recap:- ragini goes away leaving a letter, laksh realizes ragininis love for him. and promises to bring her back.

location:-swasans room

swara is still crying sanskaar tells her thta we will bring back ragini dont worry. you are not alone now iam there with you. swara is happy listening to this andthey both hug each other. sanskaar tells her to sleep as it is to late. they both go to bed.

location:-raglaks room

laksh is crying remembering the past incidents and good time spent with ragini . he tries calling her several times but her phone is switched off. laksh promises to himself that he will bring back ragini.

early morning

swara and sanskaar are still sleeping sanskaar gets up and smiles seeing swara sleep. swara suddenly gets up and asks him y is he smiling.

sanskaar:- seeing u sleep i fell u look so peaceful

swara:- as if i trouble u when iam awake.

sanskaar:- trouble!!! omg u torture me.

swara gets angry and starts throwing pillows on sanskaar.

swara:- sanskaar ke bacche aaj mai tumhe nahi chodungi..

they both keep figting and they stop and start to laugh sanskaar pulls swara near him and says i love u.

swara:- i know that mr.maheshwari i love u too.

sanskaar kisses swara on her forehead swara says if someone comes.

sanskaar:- so what we are married??
swara slowly bends and runs off from there and runs to washroom. sanskaar sees this and starts to laugh.

location:-raglaks room

laksh gets up and calls ragini ragini….

and then he remebers that ragini is gone and he has to search for her and goes to have bath.

location:- baadi

sharmishta is serving breakfast and she gets swaras call. she asks her how is she an ragini???

swara:- ma ragini wentaway she left her sister and went.

sharmishta:- what are u telling swara i cannot u nderstand what happen to ragini???

swara tells her everything and sharmishta drops the phone and dtarts to cry and scream ragini….

evryone come rushing to her and ask her what happen she is crying and doesnt tell anything.

shekhar picks the phone and asks swara what happem swara tells him what happen and he is also in ashock. he tels we are coming and he cuts the phone he tries to console sharmishta and dadima. they leave for maheshwari house.

location:- maheshwari house
dinning area.

everyone are having breakfast and laksh comes down annapurna calls him to have breakfast.

laksh:- no ma i have to search ragini.

anapurna:-laksh if u starve ragini wont come back. please have some food.

every one insists him on having food and he does .

them the gadoddias enter and call out for swara. swara comes there and gives them the letter. everyone are in tears after reading the letter.

dadi ma:- god wherever my laddo is please keep her safe.
laksh tells dadima dont cry i will get ragini back i promise.

dadi ma says please get her back.

shekhar:- i know what she did was wrong but she dd this because she had become blind by her love for lalsk. durga prasad ji please forgive my daughter.\

dp:- we have forgiven her and when she comes back it will be a new start for both of them.

shekhar says thank u.

precap:- laksh tries his best to find ragini. in the process of getting her back laksh realizes that he has also started falling for ragini.
all swara, sanskaar and laksh go to her freinds house her relatives house and search for her.

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  1. Please let him find Ragini, before any sort of leap

  2. Niceeee.
    Laksh plssss find your ragu
    Love raglak

  3. There wont be any leap and Ragini will come back soon guys…

  4. nice epi.. bring back ragini soon

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