swaragini fans why can’t we be together?


we all know that swaragini fans divided in to swasan and ragya fans.. and always fighting to each other.. let me ask can’t we be United? if you like swasan/raglak ok.. but why hating other couple and bashing them? you have the right to dislike a couple. . but hate? guys hate is a very strong feeling than love.. if we hate anything we will think about that thing nore than our loved things.. if a person did not deserve your love is that person that much strong enough to deserve your hate? think guys. . I don’t hate anything pr anyone. . because no one harmed me as much that I hate them.. dislike and hate are two different things. . dislike is a mere feeling. . but hate is that much strong feeling. . and it is funny that people hate some reel couple or reel characters. . I’m a swasan fan.. but I respect raglak fans and their feelings. . so I never ever tried to hurt their feelings. . I have a friend neha.. she is a great raglak fan.. when she is sad I tried all possible ways to make her happy. . I hope all swasan fans and ragya fans to be united as swaragini fans.. because we will not get anything by fighting. .

some people hate swasan because they get screen space. . guys this is only fault of cvs.. what that characters or actors do in it? and some people fighting just because they saw some bashing comments towards their favourites . guys there are some illiterate people who bash others.. but I must say that bashers will not belong to any fan groups. . bashers are people with a disgusting mentality. . they can’t love anyone. . but true fans never encouraging bashing.. they will support other groups when other groups get bashed.. so please don’t fight just because someone bash swasan/raglak. . and don’t think that all swasan fandom hate raglak and vice versa.. and some people are hurting others in means of criticism. . if you say that helly/tejaswi is a worse actress it is not a constructive criticism. . it is just a statement which hurt their fans.. you can say that actress sometimes lacks the essence of that character. . I hope she will improve. this is called constructive criticism. . criticism is needed.. but make sure that it will not hurt others.. I’m a helly fan.. but I said that cvs didn’t give justice to ragini’s character . as she sign to play a positive character. . and they made her negative . and she didn’t get proper redemption. . they did injustice to ragini’s character . some people say that swasan fans always bash raglak.. if so then when someone bash ragini on IF most of the swasan fans stood with raglak fans.. And once helly got based some ragini fans also stood with swasan fans..

guys if swasan fans and raglak fans unite we can do many things. . we can tweet together for giving importance to both couples . we can vote for all the leads in awards and we can we a wonderful fandom called swaragini fandom.. If we fight among ourselves and bash each other we don’t get anything. . only our piece will be destroyed. . and about trps.. in the history of indian tv no couple bring trps.. because indian population in cores. . 5 or 6 lakh online viewers can’t contribute much in trps.. if so then why madhubala a show had an epic couple go off air due to lack of trp? normal audience want interesting stories.. lead couples not important for them.. so please don’t fight in these matters. . I’m not saying swasn fans to like raglak or vice versa. . I’m saying give respect to other fandom and support them also.. don’t bash characters because they are written by some writers.. so bashing characters is big foolishness. .because they are not real.. characters are only fictions.. one more thing some people may bash an actress because they afraid that she may became more popular and famous than thei r favourite. . I want to tell one thing.. I’m a helly fan and I don’t want her to be most popular actress or no1 actress . because success always will not bring happiness. . I want her to get a happy life and good and caring people around her.. I want her to get all happiness and a beautiful life.. because success and popularity will not bring peace or happiness. . just think of pratyusha.. she was very successful and famous. . but god didn’t give her happiness and peace in her life. . we can pray to god and can hope that no other actress get such a dreadful fate.. so please be unite friends. . hatred will not give anything. . but love will give everything. . so can we be United?

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  1. I totally agree with u.we all should be together. Plz don’t get separated. Im a swasan fan but I do respect raglak aloooooot n respect raglak fans also.hope for swasan /raglak fans union.

  2. I am also fed up with their fight they evenbbegan to bash namish and helly directly plzzzzzz stop this stupidity guzzzzzzzzz

  3. Purvi

    True to the core…… I always support swasan and raglak…… Hope both the fans become one soon…..

  4. Very..very well said jwala

  5. Lata

    ???superb jwala totally agree with u.I plead u guys to take this analysis srsly. I seen on social sites now that their war.have some peace and enjoy the serial.if u have any problem tell or msg or comment to Cvs

  6. Gud article dear jwala.Iam just trying to make understand this thing exactly!

  7. Lata

    Don’t fight guys .do something that swaragini becomes no.1 serial and it will only happen if we all are together.

  8. Great thoughts Jwala! Truly agree with each and every word of urs…I really liked Pratyusha in BV a lot and l was very heartbroken when l got to know of her suicide…Life is a precious gift given by God and in my pov no one or anything is so important that u must throw away ur life for it…

    Coming to the topic, if u r in any social networking sites then post this article there too because l feel TU is far better than the condition in which IF, FB, Twitter, Insta are in…Seriously there is a lot of negativity on those pages and people are ready to kill and drink each others’ blood just for mere reel characters…and l must say if both the fandoms want to watch their fav couple then definitely they have to watch ‘Swaragini’ show unitedly otherwise that day is not far when the show ll surely go off air and there would be neither Swasan nor Raglak scenes anymore…
    P.S. I don’t belong to SwaSan/RagLak fandom ( I m a jabra fan of another evergreen couple) so don’t hit me with tomatoes for such a long comment…

  9. PinkChocolate

    Really Jwala..Now it is high time for us to realize this or else by the time we decide to unite Swaragini would have gone off air! I am a Raglak fan but still I do respect Helly and Varun a lot?They both are also lovely like Temish ? Yeah it is not possible for anyone to love all the fictional characters and it is natural to hate some, but we should not be definitely interfering in their personal space. Before being a Raglak / Swasan/Ragsan/Swalak fans we are humans and humans are known for their humanity, but bashers have lost their humanity indeed. And as yu said if v r together v can ask for equal screen space which’ll at the end increase the show’s trp like before? So let us join hands? at least for the ppl we love and admire a lot?

  10. Much needed post…i’m too swasan mad fan…but i like raglak too….pls stay united….it is just a serial guys….other serial fans r talking about our both fandoms very badly…that our fds r worst…it is better to show them dat our fds r not bad…pls stay united…y cant we create a group like other fans…guys comment on everyday daily update of swaragini serial…have to increase trp…n jwala…u did a very gud job by posting this

  11. You are right

  12. yes dear i also agree wth u

  13. yes sure I completely agree with u di as i’m not to matured, i’m in class 8th but can only say that even i’m a swasan lover but respect each n every couple…!!!

  14. Deeksha

    Ssss l totally agree with you….. Swaragini means swara and ragini so guys swasan and raglak must be United…..

  15. Alisha

    First of all greetings to all. Most of you might not know me, so hi, I am Alisha. Nice meeting you.?
    Coming to the main topic of discussion “Raglak and Swasan fans bashing Helly and Teju”, well that’s dreadful. It’s something I could never expect. I recently came to know about the fans bashing them from Amar’s Instagram account and the articles I read here. I did like to mention that I started watching this show when people decided not to watch it. Yes, I started watching it when Ragini turned negative. My fate, my friends recommended me this show and when I started watching just after a week, it was revealed that Ragini and Sanskaar are negative characters trying to separate Swalak. Well, that didn’t matter to me, i kept on watching the show until Sansakaar fell in love with Swara, but at that time Swara ignored his feelings and then circumstances made me hate her. (Hate her character not Helly herself. Both Helly and Teju are love.) And finally I had only one reason to watch “Swaragini”, Varun Kapoor aka Sanskaar. His acting, dialogues, looks everything was outstanding.
    Coming back to the point, bashing the actors is insane. I don’t know what to these people get by bashing Helly and Teju. After reading the articles here I went to Instagram and was scrolling through my feed when suddenly I saw a number of comments on Amar’s pic. Like seriously, if Helly isn’t in the pic then clam down, maybe she would be busy somehwere else. Couldn’t they think sensibly. What’s the need of bashing Teju? Coming to Helly’s insta, it’s full of those type of comments too. Its Helly, who doesn’t even replies to those comments and doesn’t block them. Hats off to her!
    When Namish posted Teju’s birthday video on Twitter, I read many people mentioning that Teju is acting fake in that video. E.t.c. Come on stop it! We all watch the same serial, right? What’s the name of it? Swaragini? It’s neither Swasan or Raglak. It has 2 couples, as leads. None of them is a parallel lead or something like that. Whenever people write fanfictions here, on this website (thanks to tellyupdates for giving us this opportunity), most of the people mention in their comments that writing a fanfiction or story is not that easy. I agree! I am writing a fanfic too and I understand. Why don’t you put the writers of Swaragini in their place, they are writers too. They find it hard to write too. Sometimes it happens that a writer is not able to do justice with both of the couples or leads. It’s hard to manage, especially if you have 2 couples as leads. So, please guys! Stay clam.. I adore both of the couples Raglak and Swasan. (Well, that’s another thing that in my fanfiction Laksh is a villian ?. Lol! Still love Namish)
    Atlast I did like to say that Jwala, I totally agree with you. People should stop bashing Helly and Teju because this is gonna bring nothing to them.
    Love to all! ??

  16. i m totally agree with u jwala….bt sometimes it hurts whn we see such nasty cmmnts abt our fav.one…..i m really whn i see such ugly nasty cmmnts against my hellu…it cant forgt yaar it hutts whn our lvd one bashed dis much of ugly way….dats why we react…. i m a swasan fan bt evn i like raglak too…..yeah its roght we hav to be swaragini fans den trp will rise…bt d main prob is dat many r includng me cant watch sr on tv…we watch online bcz we stay in hstl….bt u guys can do it whoevt hav d chanc….so pls watch sr in tv nd increast trp…to watch our swasan raglak swaragini sanlak heva temish nd all mm and gm members fot long……
    (jwala aftr a big shck u give dis swt article…tank u…nd yaar pls post angels vs devils tdy…cant wait morr….)

  17. Jiya

    Keep it up jwala! U are doing great job. Me too just fed up between the messy fight between swasan and raglak fans.???
    Dk y they are making a shit of sr characters nd leads.guys plz don’t bash any of sr character or lead plz?????

  18. Completely agree with you

  19. no !!!we are better when separated
    reason:well the main reason for such a swasan track is -after winning the best Jodi award the cvs or so you call them thought of increasing its popularity . they went by the method of “where the clan there we stand” so as they sought to increase the trps by giving a boost to the own clan.as the human tendency and newton’s third law of motion there is a reaction to every action and action and reaction are equal and opposite . so their action in the sense of swasanians was good and as a reaction from raglakians they ended up getting bashed.this difference should be maintained to lower the trps which in turn would make them investigate the reason for such a low stoop of trps .getting to know the reason as “less importance to raglak Jodi “they may start to introduce a raglak track as well. well I don’t think there would a difference in their thoughts as they have to keep swara as Mahan as always .

    so we and you and never be one and better not be

  20. Isabel

    What u say is completely right, hope the fighting people got something from this otherwise I pity them, I’ve always dreamed of union, like swaragini fandom and now I’m happy coz someone actually know to explain things clearly, I wish at least here after there’ll be only swaragini fandom (fingers crossed) and may God shower blessings upon every soul.. Have a happy day everyone, keep smiling and be happy 🙂

    1. Isabel

      And Jwala hats off to u, how could I ever miss giving credits to u, u r really a v great person.. 🙂

  21. Guys at d end of d day we r swaragini fans bcuz dats wat gave us swasan and raglak… So we are one guys… Don’t bash anyone,, we are all not that cheap to bash someone… I mean Swasan fan but I love raglak too… I love their friendship… So let’s be one and show our swaragini Fandom power…

  22. Agree wid u jwala…it jst made me cry wen someone bash tejas..so i cn undetstnd hw all helly,namish,varun fans feel wen dey see bad comments about dem..i m crazzy fan of tejas..i always supported her bt never bashed helly or ny other charecter…wen i see nasty comments on her brthday video ..it really made me angry…jst as namish supported her…we also hve to support each n every swaragini chatecter..if v wl b together den no one cn dare to bash any actor..n i jst wnt cvs to gve more ragini scenes…jst loved her from core of ma heart…

  23. Well said….Jwala. If we continue like dis, the war will never end. It really makes us lose peace of mind. The actors themselves told that if their fans bash any other actor, they r not their fans.

  24. Yarr I m noticing that bashers are crossing all limits. On tejaswi’s birthday some sick people called her fakeswi ………………..yaar how could you spoil someone’s most special day of the year. And when Namish took a stand for her on twitter, they satarted bashing him too nd a girl called him d*g too…………………yaar atleast have some respect them being a actor or elder than you. I really appreciated that he opposed those people but the problem these people could not be cured so easily.

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