Hey guys I am bacn with epi 6.
Recap:-SwaSan n laksh get back Ragini.

Laksh and SwaSan find Ragini and ask her to come back.
Laksh:-Ragini please come back, I have realised how much u love me and I also realised that I love u.
Ragini:-But laksh I cannot face anyone after what I did.
SwaSan:-Everyone forgave u and are waiting for u and lets start a new beginning all four of us.
Ragini:-Swara I cannot face u also after what I did. Please.Forgive me Swara I did all this to get Laksh. I love him Alot and cant live without him.
Swara:-Ragini I forgave u long back and even Laksh has realised his love for u and u both can have A new beginning.
Ragini agrees to go.
Laksh hugs her and Says I love u alot Ragini.
Ragini says I got everything what I wamted and now I dont want anything from god
I love u alot Laksh please forgive me for what I did.
Laksh:-I forgave u long back.
Samskaar:- Accha Acchha stop romance in public place.
Laksh hits him and says bhai aap kyun Kabab mein haadi baan rahe ho.

They all laugh. Sanskaar tells he will book the tickets. They say ok when Sanskaat calls to book tickets he gets to know that planes are full and there are no tickets for three days. Samskaar says ok. He calls dp and says what all happen and says everything dp says its ok u guys can stay in hotel for three or four days and can have it like a small trip Sanskaar says ok. He says this to the three and Ragini says why hotel we can to my house. They say ok and go to raginis house.
She opens the house amd the other three are surprised to see her beautiful house it is small 2bhk house but Ragini has decorated it so well the whole house is filled with pics of laksh and other family members. Laksh sees his pics and says dekha bhai how much my wife loves me. Sanskaar tells ya I saw and says ur very lucky to have her and raglak smile. Sanskaar says I am feeling hungry and ragini its been3 months since we ate food prepared by u. Ragini says wait fo4 sometime and I will get food ready swara nd ragini go to prepare food whereas SanLak are chatting. The food is ready and they all have food laksh says wow Ragini this food is so tasty. Sanskaar says OMG laksh u have realised it now cant believe u were eating the same food when Ragini was there with u Laksh says that time I dint realize our love but now after realizing the food tastes so good. Sanskaar says nice logic
and laughs. Laksh says I am very tired after th3 journey Sanskaar says yes lucky and tells we will gk get th3 bags from car change sleep as.it is already night.
They both get the bags and change. And go to sleep.

Location:- Maheshwari Mansion.
Dp and Ap are discussing about Ragini and Ap suggest that they should get RagLak married as they want to have new start he agrees and tells let me talk to gadodias first. He talks to shekhar and he agrees and plan to give them a surprise.

Location:- SwaSan room
Swara is standing in the balcony and os looking at the sky. Sanskaar comes there and hugs her from behind and says my beautiful wife tell me whay u want as I am very happy. Swara tells I dont want anything I just want you to stay with me forever and promise that no one will ever come in between us Sanskaar promises her and then carries her to the bed and after that Sanskaar kisses swara on her lips and they both go to sleep.

Location:-RagLak room.
Ragini is standing in the balcony with Lakshs photo and tells everyday I used to hug this photo and think that my Laksh is with me. But today u brought my lalsh to me thank u.so much god. Laksh comes and hugs her from behind and says now u dont have to hug this photo as ur Laksh is in front of u and I promise from now there will be no one in between us they both hug each other tightly and say I love u and go to sleep…..

Precap:- RagLak and SwaSan are enjoying in Mumbai.And in Kolkata RagLak marriage preparation is in full swing…….


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