Swaragini fanfic….. Episode 2

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Scene 1 Mumbai
Swara’s New House

Swara: Ab I have to attack this place How dirty

After setting the house she goes for a bath……only to find out that there is no water…..no current etc etc

She gets angry and decided to call the real estate people…..

Agent:Yes mam

Swara’: What r u running a real estate agency or. A stupid business what do u think we are wait I’m coming there

Swara’s goes to their office as it is close by but then it was lunch time

Only laksh was there….but he was in a bad mood

Swara rushes into his cabin

Swara’s:What do you think you are……big boss ahh idiot what house have u arranged for me
No water no electricity…I’ll make sure ur business is closed….

Laksh:What the hell r u blabbering…who r u and what house I don’t think I found a house for you and pls mind your words

Swara’s:Haan ab toh u will not know the customer
And she pulls laksh by his collar…..and they both fall down swara on Laksh….. The have a eyelock……

Swara then drags Laksh to her house

Laksh:Oh my god sucha small house and I arranged impossible

Swara’s:Idiot u only arranged I don’t know and drags him into the bathroom showing him there is no water

Laksh: I’m not water minister miss

Laksh:BTW I’m laksh and see I think there is a small misunderstanding I’ll clear it right away

Suddenly swara starts shouting…. Chipkaliiii

And jumps on Laksh….Laksh is amused by her attitude and pushes it away….Swara hugs him in fear and then leaves

Laksh:I’ll see through the matter and will let you know till then you can stay in d hotel and the bill will be paid by us

Swara: Hann OK but then see I want you to personally handle this o don’t want any of ur boss to do this OK Lucky……

Laksh:What did u call me

Swara: Lucky….u said that was your name na….

Laksh:Ok….the this is my no…bye


Scene 2 Kolkata

Laksh is close to ragini

Laksh:Bhabi you know what I met a girl

Ragini:Who to thousands you meet

laksh: Na bhabi this one is different…..she dragged me by collar to a one bedroom house

Ragini:Whaaaat and u are laughing waise what is her name


Ragini:What sort of name it that now

Laksh :I know bhabi….funny

Ragini: OK laksh ur bhai is calling will talks later bye

Laksh:Bye bhabs

Scene 3 Office
Laksh:Who the hell is she man ……..she is affecting me soo much gotta get some sleep have an important meeting tomorrow with the minister

And goes to bed


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