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Its mornimg SwaSan n Laksh rready to leave for Mumbai.
They take blessings from elders.
Dp:- Laksh how r u going?
Laksh:- Pappa we r going by flight Dp:-Ok
Anapurna:- Take care of yourself please bring back Ragini.
SwaSan:-Yes Badi Maa we will bring her back.
They leave.

Location:- Airport
Swara looks a bit tensed Sanskarasks what happen?
Swara:- Sanskaar I am scared of hights n I have never travelled in planes.
Sanskaar:- HaHa toh Mrs Swara Maheshwari ko hights sw daar lagta hai.
Swara:- Sanskaar Iam tensed over here n u are laughing you are so mean
Sanskaar:- Yeah I am mean what will u do now.
Swara:How dare u argue with meThey both start to fight.
Laksh comes n stops their fight.
Laksh:- Why do u both start fighting every now n then n this airport not you room.
Sanskaar:- Laksh u know Swara the sherni is scared of heights n planes.
Laksh also starts to laugh.
Sanskaar:- Lucky I am so happy to see u laugh like this.
Laksh:-Bhai when my Ragini comes I will be more happy. Sanskaar:-Yes laksh when Ragini comes back we will be more happy.
The announcement is made n they leave.

Sanskaar keeps swaras head on his chest n says dont worry I am with u. Laksh is happy seeing this.
They reach Mumbai.
Ragini is seen playing Sitar many kids are around her n are clapping. Ragini is wearing a sky blue Anarkali, very simple one she has her Mangalsutra n sindoor. Her hair is left open. She is looking just like a fairy. Children tell didi Ek aur gana gau na please.
Ragini:- Bachoon abhi clasa ka time khatam ho gaya mai kal sunaoongi.
Just then few other teachers come n ask Ragini.
Ragini u never say anything about your sasural or ur husband.
Ragini:- I am getting late I will leave
Teacher:-Ragini u have any problem u can tell us.
Ragini:- Because of some mistakes what I made my family is not with me today the person whom I love the most My husband Laksh doesnt even want to see myface. Ragini is in tears.
The teacher tells Its ok Ragini human beings do mistakes.
Laksh n SwaSan reach the Academy n hear the conversation of Ragini n the teacher. Laksh is in tears he says u dont no Ragini how much I am waiting to see u I LOVE U.
But before they go to Ragini she leaves.
Laksh goes running behind her buy she goes from there.Laksh asks the teacher if she knows where Ragini stays.
She asks him who r u?
Laksh:- Her husband
Teacher:- Mr She has done a mistake please forgive her everyday she cries here remembering u.
Laksh:- I know n I forgave her long back. I love her a lot.
Teacher:- She stays in Andheri west.
Laksh:- Thank u so much.Laksh n SwaSan. Leave for Andheri West. On the way they see some guys misbehaving with a girl. Swara gets angry and goes out of the car and finds that its Ragini she comes running and tells Laksh n Sanskaar that its our Raginj. Laksh n Sanskaar run out n go to beat the goons. Raginj is screaming please leave me someone please help she os crying. Laksh comes and slaps that guys and kicks him andSanskaar hits the other one Swara come to Ragini.
Ragini sees Swara n acts as if she doesnt know her.
Ragini:- Who r u?
Swara:- Ragini its me Swara ur sister.
Ragini:- Who Swara I dont know u
Swara:-Stop acting I am ur sister I know u very well.
Ragini doesnt know that its Laksh n Sanskaar who are fighting.
She is shocked when she turns nfinds Laksh n Sanskaar there. Laksh gets teary eyed seeing Ragini. Humari Adhuri Kahani plays in bg. One goon tries to hit Laksh with a stone. Ragin sees this n screams Laksh. He turns behind and hits the goon the goons fall on the ground. Laksh says Kabhi bi kissi ladki ko chedne se pehle socho ke tumhara kya haal hoga. Aur hemat kaise hui meri Ragini ko hat lagane ki koshish kaise kiBiwi hai wo meri. Ragini sees this and starts to cry. The goons run away.
Swara:- U remember Laksh but not me.
Ragini tries saying no I dont know him.
Laksh comes there and says look into my eyes and say u dont know me. Ragini starts to cry n says why did u guys save I should have died. Laksh says u dare not say that I love u and I cant Imaginemy life without u. Yes Ragini I love u and I have realised how much u also love me. Come with us we will go back to our house.
Ragini says I cannot face them after what all I did. Laksh all are waiting for u and have forgotten the past. Lets start a new beginning. Ragini hugs Laksh n Says I love u alot and I dont know what to say Swara Sanskaar please forgive me. SwaSan tell we forgave u long back.

PRECAP:-SwaSan n Laksh go to Raginis house. And see the full house has only lakshs and family photos. Laksh tell Dp that they found Ragini and will come back soon. Everyone are happy and start prepration for Raginis welcome.


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