Swaragini fanfic….. Episode 1

Hey people……my article about swaragini goes here..In my fanfic Sanskar and Ragini are married……Swara is Ragini’s younger sister and Laksh is Sanskar’s younger brother……

Sanskar and Ragini get married……Laksh dosent come to their wedding as he was studying abroad……..Swara is a medical student who is doing her masters…..

Laksh has his own real estate business in Mumbai….he is a big shot and everyone in the city knows him……he is a rich guys a self made man…..

Scene one:

Swara’s reaches Mumbai airport and checks into a hotel…….and calls Ragini….(Swaragini don’t have parents)

Swara: Didi!!!!
Ragini: Hai swara…..have you reached….. I was soo worried baba….why did you not call?!
Swara’s:Hi di…Why r u getting worried I’m alright…..I’m in the hotel room
Ragini:Oh Now I should not be worried also na…..
Sanskar:Hello Salli sahiba
Swara’s:Helloooo jijajiiiii
Ragini:Jija came jiji forgotten
Sanskar:Kya karegi woh jab uski itni hot jijajii hain
Swara:Exactly jij…you toh ditched me for di na
Sanskar:Swara’s I toh wanted to get married to you only…..when they gave me the pic both of you were there….I thought you were the bride……only during first night I saw your didi

Ragini..(holding sanskar’s ears)….. ab gaya tu…..
Swara’s:jij I need your help
Ragini:Swara’s he is currently dying
Sanskar:Swara’s bachaao

Swara’s:Ok enough of fun I need a place to stay…I cannot stay in a hotel room for soo many years

Ragini:Haan swara our house is there na

Swara:Di I want a house not a city….its sooo big

Sanskar:Swara’s I’ll give u a real estate agents no. U can call

Swara’s:Ok jij message me the no. Bye

Ragsan Bye

Ragini:Sanskar I’m worried about her

Sanskar:Why do u say that ragini

Ragini:You know na…..she dosent have anyone except us but then

Sanskar:Ragini she is like my daughter she will always remain with us


Swara’s calls the real estate firm

Laksh:Hello mam how may I help you

Swara’s:I want a single bedroom house in Panvel

Laksh:Mam I dot handle single bedroom I’ll connect you to the other side

Swara: OK and she talks then she gets a place and moves in there

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