swaragini what is my fault? 3 shot-part 3



Part 1:
Part 2:

mother and daughter relationship is shown in this story. The whole story is in daughters point of view.
please excuse me If I sound dumb, illogical and little philosophical. (most people don’t like that). I come into category of people who
dump blindly without judging the things coming from heart.
I really do encourage controversies regarding the sentences which I had written. Please Excuse me for grammatical errors which I had

Mom- Swara.
Daughter- Ragini.

please do read the part 1 and part 2 before reading part 3.

I’m 16 yrs old :

I was sent to hostel. My Hostel life brought many changes in me. It’s very important phase of my life. It taught me how to judge people
according to their behavior. I made good friends who are always there for me.

When I joined my hostel I used to miss my home a lot. My hostel used to be in the same city where my home is but far from my home. So my
mom used to visit me on weekends. I was only one in the hostel who is staying in hostel though having home in the same city.
My first month in hostel went away missing my home. I saw my friends crying but still I controlled my tears. In that one month everyone got
outing so that they could meet their parents n go out with them and some took leave and went home for somedays. I said my mom about outing
she said no and explained me that I need to concentrate on my studies that is reason I’m here.

Days passed one month became 3 months but I didn’t go home. I didn’t have courage to ask mom. My friends teased me that I’m the
only one in the world who never miss her parent. These words used to hurt but I never showed them my emotions. I aways used to mask a
smile on my face and made an impression on their minds that I don’t care anything except studies. But those people don’t know about
my pain and fear thinking about my mom and bro.

I had many sleepless nights and used to cry like anything under my blanket after everyone in my room slept. There days where I had
drenched my pillow with tears.
Finally after 3 months I got holidays my mom took home I felt like I got out from hell and stepped into heaven. I spent each and every
moment with my mom and bro. One day I said my mom in anger that U only love my bro not me that is why u never took me home these 3 months.
She broke down into tears and hugged me and said I want u to get used to hostel and concentrate on studies. I didn’t take u home because
I didn’t want u to undergo any diversions other than studies. U know how much I missed u sometimes I used to forget u are not with us cook
your share to food too.

Days went on my mom used to visit me frequently and motivate me regarding my studies.
But suddenly she didn’t visit me for 3 weeks. when she came back I asked her reason she said she got some allergy and she thought I
get frightened after seeing her. This statement hurt me how can she think a daughter can be angry on her mom.

I’m 17 yrs old:

I completed my 11 and 12th class . Finally my hostel life got over and got placed in a good college near my house.
After coming home some days went well. Then I sensed that past is again repeating. My dad was again turning back to devil again.
One day my bro told me the whole thing which had happened in my absence. In my absence that devil utilized the situations and started
torturing my mom like hell.

That 3 weeks when my mom didn’t visit me is not because of allergy it’s because one day devil broke the glass across my moms face , she
escaped it but it had split her lip and it got swollen and covered the whole face. She found very difficult eat she filled her
stomach with drinks.

I felt bad for her and felt It’s all because of my decision to go to hostel caused these issues. If I didn’t go to hostel I would have
made that devil to behave properly with my mom.

It was one day before my birthday. It was the worst day of my life.

I went for certification verification in the college with my mom and that devil. We left My bro at my relatives house. We were in the car
my mom was sitting in the front seat,the devil was driving and I was sitting at the back. Some heated conversation was going on between
them. In that conversation my mom mentioned that she got a doubt that the devil had an affair with someone. I was shocked with this
statement and for first time I didn’t trust my mom. That when devil heard it, it angered him and he started beating my mom. We are still
in the car. I was trying to stop him by scratching him badly with my nail. I can’t hold my tears . I was pleading him to concentrate on
driving but he didn’t listen and he was holding steering with one hand and beating my mom with other hand. I was continuously trying to
stop it. The car lost it’s balance and was about to hit a bus. I can say that I saw the death in-front me. I shouted to my high pitch
and bent forward and turned the steering. It went and hit a pole but nothing happened to car and us. people gathered near our car and
scolded us and went away.
Devil confronted us that he won’t live and kill my mom too as she was having such type of doubts in her mind. I pleaded him not to do
anything we cant live without mom. If she dies even we will die as We can’t live without her. He said we all will die together as a
family. we went to relatives house to pick my bro. My bro the innocent creature on the earth has no idea about what had happened .
My mom pleaded that children have no right to die. Even I started pleading for my bro. He didn’t listen to us. Now he was driving his car
in full speed towards the river. I thought today is my last day. We reached the river but suddenly that devil took U turn and we returned

After going home I took my mom to the bedroom and locked her so I can stop devil from beating my mom. I fell on his feat begged him to
forgive my mom and assured him that she will not repeat that again. He took promise from me that I shouldn’t tell anyone about this
incident. Next day everything got to normal.

I can say It was the worst birthday of my life went away remembering the day before incident.

days passed.
My mom always asked me keep an eye on devils actions. I felt strange as he started spending more time in kitchen balcony and going to
temple daily early in the morning and coming home late nights and finding his car in the parking area even though he is not at home and
bills missing when he got grocery. These observation that something was fishy. When I asked my mom about strange happenings she burst out into tears and told me that devil was really having an affair with neighbour aunty who is already married(other guy she had children too) and
whose house is visible from our kitchen balcony. She said that she discovered it long back but that incident happened and she thought not
to inform me as I was not in the situation to trust her. I felt very bad and hugged my mom and burst out into tears.

Then I Swore to myself that I will get that devil out of my house and teach him a lesson.

Precap : What will she do? followed by A big shock .(Any guesses)

I’m really sorry guys for the delay.
I know it’s a emotional epi. Hope u guys understood the feelings of mom and daughter.
Please do comment as they encourage me to write.

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