Swaragini Fans-Clear my Doubt!

So guys,hope all are doing well.Ok..iam lakshmi priya from Tamilnadu(lots of priya here.don’t get confused).i just thought to ask ur opinions about Swaragini’s TRP.When Kasam and YHM can get steady TRPs inspite of IPL,then why not Swaragini?I know sometimes the track becomes boring such that we loose our patience and just stop watching it..But it is going to cost us at the end.Remember??Swaragini was the no 1 serial with 4 and above TRPs(I think around nov-dec 2015)Then what’s happening now.There is no reason in blaming IPL.The truth is SWARAGINI’s TRP is decreasing drastically.Come up with a solution frns.Or else our stars will end up empty handed in the next CGPA season.Let the story be weird,senseless,illogical,boring or whatever may be.Just keep watching Swaragini.We have to bring back Swaragini to the 3-4 TRP club.Fed up with 2.4,2.6,2.2,2.9 nd all.Raglak and Swasan fans!try to remember they are purely fictional.just because we are watching them,we don’t get the right to bash them.Please stay united if u want to see ur favourite couples for a considerable period of time.Or else we’ll loose them altogether.Sorry if I had hurt anyone.The fear of Swaragini losing its fanbase is haunting me since Jan 2016.u will have to make Swaragini come back again.Will u?

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  1. Well said

  2. In illogical Fandom fights swaragini suffers….

    This only lead to closure of swaragini… Then keep on fighting for swasan vs raglak and swara vs ragini..

    Forget abt all.. Sometimes sasural simar ka gets more trp then swaragini…

    Itz high time.. Start watching swaragini.. N stop bashing.. I agree with you

    1. Meher ji.u r absolutely right

  3. Actually IPL is not the main reason…the main reasons are…1)as it was exam season from Feb to I think till now and this show is mostly watched by people under age of 20.
    2) this is not any saas bahu serial with illogical twist n turns..
    And 3rd and main reason is that it have 4 leads and 2 lead pairs n coz of it the bashing is increasing …if der is swasan track…raglak stop watching and vice versa.

    1. Hope so Serena ji!I just want Swaragini for more time.

  4. they are giving most importance to swasan,raglak also lead pair Na?? I like both couples it’s my view

    sorry if I hurt anyone

    1. Ha lovely ji.I think Raglak will be given importance in this track.

  5. Well said dr…hmmm actually I watched MATSH in tamil…fr knwng future epi I started to watch colours…tat time oly I seen add of SR..I started to watch to c sme sister bonding but tey were enemies at tat time…but loved teju at frst sight so I started watching regularly fr her…I also started feeling nw like u tat due to TRP tey may end our fav SR like MATSH..even I commented in tat page…hope every one ill watch it again

    1. Don’t worry dear Priya.we will make swaragini succeed

  6. Yes,I am agree with You. You know what I have never missed any Episode of Swaragini. I am daily watching Swaragini. Iam watching also and reading updates also . Please Guyz Watch Swaragini and Make TRP of Swaragini the highest.

    1. So nice of u Shipra ji.Do watch the show without fail.Thank u

      1. Dont say ji Di. I am younger than you.

      2. Younger?Even if young,that doesn’t matter,shipra ji!!

  7. Swaragini trp is dropping? ??

    1. Drastically dropping

  8. Absolutely dear..I was also thinking the same…yar whatever the track is we have to watch it…and to support our favourite serial..if not then in no time our favourite serial will come to an end….plz don’t stop watching the show..its a request for both swasan and raglak fans..

    1. Thank u dear Maryam.

  9. You are right. I love both the pairs equally and I am a TamiliIan too. But many are not understanding that the characters are fictional and the character they essay doesn’t have anything to do with their personal life. Some even want them to be a couple even in their real life except varun. I don’t know why they are bashing each other. Screen space for the pairs concerned I would totally blame only the writers. It doesn’t have anything to do with the characters or the person who essays the characters. I wish everyone stop their bashing and be United. But don’t when it will happen.

    1. Actually dear Pratheeksha,we are weak at this particular point – differentiate between reel and real.

  10. Ya priya u r really correct. I am also fearing about to loose our serial. I know sometimes it is boring but now the current track is nice. So plzz guys watch it if it possible for u.

    1. Sure Menaz ji.Thank u

  11. ita bcoz f d fights of swasan nd raglak fans…..they all are fighting for their couples less scene…..one couple fan s saying that dont watch swaragini so that trp will be less then they will bring more scenes of our couple…..but they are not understanding that if trp reduces they wont increase the couple scene instead they will finish d serial…..

    1. Correct shan ji!let everyone join hands to save swaragini.

  12. ❤?Natasha?❤

    I totally agree with u priya and hi-fi…..i’m a tamilian toooo……,neenga enth ouru……naan chennai……by the way neenga unmaiya thaan sollirukinga…..

    1. Natasha dear,na nellai ponnu.

  13. ya dr i too agree with u nanum tamilnadula ullava thaan by the way nee correcta sollura ivanagaluku reel life kum real life kum vithiyasam teriyala priya

    1. Right Sanchami dear

  14. yes please watch a fear is also going in my mind that it will end like math if we dont watch it plz watch it i dont miss its any episode

    1. Yes kaynat ji!watch without fail!

  15. Exactly , it seems like u expressed my views , i too want to say this , well said priya , well said , if i miss it na i watch it on reapeats like 11:30 am , 1:30pm , 3:30 pm , really i am fed up of this fan wars if swaragini goes off air , then no iv , selfies , scenes of their favorite couples , well said priya

    1. I too feel the same dear priyu!

  16. In start track is so good sisters love and bond and effort for union of their parents after that due to twist of swara laky marriage and swa rag fight and rag lak marriage it lose interest of fan and trp decrease than swa san marriage rag positive swa rag again bonding increase trp and now this track is so cheep they seprate swa san then memory los and pri villan again seprate swa san if this track countinu for one month then i am sour SR become the lowest trp show

    1. Noooooo!!

  17. Guys memory loss is actually increasing trp coz everyone wants to see how Swasan unite and now Sanky will change his AVTAR to rockstar look to impress and win Swara back and he’s look has changed so I’m pretty excited.

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