Swaragini fanfic….. Episode 3

So now guys all are waiting for ragsan scenes I make that available soon

So then The next day Laksh gets up early and the first thing he does is go to work as he has an important meeting with the minister….

Laksh:So u see Mr.Chopra Lakh Maheshwari does not do this kind of cheap jobs

Minister:But ji u see I need the place asap for an Hospital

Laksh:I cannot cheat Mr.Chopra

Minister:Ok ji but pls atleast Legalise the matter and help us

Laksh:Ok Mr .Chopra I’ll get back to u asap….and always remember never rub me on the wrong side…I hate people dominating me….

As soon as laksh uttered these words there came a voice

Oye lucky….what do u think today I said we r going to look for a house and here u r sitting and chatting come out asap

That was Swara

Laksh:What the hell is she doing here

Minister:So nobody dominates you!!!

Laksh:Mr.Chopra I’ll see u in the evening

Swara’s:Has that bald man left now come we have to go

Laksh: Listen don’t shout.. They r ministers….

Swara: Joke of the century……Y would a minister come to meet you…..You r now Lakshya Maheshwari OK…..u r some random Lucky working for him

Laksh to himself “so she thinks I’m a worker…..let it be”

Laksh:Ok mam now can we go….

Secretary:Sir….but the meeting….


Swara: Come faast now otherwise commission cut

Laksh: OK mam

They go to many places…..everywhere they reject coz swara is single

At last they go to a building near Laksh’s mansion

Laksh: See don’t see a house in this place

Swara:Why not its been 4 days since we are roaming to find a house now you don’t talk I’ll talk with the owner

Swara:Excuse me sir…


Swara:I am looking for your house….for rent

Owner:You are married?!

Swara:Noo…..and then sees laksh
Yes I’m married…. My husband is here and shows Laksh

Laksh was on his phone so dosent know anything….

Owner:He….he is ur husband?!


Swara’s:Arey lucky little bit of fight and u consider me not your wife….kya yaar

Laksh: I don’t understand anything…..

Swara’s:Listen u just say yes I’ll take care of everything


Swara: Chup

Owner:Sir your wife

Swara:Kya sir call him lucky

Owner:Bit mam

Swara’s: Ji listen pls give me the house

Owner:Sure mam

Swara’s gets the house…..laksh still stands there shocked…..and he is amused by her childishness

Swara’s gets the keys And asks laksh

Swara’s:Lucky sorry I became ur wife…

Laksh:I know pls be

Swara’s:I wantbone small favor

Laksh:Now what

Swara:Help me shift na pls….see I don’t know anything or anyone except you so please

Laksh is mesmerised by her and says yes

According to swara Laksh is just a normal guys who is a worker

Swara’s:Arrey lucky….yahan NAHI udhar rakho

Laksh:it’s the 200th time I’m shifting it

After sometime they go through the bedroom to set the bed

Swara’s climbs on the stool to reach the attic and laksh holds the stool suddenly she looses balance and falls down but laksh catches her……both keep looking at each other as though they know each other for ages….

Laksh:Are u alright?!

Swara:Ya thanks

They then set the house….after that laksh says I’m leaving….


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  1. How cute… Even i like swasan pair but in ff i liking swalak pair too

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  5. Very short update…..but good one

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