Hello everyone my name is tuba and I am a big fan of Swaragini especially ragini and laksh.

So I will be starting from the current track that is after Diwali celebrations and when Swara and Lakah become friends again.

Location-Maheshwari house RagLak room.

Ragini:- Thank you laksh for giving me another chance. I promise to yoy that I will never break your trust again I LOVE U alot and whatever I did I did it only to get u back.

Laksh:- Ragini please stop it I didn’t give you any chance I said that so that swara becomes my friend and I get her back by her will not forcefully.

(Ragini who ia shocked listening to this is in tears)

Laksh:- I have a plan I will become very close to swara again and tell her that sanskar is cheating on her and somehow make her realize that I still love her and then when I console her she will come back to me.

Ragini:- But Laksh, what you are doing

(Laksh interrupts)

Laksh:- I am very tired today we will speak in morning.

Laksh goes to sleep and ragini who is shattered completely runs to the balcony and cries loud.She says,

Ragini:- O god I know what I did is wrong but I did it for Laksh. I have already caused alot of trouble to swara.

(Flashback happy moments of Swaragini are shown and in one moment it ia shown how they promised each other that they will alaways remain best sisters and will never betray anyone)

Ragini:- I cannot do this to swara I cannot betray her once again. I have to explain Laksh everything.

Ragini sleeps in balcony.

Scene 2:-
Location:- SwaSans room.

Swara:- Sanskaar why are you ignoring me I want to tell you what happen today in farmhouse.

Sanskaar:-Swara I am buay we will talk in morning.

Swara gets up and tell sanskaad to stand.

Sanskaar:- Swara what type of madness is this are you a kid??

Swara:- How dare you call me mad…. I only wanted to tell you that Laksh said that I can go back to my life and we became friends again and he also gave ragini another chance.

Sanskaar shocked on hearing this says,

Sanskaar:- Wow thats great.
He thinks in mind that now swara will go back to baadi I wish she doesnt go back.
He is verg sad.

Sanskaar:- So now will u fo back to baadi ??

Swara who is puzzled says yes and she is also sad.

Scene 3:-
Location:- Dinning area everyone are having breakfast and SwaSan come there and say good morning.

Annapurna:- Good Morning swara and sanskaar. Where is Ragini and Laksh??

Swara:- Badi Ma they might be coming down badi ma bade papa I wanted to say something to u all.

Annapurna:- Yes swara Even I wanted to talk to u both.

Swara:- Yes badi maa please tell.

Badi Ma:- Let Ragini and Laksh come down. Sanskaar please call them.

Sanskaar says ok and then leaves to call them.

Location:- RagLak room

Laksh wakes up and searches for Ragini and he doesnt find her anywhere and geta tensed he then goes to the balcony and then finds Ragini there he is shocked to see her on the ground he wakes her up. And she gets up.

Laksh:- Ragini what are you doing here are yoy alright?

Ragini is about to speak just then Sanskaar comes in.

Sanskaar :- Maa is calling you both down.

Ragini tells him that we will.come in a while sanskaar leaves.

Laksh again asks Ragini why were you sleeping out.

Ragini:- At night I went out for sometime and I dont know when I felt asleep.

Laksh:- Its ok now get ready Maa is calling us down.

Ragini:- Ok even you get ready quickly.

Ragini is about to go but suddenly she feels dizzy and is about to fall but laksh holda her they have an eyelock and the song moh moh ke dhage plays.
Ragini gets up and says Iam fine.
Laksh touches her head and tell Oh my god you have high fever wait ill get medicine.

Ragini:- its ok laksh im fine.

Laksh:- No you are not.
Laksh goes and calls doctor.

Scene 5:-
Location:- Dinning area
Swara:- I think I shohld leave now beacuse raginis health is better.

Durga Prasad:- Swara we cannot force you to stay here it is your will.

Swara:- Thank you for understanding baade papa.

Just then the doctor comes in. DP asks who called you.
Laksh comes and tell I have called him.

Anapurna:- But what happen Laksh?

Laksh:- Maa ragini has got high fever.

Swara:- What happen to her is she fine?

Laksh:- Yes but she has high fever.

Laksh takes the doctor up.

Doctor checks ragini and says good u called me on time beacause now days small fever is also very dangerous.

DurgaParasad:- Swara I think you should take Ragini also with u.as she will feel better there.

Swara says yes you are right.

Ragini:- where are you going?

Swara:- Baadi will you come.

Ragini:- Yes

Scene 6:-
Location:- Hall

Swara and Ragini are ready to leave.
Juat then Ragini says I forgot my phone and goea to get it.

There Ragini sees Sanskaar crying she tells I know you Love Swara alot.

Sanskaar:- But she doesn’t.

Ragini:- She loves you too I have seen in her eyes.

Sanskaar:- but you wanted to get her back with Lucky.

Ragini:- That was a part of my plan. Now you do as I say.

Sanskaar:- I will not believe you
Ragini tells him what all happened at night and tells him I dont want Laksh To become like me.

Sanskaar:- Ok but why should I believe u.

Ragini:- Please I dont want swara to loose you and and want her to realize her love for you.

Sanskaar say ok.

They both go down andwhen Swara and ragini are about to leave sanskaar comea their with his wrist cut and tells Swara please dont go and fall on ground.

Swara screams his name and goes crying to him and tells you cant leave me I love tou alot please dont go everyone are happy listening to her confession where as Anapuurna and Sujata are tensed. Then suddenly Sanskaar wakes up laughing swara beats him and says what type of a stupid prank is this.
Sanskaar tells this was the only way to get her confess her feelings they hug each other.

Laksh is very angry and tells how could this happen and call out for ragini and theb he finds a letter and is shattered afte reading this.

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

Please suggest if anything is wrong or if you want to add anything.

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