Swaragini Fanfictions Review


Swaragini Fan fictions SHOULD READ ONES.

Hi guys. I’m not analysing any fan fictions here but just telling my point if view. All the Swasan and Swalak/Ragsan/Raglak ffs are awesome here. But what I feel is what I am sharing.

Most beautifully written fan fictions.
Mr. Maheshwari and I (Anjali)
Fixing Broken Souls (Anu)
Ragsan – Red Strings of fate (Azure)
Ek Cup Coffee (Raglak)
Samjhota (Eva)

Most mysterious Fan fiction.

Acceptance (Sree Harini) Swara’s parents death.
Arranged To Be His (Anu) Swara’s mysterious past.

Most Emotional Fan fictions.

Path from Hate to love (Saba)
Swasan Destiny (Anu)
Limitless love (Sree Harini)
Mr. Maheshwari and I (Anjali)
Bz. I loved her (Sethooty)
I dreamed a dream (Sindhuja)
Incomplete Scrapbook (Kashish)
Yellow Rose (Bisha)

Romantic/Cute Ffs.

You are mine (Bushra)
Smile that stole my heart. (Meher)
Kuch is tarah (Meher)
Childhood Sweethearts (Anu)
Meri Aashiqui (Dolly actually all her ffs)
Ek Cup Coffee
Movie Stars (Kritika)
Breakdown (Misha)


Writers whose ffs are commendable.

Saba. – She’s awesome in all her stories.

Vini – Her ffs are just splendid and she’s really inspiration for many.

Deepa Sharma. – Her ffs are mind – blowing but they are not being continued but she’ll be back by mid May.

Azure.- RagSan have been given new life by her way of writing.

Sree Harini. – Her suspense is always thrilling.

Anu. – Young, talented and writes beautifully emotions and cuteness overloaded.

Anjali. – expresses everything magically by her words and vocab.

Dolly – All her ffs are just above each other.

Sethooty – mind blowing writer who has made me fall in love with her Sanskar.

Jyoti – One complaint. You stopped one ff of yours dear. But you are really nice writer.

So I am here with my thoughts. I know I have missed many but that’s all I read as I hardly get time due to my job as a software engineer. I love all the writers here and I just go with the story even though Swasan is my favourite pair.

Credit to: Love

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  1. Love -my name is asheeyana (ek cup coffee) thank u felt good to know u liked nd loved it☺

  2. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Love u should add namrata di’s D3 also even swaragini ek nayi kahani , tujh mein rab dikta hain , swaragini heart connection, neha di’s all ff swaragini power of true love etc etc and the all ffs which u have mentioned r just amazing I salute all the writer s for their brilliant story writing

  3. Awww…. thank you sooo much ????

    Love all the auth9ts you have mentioned here… ( swasan) but I think its time I read red string of fate….

    Anyways… thnxxx a lot!!!! ??

  4. Tysm love! This actually motivated me a lot. And all the authors mentioned above are just too good<3<3<3

  5. Thank you very much!
    But dear which ff have i stopped??
    I finished all d ffs and am currently writing one??
    Which ff had i ended abruptly? :O

  6. Thanku Dr… what to say…its really encouragement for us…Every writers r fab

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