Hey guys this the second part of my ff.
Recap:- Ragini realises her mistakes, she helps sanskaar in making swara realize her love for him, swaras confession.

Location:-Maheshwari house
Living area.

Durga :- Swara if you love sanskaar then why were you going?

Swara:- Bade Papa I never realized that I love him , but today because of his prank when I thought that I had lost him I realized how much I love Sanskaar.

Anapurna and Sujata are very confused listening to all this. Laksh is very angry and he goes back to his room
Scene 2:-
Location:- Sujatas room
Anapurna:- Sujata what is happening I cannot understand anything I think we should talk to Laksh and Ragini?Anapurna:- Sujata what is happening I cannot understand anything I think we should talk to Laksh and Ragini?

Sujata:- Yes jijji we should talk to them I cannot let my sons life risk I want to find the truth.

They both are going to RagLaks room and suddenly DP calls them and they go down.

Location:- SwaSans room

Sanskaar pulls swara near him and says,

Sanskaar:- When u love me much then why were u going??

Swara:- Kya tum behre ho(are u deaf)
I said it to bade papa rite. I cant tell again and again.

Sanskaar:- OMG so much ego.
They both laugh.

Swara:- Promise me u will never leave me or break my trust
Sanskaar:- Yes I promise I love you alot and I will never leave u or break your trust .

They botb hug each other and smile.

Scene 4:-
Location:- RagLaks Room

Laksh is very angry and calls out for ragini and searches for then he calls her, but her phone is switched off. He gets very irritated and goes to drink water and he finds a letter he starts to read. Its written by Ragini. Dear Laksh,
Iam sorry for every thing I did but I did all this only for u I started falling in love with you the first time we met. I thought u also love me but u loved only swara and when I came to know this I was shattered and later I thought that I would bringI u swara together but I failed then U both beacame friends and then u had a new plan for separating swara and sanskaar. But please dont do that as Sanskaar has already lost kavita and He wont be able to bear the pain of losing swara. Laksh if u do this there wont be any difference between us what I did to get you and u dont do that to get swara and I cant betray my sister again I know that things cant get back as the samebut u dont do the same mistake as i did. Whatever I did was because I love u and wanted you. You wanted me to go away rite iam going very far from your life so that you can live happily and move on in life. I know u never loved me but I loved u, i love u, and will always remain loving u until my last breath.
I will miss you laksh . Please take care of yourself and try to move on in life.Laksh please takecare of Ma as I have betrayed her also I thought I would stay like a daughter with her and not a daughter in law but I couldnt ask her to forgive me if possible
With lots of love
Yours Ragini.After reading the letter laksh completely breaks down and cries vigorously. Anapurna who is passing from his room hears laksh crying and comes running to him and asks him what happen Laksh who istotally shattered gives her the letter.Anapurna is also shattered listening to this and is in tears she takes laksh down and calls everyone down and reads out the letter everyone r shocked swara is in tears and starts to cry and tells she did all this only for u laksh she went against her own sister her mother everyone only for you and today she went so that all of us can move in our life she cries alot.Sanskaar tries to console swara and tells that she went away telling u that u should not separate us so that I dont have anymore pain and live peacefully with swara.
Laksh:- Bhai I am sorry I became blind in Swaras love and couldn’t realize how much ragini loves me and u love swara please forgive me.

DP:- Whatever ragini did was toget Laksh because she loves him. Its better to forgive her and move on in life.

Annapurna:- You are rite I hope she stays fine wherever she is.

Laksh:- I will bring Ragini back as I have understood how much she loves me I will bring her back.

Swara:- Laksh I beg u please bring back my sister
Laksh:- I promise to u that I will bring her back

Laksh leaved from their and goes to his room and thinks about Ragini and cries.
Location:- SwaSans room

Swara is still crying and sanskaar says that they will find ragini she sacrificed het love for us have to search her. They both hug each other.

Precap:- Swara calls Sharmishta and tells her everything and She breaks down and screams Ragini. Everyone come to sharmishta and ask her what happen. She tells them what happen and they go to Maheshwari house there Laksh promises them that he will get back Ragini.

Guys PLEASE comment if any suggestions or if u like it. Thank you….


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  1. Great 🙂

  2. Nice dear! But again screams and crying please extend swasan scene

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  5. so sad yr. bring back ragini soon

  6. Guys thanks for your suggestions dont worry dear there will be more swasan scenes and are Ragini will come back very soon.

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