Swaragini fan friction analysis


Guys all are good writer I am only giving some name
1) kuch is Tarah by meher Di all know about her
2) royal love it is also good ff which shows love in old time
3) swaragini love in slums of India and other full of lust by Irfan pathan is awesome ff biggest part is he is boy the way he shows love story between poor of slum and condition of girl who ran from house her courage life and struggle
4) swasan does love need perfection is very cute love story in this story swara is too innocent the way she is trying her best to make her husband happy is awesome
5).yeh dooriya by meher Di so no need to say anything
6) gangs of devil verses gangs of angels is realy good story her both part is awesome
7).humdard is also best story of pr*stitute girl become hamdard of business man
8) angel verses cunning business men is also awesome story
9)swasan I make her Mrs sanskar maheshwari is also awesome story line and concept
10) Shaan story I am not getting name
11) love behind lust is amazing story it really simple and cute story
12) my Savior
13).dont hate me both seasons
14) swasan an incapable bond shows awesome bonding of two people
15) swasan ff I love you is also good story of dancer
16) swasan gustakh dil
17).ragini I am coming your swara is coming
18) I am not getting it’s name but I love that ft it is really interesting in which sanky don’t believe in love swara love lucky and both makes deal that swara will prove love exist and sanky really gives many examples and irritate her that L word does not exist
19). His lust or love
20)kiss I hate most

Credit to: Ami

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  1. Wedding plans go unplanned IS also awesome.
    I also like give me your hand to hold, and his one mistake changed my life
    Janvi and Shruti ka love after marriage
    Accept your fate

  2. Srivarsha

    I agree with you but you forgot falling for you it is also amazing

  3. Ya I am sorry I couldn’t add falling for u tu meri mannat and asi nafrat to ksa ishq these all are good but

  4. Jwala

    thank you so much dear for liking my work.. ha all this ff’s are amazing

  5. Wat abtt sree harini’s raglak second love There is no update after 21 episode, anyone of u know about that ff pls……. Let me know it…… Pls pls pls………

    1. Yes…..EAGERLYYYY WAIYING FOR Sree Harini’s Raglak Second Love….
      It is one of THE BEST with an awesome Mix of emotions making me love Ragini and Laksh Soooo much that I became a Raglakian

  6. Jiya

    I’m not geeting u guys!*scrunches nose*
    I mean there are many ff analysis but none of u mentioned Aryna’s ff. These are beyond awsm especially her presently on going fic is superb. Plz do try that plz. U all would love to read that and I’m 101% sure u’ll not gonna regret what u read,SURE!

    1. Jiya


    2. AnuAnn

      Agree with u jiya…I too read all ff mentioned above BT aryana’s is somewhat different.. Her mysteries and twists r unpredictable.. I don’t how someone get such ideas.. She was marvellous.. I read many swasan ff analysis.. But none is mentioning abt her single ff .. Really feeling bad.. And also authors of those mentioned ffs r also doing great jobs.. And many more

  7. Thank u so much ami for including don’t hate me in ur analysis.. I will improve it more for sure

  8. Abirsha

    thanks for including my ff dr…..I am happy that u likes my ff…..

  9. Anu

    Thnku so mch ami for liking humdard….glad to know that u read that ff??☺

  10. Shruthis

    Thank you ami for including gusthak dil in your analysis ..
    It means a lot too me 🙂

  11. And what about mr maheshwari and i?

  12. Divyanshri

    I agree…… all the one of its kind…… Meher di jwala di…. shruthi Di…… Aryana soumya….. The ‘S’ sisters Sinin n Sarah. os… they r so awsome…… goldie di’s Neha di…… list is never ending ……… Miss murty…… Eva….. Kritika…..
    ? ? ? ? ? for u guys….. they r upcoming writers….. in fb page also there are some….. ????
    U all are awsome….. love u alll

    1. Divyanshri u should include ur name too. As ur heartless sanskar…. Is awesome

      1. Divyanshri

        noo need di…. I am happy u all like my story…… ?

  13. Sathya

    Thanks for adding love behind Lust ff in the favorite list… M so glad

  14. Niku

    Hy everyone…I really like to add one more ff n that is “it’s not revenge,its love ….pay back time sawsan” by Aryan…
    Mention ff’s are awesome but u all must try this …this ff is just on d next level of all stories……sry if I hurt anyone…..
    But as a reader pov. I REALLY JUST READ THIS FF ALSO ……..I really don’t want that u guysss miss a chance to read this ff…..

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