realisation hit her. Sanskaar’s name in her hand that was unbelievable. How should she react to it, she herself didn’t know that.
Ragini : [seeing swara in this position] its its ok okay shona. It might be happened by mistake. Don’t take it so seriously. [seeing swara not responding to her talks starts shaking her] shona shona……..
Swara comes out of her trance and looks towards ragini. Her eyes completely blank as no reaction can be seen from her.
Swara : huh….
Ragini : [hardly controlling her tears seeing swara in this condition] its okay swara it might be happened mistakenly.
While swara just nodded her head and went to sleep while she was still blank.
Maheshwari mansion.
Sanskaar was punching the sandbag with all his strength venting out all his anger on it.
Everything was coming in his mind now.
The day he saw kavita, their love story, their dreams , their marriage plans, his family’s reaction, his mother’s support, the other family member’s betrayal, their marriage day, and then finally KAVITA’S DEATH.
To someone who is listening his story would find this word so small but was this really that small.
He lost his FIRST LOVE…..
And why so, just because his so called badepapa didn’t want a Bengali bahu. Just because this so called society’s happiness and satisfaction was more for him then his own son. Just because they wanted some marwadi girl who fitted in their this narrow minded house. Just because he didn’t want the bahu of this house to persue her carriers. Just because they think that the girls in salwars and saree’s are always innocent and well mannered.
His eyes fitted with rage remembering all this.
If his plan comes out then they would just see his mistakes, his plans,His revenge nobody will see HIS PAIN.
And on the other side this guilt was destroying him. The guilt of spoiling an innocent girl for his revenge.
RAGINI she was an innocent good hearted girl, but he changed her thinking too. He knew he was doing wrong with her but the picture of kavita’s death comes in his mind and he forgets everything. Every other thing then HIS ANGER AND HISD REVENGE.

The other guilt was to spoil the life of a girl with whom he seems to have an unknown attachment. He doesn’t know why but for ragini he only has guilt.
But for SWARA he has guilt regret. His heart pains to see her suffering so much without any mistake of hers.
His heart flutters every time he sees her smiling. All these feeling are so unknown to him.
Laksh’s room:
He is busy smiling and reminiscing the incident that happened today morning.
Flash back:
As ragini came in the store room for some work.
Laksh was hiding there as he needed to talk with ragini. He didn’t know why but all he knew was that he needed to talk with her.
So as soon as ragini entered there he closed the room with a thud and pinned her to the wall.
Ragini widened her eyes and started breathing heavily as his closeness still affected her.
Ragini : [hardly managing to speak] la laksh……
While laksh smiled hearing his name from her mouth.
Laksh : ha ragini.
Ragini : wh what are you doing:
laksh : nothing ragu.
Her eyes literally widened hearing this from her mouth.
Ragini : lea leave him.
Laksh : I can’t, I can’t do that. I don’t know what is this feeling but I want to be with you for all my life, just YOU AND ME.
Her eyes began to tear up and she smiled as his words hit her heart. Her heart flooding with happiness.
But it fell off as she remembered that it was swara and laksh’s mehendi.
She pushed him with all her might and began to run from him.
But he stopped her holding her hand and then saw her palm which was decorated with beautiful mehendi design and then he smiled seeing his name on her hand.
Laksh : I got mu answer ragini.
She just jerked her hand and ran from there.
Flash back ends……
Both closed their eyes rememvbering this.
Precap :
Laksh : I love you ragini.
Ragini : I love you too laksh.
One person hears their talks and her world collapses right there. While the other person who is seeing all this cries seeing her.

Huff so guys here I am ending this episode. Guys one important question.
Are you all liking this story?? Do you all want me to continue it?
Coz I am getting very less response both on tu and wattpad.
And secondly there are no raglak fans supporting this story. Guys there is no use of me writing raglak part when no raglak fans are supporting me.
So if this continues then I am thinking to make it a SWASAN ff. do give me your opinions regarding it too.
My wattpad id : neptunezz.
Do support my stories there too if you like them.
Meet you all in the next part till then bub bye……

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  1. Mars

    Amazingggggg nepuuuu loved it.
    I will be very happy if u make it swasan bcoz I also skipped raglak flashback part.sorry for that but I don’t feel like reading it.ok coming to my swasan
    Sanskar ke dimaag ki bati jalayo air realize him he is doing wrong.
    In all this my shona baby is suffering the most as laksh loves ragini and vice versa, ragini being aware of sanskar’s revenge is supporting him and swara ka Sanskar himself is soo much in his revenge and all are after swara. I m scared how she will react after knowing everything.
    Epi was superb.pllzzz request hai swasan scene b dene shuru karo.
    Continue soonnnn……waiting…..
    Take care

    1. Neptune

      thanks marsuuuuuu…
      don’t worry SWASAN scenes will start from the next epi….
      and don’t worry about swara she is a really strong girl…
      will make it swasan if raglak fans don’t support…

    1. Neptune

      thanks dear….

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  12. Awesome….. Hey dear plz update ur dreams r mine soon…… Pls….. My net pack will finish after 3 days…. After that I dont no when I’ll get net…. So pls be quick….. It’s a request demand or damki u can think anything but I want that Story before 2 days Pls pls….(puppy eyes)…. Love u take care…

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    Awesome episode….more raglak plz

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