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Hey guys epi 10.
Recap:-SwaSan date n then mystery man revelation.
The mystery man is arjun played by neil motwani.
Location:-Raginis house.
Ragini is speaking to sujata n tries to convince her to accept swara.
Ragini:-She is good in everything her character is so clean she lovea sanskaar sanskaar loves her. And let me tell u one thing chachi maa love is not done by seeing the cast or status love is done by heart n true feelings……
Sujata realizes her fault n tells her yes u r rite Ragini I was wrong n now I whole heartedly except Swara as my bahu n she tells her not to tell swara as it will be a surprise.
Ragini says ok n says good night n tells bye.

Location:-SwaSan room.

Swara is setting the bed n Sanskaar comes n hugs her from behind n tells what is my jaan doing?
Swara:-Are u blind cant see I am setting the bed?
Sanskaar:-Ohh Attitude haan.
Swara:-Sanskaar leave me I am very tired I need to sleep.
Sanskaar:-I am sorry y r u angry now?
Swara:- U think I am a junglee to get wet in rain… U dont know the asli maza of getting wet in rain… u r such a khaddus…..
Sanskaar:-Ok meri maa I am sorry.
He kneels down holds his year n makes a sad puppy face.
Swara melts seeing him.
Swara:-Ok Mr Khaddus Maheshwari I forgive u now get up.
He gets up and hugs her n says thank u.
Swara is looking into Sanskaars eyes he asks her what can u see in my eyes?
Swara:-Love, love for me.
Sanskaar:-U r rite.
They both are looking at each other sanskaar caresses her hair. And tells u I love u alot and tells I will never leave u alone.
Bg song:-Aaj phir tumpe.
Sanskaar pushes swaras hair gently n kisses her cheek. They both are looking straight into each others eyes their lips are just inches away. Sanskaar pulls her towards him n then they have a passionate lip lockAaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai (x2)

Toote toh toote teri baahon mein aise
Jaise shaakhon se patte be-haya
Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hi mera sab le gaya
Na fiqar, na sharam, na lihaaj, ek baar aaya

Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai
Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aaya hai

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai (x2)
Tu hi meri awaaragi
Tu hi duaa har shaam ki
Tu khamakha, tu laazmi
Tu hi razaa, tu hi kami
Aur tu hi wo, firaaq hai jisko
Hai silsilon ne mere pass laaya

Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Hothon pe tere izhaar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumar aaya hai

Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai (x2).
They both then fall on the bed and dozze off.

RagLak room.
Ragini is removing her bracelets n chains n tells.
Laksh who is constantly staring at her tells yes.
Ragini:-We enjoyed so much today rite.
Laksh:-Yes my sweetheart.
Laksh comes near her n tells I LOVE YOU.
Laksh hugs her from behind and she turns in front and tells I love u 2 and hugs him they both are hugging each other n tell we will promise each other that we will never leave each other hand. Laksh kisses her forehead n tells yes.
Ragini has tears in her eyes n she tells that. Laksh sometimes I feel very guilty for what I did with u.
Laksh:-Shhh…. Ragini lets forget the past and start a new beginning. I cant see tears in your eyes I love n thats all I know l. Laksh kisses on her eyes. And they both hug each other tightly.
Background song:-Sukoon Mila.
Mila hoon ab jo tum se
Hai dil ko mere kasam se
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila..

Tujhe hai paaya Rab se,
Hai dil ko mere kasam se
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila..

Har pal haseen sa huaa hai
Saanson ko tune chhuaa hai
Badhi tujhse nazdeekiyaan
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila.. mm..

Mila hoon ab jo tum se
Hai dil ko mere kasam se
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila.. mm..
Laksh pulls ragini towards him n kisses her neck she closes her eyes they both share an intense eye lock. Laksh then cups her face n they both have a lip lock ragini feels shy n runs lalsh runs behind her and carriea her in his arms and they both fall on the bed n they hug each other n then doze off.
Jab se juda tujhse jiya
Chain o qaraar dil ko mila (x2)

Jab bhi rahoon sang tere
Bhoolun har gham shiqwa gila
Tere ishq ka hi nasha hai
Meri rooh tak mein basaa hai
Tune aankhon se jo chhuaa
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila.. mm..

Mila hoon ab jo tum se
Hai dil ko mere kasam se
Sukoon mila, sukoon mila…….
Location:-Raginis house.
Ragini gets up n sees laksh sleeping n she plants a kiss on his cheek she caresses his hair and watches him lovingly. She is about to go when laksh pulls her n tells Dont go ragini tells Laksh I have to prepare break fast and then she goes.
Swara n Ragini r preparing breakfast.
They call SanLak n tell them to help them prepare breakfast and they both come n say this is so easy we can do it with our left hand u girls think its very hard. Swaragini get angry and tell If it is so easy then u guys prepare lunch today. The boys accept the challenge. After having breakfast Swaragini tell as we dont have to.prepare lunch shall we n they decide to go n tell SanLak n leave.
Location:-Raginis house.
Swaragini have left for shopping.
SanLak go to prepare food n then they decide to make vegetable biryani. They take out masalas and tell,
Laksh:-bhai yeh saare masale ek jaise lahte hai aab.
Sanskaar:-Lucky dont worry we will they start n spill everything down then they spill flour on each other the kitchen is fully messed up they decide to clean n cook fast but they feel lazy n go to rest…..

Precap;- Swaragini return home and are angry looking at the kitchens state they all clean the kitchen and the next day. They leave for.kolkata.

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