swaragini fans awesome news (mainly swasan and ragini)

hi guys am anu . i think u know that swara memory laws and a new guy for swara . but it will happened there is going to be swara doing double character . but i still don’t know where is real swara. another swara is going to romance with the new guy . but ragini, laksh and sanskar misunderstands it and tells that is swara . the new guy is anuj (i think u all know it).

guys i have one more important think to know from u . do u like this memory loss track plz comment

y i said it is awesome news for ragini because .ragini is going to search swara so ragini will get more importance

swasan fans u should be happy that swara will soon come and unite with sanskar . waiting for that episode

and i want to thank some writters

shree harini
sindhu rm

all one shot writters

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  1. no i dont like the new track of mamory lost. and yeah of course agini will get importance to 2 min it will be 3 min woww. i dont think so ragini will get importance but i am still hoping like an idiot that she will get importance and justice. i thik the cvs are in love with swara(lol). i want to see ragini more and more. i just hope to see ragini and laksh to share equal scene with swasan. like 50% raglak and 50%swasan. and mainely the show is swaRAGINI so give same importance to the leads and not show always swara.

  2. From where u get this news.is this news true?swara will play dual character.if it will happen whole think will be messy.but i am waittng for ml track.

  3. waah apne kya news dia hai.. superb ..!! sanskar is just a mind blowing character potrayed well by varun kapoor.. In the recent episode v can really see as to why he received best actor award ..

  4. They are making things more complicated… Bt I’m excited for memory loss track…

    N if itz double role then itz disgusting… Same reputation in all serial… M pissed off…

    I mean com’on yr… Hw can 2 ppl look like xerox copy… They can resemble each other bt ditto same to same is too much

  5. Yaa iam excited to see this memory loss drama

  6. stop spreading fake news.. helly is not playing double role and anuj is not confirmed.. go and do some other work than spreading fake news..

  7. again a track only giving imp to Swara . Why the hell they have named it Swaragini. l will be really happy happy if Teju leave this crap show, more happy if leaves with Varun LOL…………WELL all this don’t affect me as l m nt wathing this show for along time but thanks to my mother l get all information about it even wthout wanting.l m trying to avoid this show as much l cn bt always from some where or other l get all infrmation about it and once again my blood starts boiling seeing thier partiality.

  8. I want ragini to romance new guy and lakshya passionate love drunk scene bcoz swara romance is bored

  9. ML track is interestin but don’t introduce double role track. They already did it in a show called pyaar ka dard hai.
                Hero loves dupe thnkin it is otiginal-dupe hates first loves last-hero’s realisation-dupe tries to wi n his love -when she wins,original turns up- hero forgets dupe as he alwys loved original-dupe goes single and hopes hero loves her back which will never happen or worse , she ends up with a clown.
           This track is as interestin as bullcr*p.
         We cant do justice to the actress by cheatin on her onepart and glorifyin her other part. I luv swaragini but today i will admit  one thing that everyone who loves this show will never admit-the show is failing in trps . Sanskar luvin smone who is not swara is beyond smthin that a true  swasanian cant tolerate. Swara ko swara hi rahane de tohi acchhe hai. Pyaar mein shakal ki alava aur kuch cheezein bhi hai. Un ehzazon ko kisi aur ladki , jo swara nahi hain, uskeliye plzz nahi kharab karna.

  10. Omg.. if it’s true that Swara will play double roles and they’ll misunderstand it then I AM FREAKING HAPPY because I really wasn’t ready for Sanskar and Swara to be apart. I’m also happy for Ragini like really really HAPPY. I’ve been literally freaking out. But now I can wait for those new episodes and be completely at EASE.

  11. kya……… swara get memory loss…… then she will forget sankar and his love……… omg…………..!!

  12. Its good that Ragini will get imp. I am interested in this memory loss track. And i dont understand why swasan ko itna importance kyu diya jata hai? Dono ko acting toh aati nahi. Ragini you are best.

  13. Helly ko acting aati nahi toh double role kaha se aayega? Nonsense. Single role thik se jamta nahi 2 roles kaise jamega. Swara negative role nahi kar sakti double role kya karegi.

  14. thanu u don’t like swara…..??????

  15. There is no double role ragini didnt beleive swara died she searches every where suddenly she listens someone playing guitar she is shocked to see swara and follows her comes to know about ml sanky also comes there and struggles to revive swara memory she remembers her mother and goes with her

  16. When trp is low they bring the track of memory loss. Old fashioned

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