Swaragini (Its our Fate) Intro

Hey guysss…i am write ff on our favourite serial Swaragini…..This is just an intro nd this is differnt story from serial …so plz read it…

Singhania Family
Ragini Singhania: Cute,Blubbly,Beautiful,Talkitive,very sweet, Modern. She studies in college in London. She loves her family including her Mother,Father nd Elder Brother. She loves to sing. She wants to be a fashion designer.

Akhil Singhania(Karan Singh Grover): Handsome, Dashing, Charming. He is a business man. He loves his Ragini a lot. He can do anything for her. He love dancing.

Vasundra Singhania: She is Housewife. She loves her both the children espically Akhil (as u knw son will b more close to his mom). She is very sweet woman.

Harman Singhania: A successful business man in London. He loves Ragini a lot. He wants his son to b like him.

Gadodia Family:
Swara Gododia: Cute, Sweet. She also studies in college with Uttara. She loves her family alot.

Sumi Gadodia: She is sweet woman. She loves her daughter Swara lot.

Shekhar Gadodia: He is successful business man in Kolkata. He pampers Swara alot.

Dada, Dadi nd Dida are same.

Maheshwari Family:
Sanskaar: He Helps his father in Bussiness. Handsome Hunk, He has very Calm personality. He is the son of AP and DP

Laksh Maheshwari:He is equal handsome to Sanskaar. He flirts with every girls. He is oppsite to Sanskaar. He wants to be dancer. He is studiez in college and he is senier to Swara. He is the younger son of Ap and Dp.

DP: He is 2nd most succesful business man in kolkata after Shekhar Gadodia. He wants

Uttara: She studies with Swara. She is beautiful. She is daughter of Ram and Sujata.

Ap, Ram ,Sujata, Adarsh and Parineeta are same.

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